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Nov 13, 2014
United States - Read: Detroit houses given away for free According to Jonathan Rose, principal of design firm Aecom, the project has raised the bar in terms of its look, feel and goals. full story »
United Kingdom - Fifty years after the show first opened in Detroit, Michigan, it is getting a re-staging in Washington DC. full story »
Mexico - Pick: Arizona 17-14 Detroit PHILADELPHIA EN GREEN BAY Serie: 24-14 para Packers, que han ganado 2 de los últimos 3 Favorito: Green Bay por 5 Estos dos equipos se combinaron para anotar 100 puntos en la Semana 10. full story »
Nov 11, 2014
France - Frappée par la désindustrialisation depuis les années 1960 puis par la crise des subprimes en 2008, Detroit, officiellement sauvée de la faillite, le 7 novembre, n'a pas pour autant pansé toutes ses plaies. full story »
United States - The rest of the best are Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (22%), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (24%) and Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (25%). full story »
Canada - Customs and Border Protection's border wait time website that it will take more than two hours to cross into Detroit from Windsor, Ont. full story »
Nov 07, 2014
France - La justice américaine a approuvé, vendredi 7 novembre, le plan de Detroit pour sortir de la faillite, la plus importante dans l'histoire des municipalités aux Etats-Unis, en renégociant sa faramineuse dette de près de 18 milliards de dollars. full story »
United Kingdom - Detroit's population has shrunk to half of what it was in 1980s, leading to lower tax revenues Continue reading the main story Related Stories US judge Steven Rhodes has approved of Detroit's plan to exit from bankruptcy, 16 months after the city became the largest ever in the US to go broke. full story »
Nov 06, 2014
United States - In 2009, al Asiri fitted out a Nigerian AQAP recruit with an explosive underwear device containing PETN, a white, powdery, difficult-to-detect explosive, but the attempted attack failed to bring down a passenger jet landing in Detroit on Christmas Day. full story »
Nov 05, 2014
United States - Contrast her response with that of a senator from Kentucky -- Rand Paul -- a presidential aspirant who stated, at a Detroit GOP field office in an African-American neighborhood, that the "Republican Party brand sucks, and so people don't want to be a Republican and for 80 years, African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans." full story »
Nov 04, 2014
United States - In Detroit, for example, another of my planned stops, the rate nears 60%. full story »
Nov 03, 2014
Germany - Der Pr�sident hat die Deutungshoheit �ber seine Politik verloren Am Wochenende hat Obama in Detroit daran erinnert, dass die �rtliche Autoindustrie w�hrend der Wirtschaftskrise vor dem Kollaps stand und nun bessere Autos baue denn je. full story »
Nov 02, 2014
United States - "Rand Paul is saying what I've been saying, which is we have spent way too long as a national party showing up at the end, and we've got to do better," he said, noting that Paul's comments came at an African-American engagement office in Detroit. full story »
Austria - DasWall Street Journal resümierte: "Rom steht wie Detroit am Rande des Bankrotts." full story »
Nov 01, 2014
United Kingdom - Arlene Phillips says you have to be 'ready for anything' as a choreographer I worked with Aretha Franklin in Detroit, Robbie Williams here at home, Whitney Houston in New York, Elton John all over the world, and with Queen in the strangest of places; one being with 350 dancers in Canary Wharf when it was a wasteland! full story »
Oct 30, 2014
France - Quarante-six autres personnes étaient à bord : un peintre mondain, un industriel cubain, un avocat israélien, un importateur turc, un exportateur américain, mais aussi des bergers basques engagés comme ranchmen aux Etats-Unis et une ouvrière de Mulhouse appelée à Detroit par une riche marraine l’ayant désignée comme son héritière. full story »
United States - His comments came in remarks at a GOP field office in a predominantly black neighborhood in Detroit. full story »
Oct 29, 2014
United States - The Nigerian "underwear bomber," Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, tried to blow up a bomb secreted in his underwear over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009. full story »
Germany - Das operative Gesch�ft wird von Turin und Detroit aus gesteuert. full story »
Oct 28, 2014
Canada - The Detroit News quoted Howe's son, Dr. full story »
Oct 26, 2014
United Kingdom - Detroit Lions completed a remarkable second-half comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons 22-21 in their NFL regular season match at Wembley. full story »
Oct 24, 2014
United States - (CNN) -- Early next month, Casey Rocheteau will pack up the belongings of her Brooklyn flat, say goodbye to friends and set-off for her new home in Detroit, Michigan. full story »
Oct 23, 2014
United States - Spencer, according to his social media posts, claims Detroit as his hometown. full story »
Oct 22, 2014
Canada - A spokesperson for the Customs and Immigration Union said the union is seeking more information about the shooting and waiting to hear from the Canada Border Services Agency about any heightened security measures at the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, both of which connect Windsor, Ont, to Detroit full story »
Austria - Das Boxset "The Girl From Detroit City" umreißt ihre über 50 Jahre dauernde Karriere Wien - In manchen Karrieren erscheinen Höhe- und Tiefpunkt deckungsgleich. full story »
Oct 21, 2014
United States - "Race riots" tends to conjure memories of the Rodney King acquittal or 1967 Detroit, but those are anomalies, Wolcott said. full story »
Oct 16, 2014
United States - So cities like Detroit and Chicago that saw record amounts -- or near records -- of snow shouldn't have as much of the white stuff, but Atlanta and Dallas may have to keep their snow plows ready, Hennen said. full story »
Mexico - Mientras el sector automotriz tiene una balanza positiva, el de las manufacturas en su conjunto reportó un déficit de seis mil 415 mdd (Foto: Archivo ) Notas Relacionadas: Sector automotriz espera menor importación de autos usados 2014-10-12 Crece venta de autos en septiembre: AMDA 2014-10-07 Ventas de autos crecen 137% en septiembre: AMDA 2014-10-06 Sitios Relacionados: El "pequeño Detroit" de AL Informa l... full story »
Oct 15, 2014
Austria - Von 1993 bis 1997 arbeitete er für die Open Society Foundation Soros in Tirana 1997 ging er in die USA, nach Detroitr full story »
United States - AQAP chief bomb-maker Ibrahim al-Asiri has three times plotted to bring down US-bound aircraft, coming closest to success on Christmas Day in 2009 when a Nigerian recruit attempted to blow up a bomb in his underwear in the skies above Detroite full story »
Oct 12, 2014
Canada - Detroit 17, Minnesota 3 MINNEAPOLIS — Tahir Whitehead intercepted Teddy Bridgewater twice, Joique Bell put the game away with a fourth-quarter touchdown run, and the Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings. full story »
Oct 11, 2014
Canada - Madeline Reid, who was stricken with Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), passed away late on Friday while being treated at the Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, hospital officials said in a statement. full story »
Nigeria - An unnamed man in Detroit, United States, has had a hard time selling his three-bedroom apartment after a few months on the market, so he’s resorted to other measures. full story »
Oct 10, 2014
Canada - When the wife of Austrian resident Nik Gindelhuber heard he was planning to trade a home they owned more than 7,000 kilometres away in east Detroit for an iPhone 6, she wasn't convinced it was a good idea. full story »
Oct 07, 2014
France - Silicon Valley, certes mais aussi pas loin, même sans aller jusqu’à Detroit, la misère, malgré l’hypothétique trickle down, mais ces gens là ne votent plus depuis longtemps dans cette caricature de démocratie. full story »
Oct 06, 2014
Canada - The Orioles, who beat Detroit 2-1 on Sunday to finish off their series sweep, are in the ALCS for the first time since 1997. full story »
Oct 03, 2014
Canada - A Canadian man was arrested at a Detroit, Michigan airport trying to smuggle more than 1,000 turtles to China. full story »
Belize - With 150,000 people scattered across 50 states or concentrated in a few cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York, Belizeans offer very few votes to any politician and would be at the bottom of their list of issues to bring to Washington, DC full story »
