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Apr 14, 2014
United Kingdom - The Department for Transport has so far declined to comment on the case. full story »
Apr 09, 2014
United Kingdom - "That the Department for Transport still proposes to consult on an extreme-needs-based, long-term scheme shuts out most people from getting property compensation for the loss of property value they have been suffering since March 2010 is an act of inhumanity." full story »
Apr 07, 2014
United Kingdom - The Department for Transport said it would "vigorously defend" the claim. full story »
Apr 04, 2014
United Kingdom - The Department for Transport said it was "committed" to providing an accessible rail system and that Passenger Assist was a "vital" service it expected train operating services to ensure was working well. full story »
Mar 21, 2014
United Kingdom - Welsh Secretary Mr Jones said: "There's a complete audit trail of the negotiations between the Welsh government and Department for Transport which makes it absolutely clear that the Welsh government would be responsible for paying for the valleys lines." full story »
Nov 05, 2013
United Kingdom - But the Department for Transport has issued a correction in a written statement to Parliament, clarifying that the minister had actually been thinking of a completely different budget. full story »
Oct 29, 2013
United Kingdom - In its latest report, the committee also questioned the Department for Transport's use of the private finance initiative (PFI) in the project. full story »
Oct 25, 2013
United Kingdom - Since 2009, the line has been run by Directly Operated Railways, an arms-length company overseen by the Department for Transport. full story »
Oct 23, 2013
United Kingdom - "Central government should freeze the maximum penalty charge and develop differential fines for less serious parking violations " Mrs Ellman also said the Department for Transport's rules for councils should include a five-minute "grace-and-favour" period after tickets expire before imposing a finew full story »
Oct 19, 2013
United Kingdom - The Department for Transport say ultimately the line would reduce journey times to Edinburgh and Glasgow by an hour. full story »
Oct 11, 2013
United Kingdom - A Department for Transport spokesman said: "Young drivers drive around 5% of all the miles driven in Britain but are involved in about 20% of the crashes where someone is killed or seriously injured. full story »
Oct 07, 2013
United Kingdom - In a speech, Sir Howard said the demands on the UK's busiest airports were likely to continue to grow "even if we take a more conservative view of future aviation demand than the Department for Transport has in the past". full story »
Sep 30, 2013
United Kingdom - By 2019, 70% of train passengers should have access to the faster technology, the Department for Transport added. full story »
Sep 23, 2013
United Kingdom - The Department for Transport (DfT) says there is no evidence older drivers are more likely to cause an accident, and it has no plans to restrict licensing or mandate extra training on the basis of age. full story »
Sep 11, 2013
United Kingdom - She says Department for Transport data shows traffic along these routes has not increased over the past 10 years. full story »