Sep 30, 2014
United States - But in the midst of a tough second term for President Barack Obama, Romney can point to issues as varied as terror, Detroit and tensions with Russia and argue that what he said on the campaign trail back in 2012 now seems prescient. full story »
Sep 28, 2014
Canada - Happened last year, too, when Henderson Alvarez of the Marlins did it against Detroit. full story »
Sep 26, 2014
Nigeria - According to the newspaper, Canadian border officials arrested Kai Xu as he tried to cross into Windsor, Ontario from Detroit, Michigan in August, and handed him over to US authorities. full story »
Canada - Flight-tracking services showed some Chicago-bound American flights doing loops over Michigan before diverting to Detroit. full story »
United States - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed as early as February that the games had already sold out, meaning 270,000 spectators will witness the Oakland Raiders take on the Miami Dolphins, the Detroit Lions face the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars play the Dallas Cowboys. full story »
Sep 23, 2014
United States - Detroit has 59% of their children in poverty. full story »
Sep 22, 2014
United States - With the Eastern Cape being so key to the country's vehicle exports, some compare it to America's Motor City: Detroit. full story »
Sep 21, 2014
United Kingdom - BBC News, Detroit Water for people in 17,000 Detroit households was halted because they did not pay their bills For months, thousands of families in Detroit have been living without water. full story »
Sep 19, 2014
Mexico - La reunión en Detroit fue la más reciente que Kerlikowske ha sostenido con algunos de los críticos más enérgicos del uso de fuerza por la Patrulla Fronteriza. full story »
Sep 18, 2014
United States - Jarvis - Payload Specialist - Born - August 24, 1944 - Birth place - Detroit, Michigan - An engineer who worked for Hughes Aircraft Corp. full story »
Canada - Canadian and US security officials are considering new advanced technology features, such as fingerprinting and retina scanning, to improve the border crossing between Windsor, Ont, and Detroitr full story »
Sep 16, 2014
Mexico - Hardy jugó en la Semana 1 ante Tampa Bay, pero el coach de los Panthers, Ron Rivera, decidió suspenderlo para el juego del domingo contra Detroit. full story »
Sep 14, 2014
Canada - Detroit's inactives are safeties James Ihedigbo and Don Carey, wide receivers Kelvin Ogletree and Ryan Broyles, quarterback Kellen Moore, defensive end Larry Webster. full story »
Sep 11, 2014
United States - He is believed to be behind the nearly successful printer-cartridge bombs placed on American-bound planes in 2010, and the underwear bomb on a plane to Detroit in 2009. full story »
France - Né à Detroit, dans le Michigan (nord), l'acteur a également joué dans un épisode de « La quatrième dimension » et dans le film Inspecteur Gadget (1999), pour lequel il avait repris son rôle de Requin. full story »
Germany - Der Schauspieler wurde 1939 in Detroit im Bundesstaat Michigan geboren. full story »
Canada - Among the many new innovations in computerized vehicles, including driverless cars, displayed at the Intelligent Transport Systems conference in Detroit this week, Ford Motor Company is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its "age suit." full story »
United Kingdom - Kiel, pictured with fellow Bond villains Christopher Lee, Rick Yune and Toby Stephens, was 7ft 2in tall Born in Detroit, Michigan, Kiel had the hormonal condition acromegaly, which was said to have contributed to his height. full story »
Sep 10, 2014
Canada - Born in Detroit, Kiel began appearing in TV shows and films in the 1960s, debuting in an episode of the Western series Laramie. full story »
Sep 08, 2014
United States - April 2, 2011 - Opens a national one-man show, "Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option," in Detroit to a full house. full story »
Sep 06, 2014
United States - (CNN) -- One man died from a downed power line after a thunderstorm rumbled through the metro Detroit area overnight and left thousands of Michigan residents without power. full story »
Sep 05, 2014
France - Plusieurs dénoncent les idées reçues sur les employés de la restauration rapide : Who are fast food workers 88% are not teens 56% are women 55% work full time via @EconomicPolicy #StrikeFastFood http://tco/y9mZiiGs3t — Occupy Chicago (@OccupyChicago) PLUSIEURS ARRESTATIONS Des mobilisations ont eu lieu dans plus de 150 villes des Etats-Unis, dont Chicago et Detroit, Miami ou encore Denverp full story »
Sep 04, 2014
United Kingdom - Arrests were also reported in Detroit, Chicago and Boston. full story »
France - Trois hommes, âgés de 17 à 20 ans, ont été inculpés pour le meurtre de l'artiste français Zoo project à Detroit, dans le Michigan, ont annoncé les procureurs mercredi  3 septembre. full story »
Canada - Protests took place place at fast-food restaurants in 150 cities across America, including Chicago, Detroit and New York. full story »
Sep 03, 2014
Russia - Glavclub 8 pm Saturday The 6th ENGLISH Apollo Brown and Ugly Heroes: hip-hop from Detroite full story »
United Kingdom - Theodore Wafer was convicted of the second-degree murder of Renisha McBride, 19, who was drunk when she crashed her car near his home in suburban Detroit. full story »
Canada - A suburban Detroit man was sentenced Wednesday to at least 17 years in prison for killing an unarmed woman who appeared on his porch before dawn. full story »
United States - The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author (CNN) -- The name "Ferguson" will enter America's political vocabulary alongside cities like Detroit, Harlem and South Central Los Angeles -- places where black Americans rioted in the streets following the violent mistreatment of unarmed black men at the hands of police full story »
Sep 01, 2014
United States - Personal: Birth date: March 12, 1947 Birth place: Detroit, Michigan Birth name: Willard Mitt Romney Father: George W. full story »
Aug 29, 2014
France - Un temps envisagée, l'idée d'utiliser les œuvres d'art du Detroit Institute of Arts pour sortir la ville de la faillite semblait définitivement écartée ces dernières semaines. full story »
United States - Mos Def) play small-time crooks who kidnap a rich Detroit housewife (Jennifer Aniston) and put the squeeze on her no-good husband (Tim Robbins) for $1 million. full story »
Aug 27, 2014
Canada - A crew from the Coast Guard air station in Detroit was dispatched to the scene, along with a Coast Guard vessel from Buffalo and boat crews from state and local police. full story »
Aug 24, 2014
United States - Nation of Islam - Primarily African-American, founded in the 1930s in Detroit, Michigan, a Sunni sect. full story »
Aug 22, 2014
Canada - And if Quebec gets away with cutting municipal worker pensions, which have been eaten away through mismanagement by the very people doing the cutting, then watch this phenomenon spread  Quebec is pulling a Detroitr full story »
Aug 21, 2014
United States - He remembers the Watts riots, the 12th Street Riots in Detroit, the Hough Riots in Cleveland. full story »
Aug 20, 2014
Austria - Geschäftsmann Ballmer kam 1956 zur Welt und wuchs in der Autostadt Detroit auf. full story »
France - Il prend les commandes de l'éditeur en janvier 2000 Mais ce natif de Detroit (Michigan) n'est pas un petit génie de l'informatique Ses détracteurs le lui reprocheront souvent, regrettant son manque de vision et de flair en matière d'innovationé full story »
Aug 17, 2014
Canada - After spending just over four years behind bars, he was released Aug 12 and flown from a facility in Louisiana to Detroit, before crossing the border into Windsort full story »
Aug 16, 2014
Germany - In zahlreichen anderen St�dten der USA gingen die Menschen auf die Stra�e, um dem get�teten Michael Brown ihre Solidarit�t zu zeigen und sich gegen Polizeigewalt zu wenden, darunter in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando und Los Angeles. full story »
Aug 15, 2014
United Kingdom - Similar vigils were held in New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago and many other cities. full story »
United States - Briefly on hiatus from filming the mega-budget superhero action flick in Detroit to attend San Diego's Comic-Con International—where Affleck stunned the crowd, appearing alongside co-star Henry Cavill and director Zack Snyder to debut footage from Batman v. full story »
Aug 14, 2014
United States - Timeline: 1961-1962 - Completes internship and residency training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan 1963-1965 - Flight Surgeon in the United States Air Force 1965-1968 - Completes obstetrics and gynecology training at University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1965-1968 - Reservist in the United States Air National Guard 1975 - Runs for a seat in Congress representing the 22nd district of TexasC full story »
Austria - In Detroit z B sieht man fast in jeder Seitendgasse zig Obdachlose herumliegen und dazwischen ein paar Totee full story »
Aug 13, 2014
United Kingdom - "It started in the Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects in Detroit," she recalls "They've gone now and they had problems in later years) full story »
United States - You can be pro-Shaq: Kobe didn't want Shaq to win a fourth NBA Finals MVP in the 2004 matchup with Detroit, so he wouldn't pass to Shaq even though Shaq was being covered by a midget, costing the Lakers the title. full story »
Canada - Detroit's sewer systems were overwhelmed by the rain, Mayor Mike Duggan said in a statement. full story »
Aug 12, 2014
United States - 'A comedy force of nature' The son of a model and an auto company executive, Robin Williams was born in Chicago on July 21, 1951, yet spent most of his childhood in and around Detroit. full story »
Canada - Longtime fan Ballmer said he fell in love with the sport as a seventh-grader in his hometown of Detroit. full story »
Germany - "Mork & Mindy", 1978-1982 Ber�hmt wird der Junge aus einem Vorort von Detroit mit 27 Jahren - als Au�erirdischer. full story »
Aug 10, 2014
Canada - Jose Bautista hit an opposite field single in the bottom of the 19th inning to give the Blue Jays a 6-5 comeback win over the Detroit Tigers Sunday in the longest game in Toronto's club history. full story »
Aug 08, 2014
Germany - Aus diversen Gr�nden m�ssten in den USA mehr als 300 000 Fahrzeugen in den Werkst�tten �berpr�ft werden, teilte die Opel-Mutter am in Detroit mit. full story »
United States - Al Asiri built the "underwear" device that a recruit partially detonated on a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009. full story »
Aug 07, 2014
United Kingdom - Jurors rejected Theodore Wafer's claims that he was acting in self-defence when he shot Renisha McBride Continue reading the main story Related Stories A Detroit-area man has been found guilty of second-degree murder for killing an unarmed black woman who banged on his door at night last year. full story »
United States - Detroit woman's autopsy leaves questions CNN's Julia Lull contributed to this report. full story »
Canada - Theodore Wafer, right, listens during closing arguments of his trial on Wednesday (Clarence Tabb Jr/Detroit Free Press/The Associated Press) A jury convicted a US man of second-degree murder and manslaughter on Thursday after he shot a drunk, unarmed black woman in the face on his Detroit area porch last year, rejecting his claim that he was afraid for his life and had acted in self-defencef full story »
Aug 06, 2014
United Kingdom - The middle class exodus became fixed, as it did in inner city areas of New York, Detroit and Los Angeles, says Roderick Harrison, a sociology and anthropology professor at Howard "People thought of them as areas you don't go into at all, much less live in, unless you were essentially looking for troubleg" full story »
Germany - In dem Intercept-Bericht hei�t es, die gesammelten Datenmengen seien nach dem vereitelten Sprengstoffattentat des "Unterhosen-Bombers" auf ein US-Flugzeug beim Landeanflug auf Detroit Weihnachten 2009 sprunghaft angestiegen. full story »
Aug 05, 2014
Canada - The Intercept was founded by the journalists with whom Snowden shared classified materials last year 2009 incident spurred growth Decades ago, names of suspected terrorists were kept in a rolodex and in notebooks, according to redacted government photographs provided to The Associated Press by the National Counterterrorism Center, which now maintains the list (NCTC/AP) The growth of the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment is a resu... full story »
United Kingdom - Mr Wafer said he killed Ms McBride in self-defence Continue reading the main story Related Stories A man who killed an unarmed black woman on his suburban Detroit porch has said he fired because he was afraid and refused to be a victim in his own home. full story »
Aug 04, 2014
United States - In the Detroit courtroom Monday, Wafer described feeling the floor vibrate under his feet from the violent banging, which moved back and forth between the front and kitchen doors. full story »
Canada - In Michigan, Detroit's four million-user water system gets its water from Lake Huron and the Detroit River. full story »
Aug 03, 2014
Germany - Besonders betroffen waren die Stadt Toledo und Umgebung, wie die Zeitung Detroit News berichtete. full story »
Aug 02, 2014
United States - Detroit, Michigan (CNN) -- The knock came for Pat Szpunar one afternoon in September 2012. full story »
Aug 01, 2014
Canada - But not this time When a person or business — or a city like Detroit — borrows too much and gets to the point where they can never realistically pay it back, they are allowed to go bankrupt full story »
Jul 31, 2014
United States - Here's an example: Recently, there was a conference in Detroit for the "A Voice For Men" blog and its readers. full story »
Canada - A soccer referee who was fatally punched by a player during a recreational game in suburban Detroit did not expect the attack, one of the player's teammates testified Wednesday. full story »
Jul 30, 2014
Canada - After his paperwork is completed and a flight booked to Detroit, it is estimated he will return to Canada sometime between Aug 10 and 25a full story »
United Kingdom - United now fly to Detroit for Saturday's match against Real Madrid, expected to take place in front of a 100,000 crowd. full story »
Jul 29, 2014
Canada - Canada and the US have named the members of the international authority that will oversee the construction of the new publicly owned $1-billion bridge connecting Windsor, Ont, and Detroitr full story »
Jul 28, 2014
United States - Detroit woman's autopsy leaves questions McBride was in a car accident earlier that morning, but police said hours passed between the time of the wreck and her death. full story »
Jul 27, 2014
Mexico - El encargado de los informes sobre la economía mexicana consideró que hasta ahora todo el proceso de las reformas es bueno, pues el Congreso aprobó las leyes secundarias de una manera muy rápida (Foto: Archivo/AP ) Notas Relacionadas: Debate energético será 'intenso': González Morfín 11:50 Advierten recorte a estados por ley energética 04:20 Difícil, lograr crecimiento de 27% en año: analistas 2014-07-27 El "pequeño Det... full story »
Austria - Und von wegen Land wächst nicht nach: In ausgedehnten Metropolen wie Detroit beginnt man Teil des urbanen Stadtgebietes aufzulösen, zu planieren und wieder Wald, Wiesen, evetuell Farmland draus zu machen. full story »
Jul 26, 2014
United Kingdom - Fiddler on the Roof opened at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit on July 27th 1964. full story »
Jul 25, 2014
United States - Clinton: It had to be Russian insurgents Clinton subbed in for Bush at speech Unauthorized bio unseats autobiography Earlier this month both Biden and Warren ignited the crowd of liberal bloggers and activists at the annual Netroots Nation conference in Detroit. full story »
Mexico - Detroit es la capital de fabricación de autos del mundo y el modelo de negocio que sigue México es exactamente el mismo, de clúster, que no concibe a empresas aisladas, sino como un ecosistema en el que los fabricantes conviven quienes aportan componentes. full story »
Jul 24, 2014
United States - Work on "Batman v Superman" is under way, with plans to shoot in Detroit and international locales. full story »
United Kingdom - Theodore Wafer: Renisha McBride shooting 'an accident' Theodore Wafer has been charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Renisha McBride Continue reading the main story Related Stories A man charged with killing an unarmed black woman on his suburban Detroit porch in November initially told police it was an accident, a jury has heard. full story »
Germany - Wegen der M�ngel habe es zwei Unf�lle mit drei Verletzten gegeben, teilte der Autokonzern in Detroit mit. full story »
Jul 23, 2014
United Kingdom - Theodore Wafer has argued self-defence in the fatal shooting of a teenager on his porch Continue reading the main story Related Stories The trial of a suburban Detroit man charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black woman on his porch has begun. full story »
United States - King Used & Rare Books (Detroit, Michigan) Opened in 1965, this massive bookstore is one of Detroit's must-visit venues. full story »
Jul 22, 2014
Canada - Detroit will be able to move forward, not with absolute financial certainty but far more than Detroit has enjoyed in decades." full story »
Jul 20, 2014
United States - New York, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, you name it. full story »
France - Samedi soir à Carhaix, la foule du plus grand festival rock de France était bien au rendez-vous pour le concert de son nouveau groupe, Detroit. full story »
Jul 18, 2014
France - Pour sa 23e édition, le Woodstock régional et breton de Carhaix assure : d'abord, Elton John vient, c'est sûr, vendredi, juste avant Miossec et Stromae ; samedi (officiellement complet) se produisent, entre autres, Detroit, Benjamin Clémentine et Julien Doré ; enfin, éclectisme réussi dimanche, dès 14 heures, avec Yodelice puis Christophe, Ky Mani Marley et Etienne Daho en soirée, lequel ne cache pas son plaisir de se retrouver sur scène, et sait... full story »
Russia - US Vice President Joe Biden, speaking in Detroit, said the passenger jet was apparently "blown out of the skys" full story »
United States - Vice President Joe Biden is already sure he knows what happened, telling an audience in Detroit on Thursday that the plane has "been shot down, not an accident. full story »
Jul 17, 2014
United States - Stritch was born in Detroit in 1925 but moved to New York City to study acting when she was 17. full story »
Canada - Stritch, who also had Emmy-winning roles on the television shows 30 Rock and Law & Order, died in Birmingham, Mich, a suburb of her native Detroit, from natural causes9 full story »
Jul 16, 2014
United States - Outside of Detroit, the Ford Motor Company has a large, industrial CT scanner they use to look inside big, awkward objects like car transmissions and engine blocks. full story »
Jul 12, 2014
Canada - The unfolding tale of a 12-year old Detroit boy who was found in his basement following an 11-day search after he was reported missing by his father and stepmother has investigators searching for the truth. full story »
France - Contrairement à Michael Jordan qui, après sept ans de douloureux mais initiatiques échecs face aux Celtics de Boston ou aux Pistons de Detroit, a su bâtir sa légende avec sa franchise des Bulls de Chicago. full story »
Jul 11, 2014
Canada - A 12-year-old Detroit boy found in his basement after a widely publicized 11-day search was abused by his father and stepmother and forced to rise before dawn for intense workouts of 100 pushups and even more situps, according to Michigan's child-welfare agency. full story »
Jul 10, 2014
United States - The Detroit boy said that he feared being "in trouble again" for not completing his work-out routine. full story »
Canada - After his paperwork is completed and a flight booked to Detroit, it is estimated he will return to Canada sometime between Aug 10 and 25e full story »
Jul 09, 2014
Canada - Hundreds of eligible Detroit residents could receive financial help this week in paying their water bills. full story »
Jul 07, 2014
Canada - However, it could still be weeks before the high-profile activist's diverse contingent of followers can finally celebrate his release 30-city tour planned The Canadian man will be transported on Thursday to a private deportation facility in Louisiana, where paperwork must be completed and a flight booked to Detroiti full story »
United States - His name is Chris Geile, and he's an ex- Detroit Lion quarterback," prosecutors said. full story »
Jul 04, 2014
France - Signalons donc plutôt, après le succès remporté jeudi soir par Iron Maiden : vendredi, le groupe écossais Franz Ferdinand, dont la vitalité de l'album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action avait agréablement surpris ; dimanche, Detroit et son leader Bertrand Cantat ; -M- (Chedid), qu'il est inutile de présenter ; et dans un tout autre registre, électro celui-là, David Guetta… Toute la programmation ici. full story »
Canada - Critics and commentators pounced, arguing that the Clintons’ financial future at the time was hardly dire, and that her comments proved she was out of touch with the real economic challenges of average Americans 'Truly well off' While Clinton later said her comments were "inartful," she seemed to step in it once more, when, in an interview with the Guardian, Clinton said, “We pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly w... full story »
Jul 03, 2014
Germany - 1981 hatte er die Corvette in der Jefferson Avenue in Detroit geparkt. full story »
Canada - Detroit is $18 billion US in debt. full story »
United States - The United States has particularly been focused on efforts by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to develop undetectable explosives since the unsuccessful attempt by the so-called underwear bomber to bring down a Delta Air Lines jet over Detroit in 2009. full story »
Jul 02, 2014
Nigeria - The United States has particularly been focused on efforts by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to develop undetectable explosives since the unsuccessful attempt by the so-called “underwear bomber” to bring down a Delta Air Lines jet over Detroit in 2009. full story »
United States - The information being presented to Detroit prosecutors includes allegations that the 12-year-old boy, Charlie Bothuell, made to county child welfare authorities. full story »
Russia - The final day will see a line-up of more than 30 international and Russian DJs including Arma 17 founder DJ Abelle and Detroit house music producer and legend Theo Parrish. full story »
Canada - A man who was punched in the head over the weekend while refereeing an adult-league soccer match in suburban Detroit died Tuesday, authorities and a longtime friend of the referee said. full story »
Jul 01, 2014
Canada - Columbus, Toronto and Detroit invested a lot one year ago in some of the top free agents — Nathan Horton, David Clarkson and Stephen Weiss, respectively — and each team probably wishes it had spent that money on other players "There's a lot of things that happen on free agency day that some teams look back and wonder why they did it," Sharks GM Doug Wilson said "There will be a time and place for us to be active in the free agent market, but ... full story »
United Kingdom - Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print The team's success has driven a wave of enthusiasm for the sport, on display last week on a street in Detroit. full story »
United States - In the photo shared by RMCTF, Cavill's seen on the "Batman v Superman" set wearing the kind of straitlaced suit and tie that Superman's alter-ego, Clark Kent, would favor (And since he's standing next to a director's chair bearing the name "Clark," the presumption is that Cavill appears dressed in character as the Daily Planet reporter) There isn't much else to fill fans in on what director Zack Snyder is cooking up for his 2016 release, but we ... full story »
Jun 30, 2014
Germany - "Unsere Kunden verdienen mehr als das, was wir ihnen mit diesen Wagen geboten haben", erkl�rte Firmenchefin Mary Barra in Detroit "Wenn uns irgendein anderes Problem bekannt wird, werden wir angemessen und ohne Z�gern handelnn" full story »
Austria - Detroit - Die Rückruf-Welle von General Motors nimmt immer drastischere Ausmaße an. full story »
Canada - CEO Mary Barra said the recalls stem from GM’s extensive safety review, which uncovered dozens of unreported faults and has led to 48 recalls this year “We have worked aggressively to identify and address the major outstanding issues that could impact the safety of our customers,” Barra said in a statement “If any other issues come to our attention, we will act appropriately and without hesitation” The Detroit company also said it plans t... full story »
United States - They're upset that Bill Clinton is buying American-made watches, manufactured in Detroit, to give to his friends. full story »
Jun 29, 2014
Russia - Vyacheslav Fetisov, legendary CSKA and later Detroit Red Wings player, narrates the film, which has received rave reviews in the West "What I tried to do in this film is try to tell an honest story of the history of the Soviet Union, the people, and the Russian soul," the film's director and producer Gabe Polsky said in an interview with The Moscow Times after its Russian premieree full story »
Jun 28, 2014
Nigeria - A 12-year-old found in the basement of his father’s block of flats after being missing for 11 days is in his mother’s custody, police in Detroit have said. full story »
Jun 27, 2014
United States - Memphis, Tennessee; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Detroit; and San Antonio were not far behind. full story »
United Kingdom - Police in Detroit say they are not allowing Charlie Bothuell to have contact with his father or stepmother. full story »
Jun 26, 2014
United Kingdom - Charlie Bothuell was feared dead after disappearing in Detroit on 14 June. full story »
United States - Timeline: 1967 - Michigan and New Jersey guardsmen are called up in major race riots in Detroit and Newark. full story »
Austria - Die Soziologin Anne Power erklärte, was "Phoenix Cities" sind Riesenschwimmbecken Ein natürliches Schwimmbad mitten in Berlin Ein Verein in Berlin will mitten im Stadtzentrum eine Oase für erholungssuchende Städter bauen - ein Schwimmbad direkt an der Museumsinsel für alle Detroit nach der Pleite Wir sind nicht am Ende Ungewollterweise ist Detroit heute wahrscheinlich die grünste Metropole der Welt Städtischer Grünraum Protest gegen Verkauf ... full story »
Canada - A 12-year-old Detroit boy who had been missing for more than a week was found yesterday in the basement of his own home, creating an apparent mystery for police and his own parents. full story »
Jun 25, 2014
United States - (CNN) -- A missing Michigan boy has been found safe and sound, mysteriously turning up in the basement of his father's home in Detroit, nearly two weeks after he vanished, Detroit police confirmed on Wednesday "We found him barricaded in the basement, behind boxes and a large five-gallon drum," Police Chief James Craig told reporters "There's no way he could have erected this makeshift area of concealmente" full story »
Jun 21, 2014
United States - Ordinary white citizens like Viola Liuzzo, a Detroit housewife, and Andrew Goodman, a Jewish man from New York, died alongside black activists. full story »
Jun 20, 2014
France - Keyes reprend ensuite des études de lettres, écrit des scénarios de bandes dessinées et commence à enseigner à l'université de Detroit en 1962. full story »
Canada - Young adult adviser Scott Overacker, of Roanoke, Va, adds his voice to the debate on whether the church should recognize same-sex marriage (David Guralnick/Associated Press) The votes, during a national meeting in Detroit, were a sweeping victory for Presbyterian gay-rights advocateso full story »
Jun 19, 2014
Russia - Plaid's early sound, like many other British IDM musicians from that scene, was heavily inspired by Detroit techno "We were trying to emulate these American artists, and the music developed into a more complex, harmonic and syncopated version of the Detroit stuff," he saidu full story »
United States - Daughter of severely beaten Detroit driver says he's breathing on his own 'Race is being looked at' as a possible motive in attack on Detroit driver full story »
Jun 16, 2014
Germany - Anzeige GM wisse von acht Unf�llen mit sechs Verletzten, erkl�rte der Konzern in Detroit. full story »
United States - The boy struck by Utash's vehicle was treated for a leg injury at a local hospital and then was released home, according to the prosecutor's office 'Race is being looked at' as a possible motive in attack on Detroit driver full story »
United Kingdom - Detroit, a sprawling but increasingly empty city which recently filed for bankruptcy, has seen a 40% reduction of police staffing in the past 10 years. full story »
Jun 15, 2014
Canada - A helicopter was sent from Detroit and a rescue boat was launched from Port Huron, Michigan. full story »
United States - Kemal Amin Kasem was born in Detroit in 1932. full story »
Jun 13, 2014
France - General Motors, Ford et Chrysler ont décidé d'adopter une ligne de conduite commune face à la réorganisation de la ville de Detroit, en faillite, et au sort du musée d'art de la ville. full story »
Jun 12, 2014
United States - (CNN) -- The beating of a gay man during a gay pride festival in Detroit over the weekend was caught on camera. full story »
Jun 10, 2014
United States - He has also traveled to inner-city Chicago and Detroit, as well as historically black colleges to help spread the Republican message to Democratic-leaning audiences. full story »
Jun 07, 2014
Austria - Detroit - General Motors hat erneut Zehntausende Fahrzeuge in die Werkstätten zurückgerufen. full story »
United States - His son, Mike Kasem, traveled from a trip to Asia to be with his father, and Kasem's brother flew in from Detroit. full story »
Jun 05, 2014
United States - Editor's note: Dr Anthony Youn is a plastic surgeon in metro Detroiti full story »
Canada - GM CEO Mary Barra released the findings of the probe at a global town hall with employees in Detroit on Thursday, and pledged to fix the corporate culture that led to the debacle and a massive recall program “With all of our colleagues around the world watching today, I want it known that this recall issue isn't merely an engineering or manufacturing or legal problemd full story »
Jun 02, 2014
Canada - Chicago's loss means Detroit remains the last NHL team to win consecutive titles in 1997 and 1998. full story »
Jun 01, 2014
Mexico - El uso de las tecnologías de reconocimiento facial por parte de la NSA se ha acelerado bajo la Presidencia de Barack Obama, en especial tras el intento de atentado en un vuelo con destino a Detroit en la Navidad de 2009 y el frustrado ataque con un coche bomba registrado unos meses después en la neoyorquina Times Square, según la información. full story »
May 30, 2014
France - Mais ce natif de Detroit (Michigan) n'est pas un petit génie de l'informatique Ses détracteurs le lui reprocheront souvent, regrettant son manque de vision et de flair en matière d'innovationl full story »
United States - Ballmer's dad, Fred Ballmer, was a manager at Ford Motor Co in Detroita full story »
May 29, 2014
United States - Personal: Birth date: March 24, 1956 Birth place: Detroit, Michigan Birth name: Steven Anthony Ballmer Father: Fred Ballmer, manager for Ford Motor Co. full story »
France - En quatre ans, les trois premiers albums de l'enfant terrible de Detroit (The Slim Shady LP en 1999, The Marshall Mathers LP en 2000 et The Eminem Show en 2002), en partie produits par Dr. full story »
May 28, 2014
France - Lire les analyses et les critiques :  Party Girl et Bande de filles : deux battantes héroïques pour ouvrir le bal à Cannes, Loin de mon père et Gett : SOS d'Israéliennes en détresse, Bird People : quand l'envie d'ailleurs donne des ailes, Jauja : Viggo Mortensen, sur les traces de John Wayne, Ryan Gosling et les fantômes de Detroit et Fantasia : une touche de Jia Zhang-ke dans le spleen de Wang Chao Pour consulter le programme du mercredi 28 mai... full story »
United Kingdom - The company plans to build a fleet of around 200 of the cars in Detroit, with the hope of using them as an autonomous technology test bed. full story »
United States - Can Detroit transform itself? full story »
May 24, 2014
United Kingdom - Authorities in the US city of Detroit have set up a special force to deal with the escalating problem of carjacking. full story »
May 23, 2014
France - De Taïwan aux Pyrénées en passant par detroit Au Sud des Pyrénées, le réseau communautaire Guifi, qui utilise en partie le Mesh, relie près de 60 000 personnes, y compris des administrations dans des zones reculées de Catalogne ou du Pays Basque. full story »
United States - The ground beef is sold under a variety of labels, according to the USDA, but comes from Wolverine Packing Co in Detroit "While none of the Wolverine Packing product has tested positive for the pathogen implicated in this outbreak, the company felt it was prudent to take this voluntary recall action in response to the illnesses and initial outbreak investigation findings," Chuck Sanger, a spokesman for Wolverine Packing, said in a statemente full story »
May 22, 2014
France - Avec 999 passes, il devance désormais au classement Isiah Thomas, le mythique meneur des Bad Boys de Detroit dans les années 90, et le légendaire Jerry West, dont la silhouette figure sur le logo de la NBA. full story »
United Kingdom - Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks and Dr Who's Matt Smith star in the surreal movie which is set in a desolate Detroit. full story »
United States - We were both speaking on a panel at a national conference on children's issues in Detroit. full story »
May 21, 2014
United States - Recalled cases of beef from Wolverine Packing Company in Detroit were produced between March 31, 2014, and April 18, 2014. full story »
May 20, 2014
Austria - Detroit - Die Pannenserie bei GM nimmt kein Ende, das Unternehmen beordert schon wieder Millionen Autos in die Werkstätten zurück. full story »
May 18, 2014
United States - Fifth suspect charged in beating of Detroit driver 'Race is being looked at' as a possible motive in attack CNN's Stephanie Gallman and Haimy Assefa contributed to this report. full story »
May 16, 2014
United States - Whether in New Orleans or Philadelphia or Detroit or New York, legislative schemes perpetuate separate and unequal by privatizing large swaths of public school districts -- and in some cases, entire districts. full story »
May 15, 2014
United States - "Searching for Sugar Man" is the story of Sixto Rodriguez, a singer from Detroit who became a legend in South Africa. full story »
Canada - A total of 24 million of those vehicles are being recalled worldwide, including 194,314 in Canada The Detroit automaker said it knows of several hundred complaints, 13 crashes and two injuries caused by the problemo full story »
May 13, 2014
United States - The documentary tells the story of Rodriguez, a singer from Detroit who never gained fame in America but became -- somehow -- a legend in South Africa. full story »
May 10, 2014
Nigeria - Sharp, a decorated World War Two combat veteran who turned 90 on Wednesday, was also sentenced to three years supervised release by Judge Nancy Edmunds in United States District Court in Detroit. full story »
May 09, 2014
Belgium - Pour qui Pour Derrick May, membre historique des "Belleville Three", incarnant la prolifique scène techno de Detroit, et reconnu pour ses DJ sets durs et funky. full story »
United States - In the late '60s, a teenage Kramer earned near-legendary cult status as guitarist for the Detroit hard rock band MC5. full story »
Puerto Rico - El puertorriqueño sonó con 3-1, con dos anotadas y una empujada (AP) El puertorriqueño Carlos Corporán bateó un jonrón, Dallas Keuchel superó a su colega universitario Drew Smyly en un duelo de pitcheo y los Astros de Houston superaron el jueves 6-2 a Detroit, con lo que rompieron la racha de ocho triunfos de los Tigres full story »
May 08, 2014
Peru - Hope ha actuado en los teatros y salas de conciertos más prestigiosos del mundo, con las orquestas más excepcionales, como la de Boston, Chicago, Toronto y Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, así como las principales orquestas de Berlín, Birmingham, Detroit, Dresde, Israel, Londres, Moscú, Oslo, París, Estocolmo y Viena. full story »
Guam - A quarterly report shows that the Detroit's lead bankruptcy law firm, Jones Day, had submitted more than $166 million in fees and nearly $734,000 in other expenses as of December, by far the top biller / Jc full story »
Puerto Rico - Bambinazo de Cabrera DETROIT, Michigan — Miguel Cabrera pegó un cuadrangular de dos carreras en el primer inning y Rick Porcello lanzó con efectividad hasta el séptimo para guiar a los Tigres de Detroit  a su octava victoria consecutiva, un triunfo de 3-2 sobre los Astros de Houston. full story »
May 07, 2014
Russia - Brick Mansions (Kirpichniye Osobnyaki, 2014): An undercover Detroit cop navigates a dangerous neighborhood with the help of an ex-con in order to bring down a crime lord and his plot to devastate the city. full story »
Armenia - After graduating from Juilliard in New York, Orbelian embarked on a career as a piano virtuoso that included appearances with the Symphony Orchestras of Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, and St. full story »
Belgium - Le jour où un brave flic est déchiqueté par une bombe, ce dernier parvient à ses fins et offre aux autorités de Detroit le premier robot-flic. full story »
May 06, 2014
Saudi Arabia - DETROIT: Max Scherzer allowed just three hits and struck out nine batters over eight innings, leading the Detroit Tigers past the Houston Astros 2-0 Monday for their season-high sixth straight victory. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Detroit: Max Scherzer allowed just three hits and struck out nine batters over eight innings as the American League-leading Detroit Tigers blanked the Houston Astros 2-0 Monday for their season-high sixth straight victory. full story »
May 05, 2014
United States - Meghan McEwan, who runs the guesthouse Honor & Folly in Detroit, and blogs about unusual places to stay on designtrippercom, believes star ratings cramp individuality full story »
May 03, 2014
Brazil - Veja dicas Saiba como tirar proveito do 'quem indica' salário Calcule o quanto você ganha por dia e hora Saiba como colocar a pretensão salarial no currículo ... full story »
Panama - Chen estaba programado para hacer su quinta apertura de la temporada en el béisbol de las Grandes Ligas este sábado, frente a los Tigres de Detroit, pero fue descartado luego de no poder cumplir con una sesión de calentamiento este jueves. full story »
May 01, 2014
Japan - The Detroit automaker needed the $495 billion bailout to survive its bankruptcy restructuring in 2009v full story »
Puerto Rico - DETROIT - El ex astro de la NBA, Shaquille O'Neal, se ha disculpado con un hombre de Detroit que sufre de un raro desorden luego de haberse burlado de su apariencia mediante un comentario en Instagram "Hice un nuevo amigo cuando llamé para disculparme con Jahmel Binionn full story »
Apr 30, 2014
United States - Can Detroit transform itself "To me, this belongs to the entire mankind," Rome mayor Ignazio Marino told CNN as he looked out over the Italian capital from a balcony at City Hallk full story »
Apr 29, 2014
Saudi Arabia - The first time Senna used the Brazilian flag to celebrate inside his car was at the 1986 US GP in Detroit. full story »
Singapore - Fifth place meanwhile went to Brick Mansions, a crime drama set in a dystopian near-future Detroit, which stars the late Fast And Furious actor Paul Walker in a lead role. full story »
Cayman Islands - Kentucky was rejected because Erlanger wasn't big enough, and Ann Arbor was rejected because it was too close to Detroit rivals like General Motors and Ford. full story »
Apr 28, 2014
Japan - David Freese homered for the Angels, who went 4-5 on a tough road trip to Detroit, Washington and New York. full story »
Canada - Chief Gordon Peters and other First Nations leaders also say they shouldn't have to make threats to have their voices heard (CBC) Such action could include a blockade on the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ont, and Detroit if Bill C-33 becomes law, said Gordon Peters of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indianso full story »
Saudi Arabia - AGONY AND ECSTASY: Detroit Red Wings' Jonas Gustavsson (50) sprawls on the ice as Boston Bruins' Torey Krug, center, celebrates a goal by teammate Zdeno Chara during the second period in Game 5 in the first round of the NHL hockey Stanley Cup playoffs in Boston Saturday (AP) BOSTON: The defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins beat the Red Wings 4-2 in Game 5 of their NHL first-round playoff series and eliminated Detroit on Saturda... full story »
Apr 27, 2014
United Kingdom - The magazine said it was "one of the year's freshest-sounding dance LPs, ominous and decidedly futuristic" and noted its "deep ties to early house and Detroit techno and echoes of '70s R&B and soul-jazz". full story »
Apr 26, 2014
United Arab Emirates - “That’s a good sign for us,” spokesman Terry Francisco said “It’s a sign that the market is kicking more into a higher gear for 2014” And Bob Walters, chief economist at Detroit lending giant Quicken Loans, said his company has seen both purchase and refinancing activity picking up in recent weeks as the spring housing market heats up and mortgage rates have ticked down a bite full story »
Apr 24, 2014
United States - Can Detroit transform itself? full story »
Japan - Also at night will be a Sunday matchup of AFC champion Denver and Peyton Manning hosting his former team, Indianapolis; and a Monday night doubleheader with the New York Giants at Detroit, followed by San Diego at Arizona. full story »
Puerto Rico - En su primer año con Detroit, tras llegar en cambio desde Texas, le ha comenzado a ofrecer de inmediato a los Tigres su chispa y fogosidad dentro del terreno de juego. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Detroit hosts Game 4 on Thursday and it is almost a must-win occasion because the series will then shift back to Boston. full story »
Apr 23, 2014
Saudi Arabia - White Sox 3 Tigers 1: In Detroit, Jose Abreu and Dayan Viciedo hit RBI doubles in the seventh inning as the White Sox rallied for a victory over the Tigers. full story »
Austria - Detroit - Nach der tödlichen Pannenserie wegen defekter Zündschlösser baut General Motors die Führung im Bereich Konstruktion um. full story »
Apr 22, 2014
Japan - I feel strongly about that” The Detroit Pistons are still looking for a full-time coach after firing Maurice Cheeks during the season, and the Los Angeles Lakers could decide to replace Mike D’Antoni after going 27-55 during an injury-plagued seasonn full story »
United States - 1995 - The University of Michigan rejects the college application of Jennifer Gratz, a top high school student in suburban Detroit who is white. full story »
United Kingdom - Detroit, a sprawling but increasingly empty city which recently filed for bankruptcy, has seen a 40% reduction of police staffing in the past 10 years. full story »
Apr 21, 2014
Germany - Eishockey, NHL: Die Boston Bruins haben in den Playoffs der nordamerikanischen Eishockey-Liga NHL ihren ersten Sieg eingefahren und in der Serie gegen die Detroit Red Wings zum 1:1 ausgeglichen. full story »
Hong Kong - Born in Detroit, Michigan, he'd majored in theatre at Hofstra University, graduated from UCLA film school and then began working for indie producer Roger Corman. full story »
Apr 20, 2014
Japan - The Associated Press DETROIT (AP)—Government documents show that General Motors waited years to recall nearly 335,000 Saturn Ions for power steering failures despite getting thousands of consumer complaints and warranty repair claims. full story »
Nicaragua - La petición fue impulsada el 23 de enero en Detroit, el día que Bieber fue arrestado en Miami Beach, Florida, por correr carreras ilegales de automóviles en un coche deportivo Lamborgini. full story »
Saudi Arabia - The petition was created by a “JA” in Detroit on Jan 23, the day Bieber was busted in Miami Beach for alleged impaired driving and illegal drag racing in a flashy Italian sports card full story »
Costa Rica - La petición fue impulsada el 23 de enero en Detroit, el día que Bieber fue arrestado en Miami Beach, Florida, por correr carreras ilegales de automóviles en un coche deportivo Lamborgini. full story »
Apr 19, 2014
Saudi Arabia - Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk scored at 16:59 of the third period, moments after Jimmy Howard’s best save of the game, as the Red Wings won 1-0 at top-seeded Boston. full story »
Canada - The 21-year-old Valanciunas became the first Raptor since Tracy McGrady in 2000 to record a double-double in his playoff debut and also set a record for rebounds (Keon Clark's 16 boards versus Detroit in 2002 was the previous mark). full story »
United States - That bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, is believed to be responsible for several attack attempts against the United States, including the failed 2009 Christmas Day underwear bomber attack in Detroit. full story »
Apr 18, 2014
United States - Almost 50 lbs off - I can see it now pictwittercom/GeuBnKttcm — Rosie (@Rosie) April 17, 2014 "I did what many women do, and I did not take care of myself," she said during a speech at an American Heart Association luncheon in Detroit in February "And that's why I'm here, to try to get women to know you're worth it, take care of yourself and know the symptomsl" full story »
Panama - Cualquier inconveniente, llámenos al 222-1222 ext 12 o escriba a suscripciones@prensacom Deseo Suscribirme 17/04/2014 - El segunda base Ian Kinsler encabezó el bateo oportuno de los Tigres de Detroit al pegar jonrón de tres carreras e impulsar cuatro que le ayudaron a completar la remontada ante los Indios de Cleveland a los que vencieron por 7-5o full story »
Apr 17, 2014
Panama - Los Grizzlies con su triunfo evitaron a los Spurs, pero tendrán que jugar contra los Thunder, que se impusieron 112-111 ante los Pistons de Detroit, gracias a los 42 puntos de Durant, que aseguró su título de máximo encestador de la liga al llegar al promedio de los 32 tantos. full story »
Hong Kong - Detroit's Brandon Jennings could only manage a 30-foot heave at the buzzer that banged off the rim. full story »
Canada - That’s the dream of North Americans everywhere,” said “The landscape in North America is an incredible landscape for driving whether you’re driving through Ontario or driving through Montana or driving through Manitoba” 2015 Mustang tops Empire State Building The Detroit automaker will be involved in celebrating the Mustang's history beginning today at the New York International Auto Showu full story »
United States - Detroit, and the world, will be watching closely watch to see if history repeats itself and if Palazuelo's financial prediction bears fruit. full story »
Apr 16, 2014
Saudi Arabia - Chris Paul added 21 points and 10 assists for Los Angeles, who must beat Portland on Wednesday, the last night of the regular season, and have the lowly Detroit Pistons beat the Thunder in Oklahoma City to earn the second seed behind San Antonio in the Western Conference playoffs. full story »
Spain - Os confieso que me hubiera gustado ver a Cher en los 60 en un musical de Las Vegas y volver a verla ahora, en la actualidad, en un concierto en Dallas o Detroit (su telonera actual es Cyndi Lauper, como os lo narro porque lo he visto en su web). full story »
Puerto Rico - Para lograr ese puesto tendrían que ganar el hoy en Portland y que el Thunder de Oklahoma perdiera ante Detroit, de otro modo pasarán en el tercer lugar. full story »
Japan - They would need to win at Portland and Oklahoma City would need to lose to Detroit on Wednesday night for the Clippers to claim the second spot. full story »
Guam - It was a highly unusual but legal move in a high-profile case - the 2011 killings of four Detroit women dubbed the Backpagecom murders because Brown met all four victims through the adult-oriented classified ad website full story »
Apr 15, 2014
United States - That bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, is believed to be responsible for several attack attempts against the United States, including the failed 2009 Christmas Day underwear bomber attack in Detroit. full story »
Taiwan - Detroit’s backup goalie Petr Mrazek kept injury-riddled St Louis down heading into the playoffs with his second career shutout, giving the Red Wings a 3-0 win. full story »
Apr 14, 2014
United States - Since then al Qaeda's branch in Yemen tried to bring down with a bomb secreted on a passenger an American commercial jet flying over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 and al Qaeda's branch in Pakistan tried to launch bombings on the New York subway system a few months earlier. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Elsewhere, Portland edged Golden State in overtime to secure at least fifth place in the Western Conference standings, New York dealt a blow to Chicago’s postseason ambitions, and Toronto matched a franchise record for wins in a season by beating Detroit. full story »
Canada - Louis, Hartford, Detroit and the New York Rangers, earning entry into the Hall of Fame last November with 656 goals and 698 assists in his regular-season career. full story »
Spain - De mente práctica, heredera del espíritu de la lucha por los derechos civiles y buscando al mismo tiempo soluciones económicas, su proclama 'Greening The Ghetto' se ha extendido a las comunidades afroamericanas de las ciudades más castigadas, de Nueva Orleans a Detroit. full story »
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Ou Eminem pensif sur les marches d’un escalier à Detroit. full story »
Apr 13, 2014
Argentina - El Mundo Como Detroit, la ciudad perdió empuje y ventajas frente a otras grandes urbes del país y del mundo; su infraestructura y su economía se debilitan cada vez más   La pobreza y el desempleo son dos de los flagelos que más amenazan el presente y el futuro de Los Ángeles Foto: The New York Times  LOS ÁNGELES- Desde el rascacielos de 73 pisos que acaban de levantar en el centro de la ciudad hasta el aluvión de complejos de viviendas, comerc... full story »
Japan - The Associated Press DETROIT (AP)—Documents released by a House subcommittee show that managers and employees at General Motors were often slow to react to safety problems—and that one part of GM often didn’t know what another was doing. full story »
Apr 12, 2014
Saudi Arabia - Chicago came from 18 points down to beat Detroit 106-98 and notch a seventh-straight win. full story »
United States - Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and City Council President Brenda Jones issued a statement Friday asking for calm. full story »
Japan - The Associated Press DETROIT (AP)—General Motors has to repair another part on the 26 million small cars already being recalled for an ignition switch defectg full story »
Apr 11, 2014
United States - AbdulMutallab ignited his bomb on Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day 2009 as it flew over the suburbs of Detroit, but luckily the device failed to detonate properly. full story »
Japan - The Associated Press DETROIT (AP)—Big US recalls by General Motors and Toyota have put the auto industry on a record pace as companies try to avoid bad publicity and punishment from an increasingly aggressive government full story »
Apr 10, 2014
Germany - Beim nach Penaltyschie�en gegen die Detroit Red Wings jubelten allerdings auch die G�ste, die sich zum full story »
Panama - Tilda Swinton y Tom Hiddleston interpretan a una pareja de chupasangres que han vivido mucho tiempo y aunque están profundamente enamorados viven separados, en Detroit y Tánger. full story »
Puerto Rico - A diferencia de ciudades como Detroit en Michigan, Puerto Rico no puede solicitar la protección de la Ley de Quiebras federal y tampoco es un emisor soberano de deuda, por lo que la legislación ofrecería un vehículo para que las corporaciones públicas puedan reestructurar sus obligaciones, sean bonos, contratos con suplidores o convenios colectivos. full story »
Japan - The Associated Press DETROIT (AP)—A US government safety agency is fining General Motors Co $7,000 a day, saying the company failed to fully respond to its requests for information about a faulty ignition switch by an April 3 deadline full story »
Apr 09, 2014
United States - Memphis, Virginia Beach, Detroit, and San Antonio were not far behind. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Detroit inched closer to claiming a playoff berth by winning 4-2 at Buffalo, with Darren Helm scoring the go-ahead goal early in the third period. full story »
Germany - Nach zwei Siegen in Serie unterlag Atlanta zwar gegen die Detroit Pistons 95:102, bleibt mit einem Sieg Vorsprung auf die New York Knicks allerdings Achter im Osten. full story »
Apr 08, 2014
United Arab Emirates - Last year, three members of the House of Representatives pleaded guilty to, or were convicted of, crimes the highest number since 1981 while the former mayors of Detroit and New Orleans, among others, were convicted of, or charged with, felonies. full story »
Canada - Canada urges US to pay $250M share for Detroit-Windsor bridge Bruce Heyman confirmed by USy full story »
United States - Following their performance at the MTV Movie Awards, Eminem and Rihanna will gear up for a brief joint tour this August, when they'll co-headline tour stops in Los Angeles, New York and Detroit. full story »
Apr 07, 2014
United States - The most important poll number in 2014 "Whoever represents Silicon Valley should really be deeply knowledgeable on the technology and innovation agenda," said GRAMMY Foundation chairman Rusty Rueff, a startup investor and philanthropist backing Khanna "If you don't understand cars you shouldn't be representing Detroit or Michigans full story »
Canada - A Canadian mourning the loss of her friend at Detroit's Comerica Park caught what will likely be one of the Major League Baseball season's most historic homerun balls. full story »
Apr 06, 2014
Spain - El precario sistema fue suficiente para superar las primeras rondas de 'playoffs', pero encontró su techo en los 'Bad Boys' de Detroit. full story »
Guam - Utash, who hit David Harris with his truck, is clinging to life after being beaten by a group of people in Detroit on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 / Family photo via Detroit Free Press by Eric Dn full story »
Apr 05, 2014
United States - Police in Washtenaw County -- about 30 miles west of Detroit -- were looking for the attackers. full story »
Costa Rica - El batazo sentenció el viernes la victoria 10-4 de los Tigres de Detroit ante los Orioles de Baltimore. full story »
Apr 04, 2014
United States - Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) -- The big auto show in Detroit doesn't kick off until next week, but major car companies are already showing off some of their more exciting car-tech prototypes here at the International Consumer Electronics Show. full story »
Puerto Rico - Miguel Cabrera, Tigres de Detroit 14. full story »
Taiwan - Nyquist score helps Red Wings beat Bruins - Taipei Times 自由電子報 影音娛樂 好康報報 自由部落 ‧Photo News Home Front Page Taiwan News Business Editorials Sports World News Features Bilingual Pages Home / Photo News Detroit Red Wings center Gustav Nyquist, left, scores a goal past Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask during their game at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on Wednesdays full story »
Apr 03, 2014
Puerto Rico - Ese fue el caso de Paul George, de los Pacers de Indiana, que en el partido de anoche ante los Pistons de Detroit tomó un tiro de tres, que aunque demasiado lejos de la línea, fue un tiro perfecto y bien calculado. full story »
Belgium - L’histoire de Sixto Rodriguez commence à Detroit. full story »
Canada - In July 1967, black neighbourhoods in Detroit and Newark, NJ, erupted in fiery rebellions against police brutality and all aspects of white authority and privilege. full story »
France - A l’issue de deux jours d’auditions devant le Congrès à Washington, la PDG de 52 ans est rentrée, mercredi 2 avril, à Detroit « par un vol commercial ordinaire », a fait savoir un porte-parole du groupe. full story »
Peru - En el duelo de la NBA entre los Pacers y los Detroit Pistons, George anotó un triple desde varios metros de distancia del aro, muy cerca al mediocampo, lo que generó el delirio en los asistentes. full story »
Lebanon - Fame awaited the young Gaye at Motown, the Detroit record label founded by Berry Gordy that revolutionized pop music in the 1960s, cranking out hits in the same production-line manner that General Motors turned out cars. full story »
Japan - “If there’s a safety issue, we’re going to make the right change and accept that,” said Barra, who became chief executive in January and almost immediately found herself thrust into one of the biggest product safety crises Detroit has ever seen. full story »
Apr 02, 2014
Puerto Rico - DETROIT, Michigan, EEUU  — Chrysler solicitó que le devuelvan casi 870,000 camionetas deportivas para corregirles un problema en el que la corrosión puede endurecer los frenos de los vehículosq full story »
Canada - The Canadian government is urging the Obama administration to pay for its share of the costs for building a customs plaza on the US side of a planned bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, says Transport Minister Lisa Raitt full story »
Singapore - The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan in this photo from Jan 14, 2013 Chrysler said Wednesday, April 2, 2014, it was recalling almost 868,000 sport-utility vehicles worldwide to fix a brake corrosion problem -- FILE PHOTO: REUTERS WASHINGTON (AFP) - Chrysler said Wednesday it was recalling almost 868,000 sport-utility vehicles worldwide to fix a brake corrosi... full story »
Apr 01, 2014
France - Il participe à la création d'une musique totalement inédite, en étroite relation avec les DJ qui dessinent les contours tranchants de la techno de Detroit, tel Derrick May. full story »
Lebanon - REUTERS/ Sharif Karim DETROIT: A Detroit-area man accused of trying to travel to the Middle East to fight in Syria's civil war will remain in custody while his case moves through court. full story »
Armenia - The Detroit-based automaker says it is taking an aggressive stance on safety issues, after coming under intense criticism for waiting more than a decade to recall millions of cars with potentially faulty ignition switches. full story »
Puerto Rico - Entendemos que ahí está cerca del 90% de los programas federales”, dijo, en una entrevista telefónica desde Detroit (Michigan), donde se encuentra esta semana. full story »
Japan - The Associated Press DETROIT (AP)—General Motors discussed two separate fixes for an ignition switch defect in 2005 but canceled both of them without taking action, according to a memo released Sunday by the House subcommittee investigating GM’s handling of the defect and a subsequent recall. full story »
Mar 31, 2014
Taiwan - ‘WITH FIRE’:With 26 losses, the 76ers had already matched the longest slump of any major North American sports team, but beat the Pistons, who have lost 18 of 22 The Philadelphia 76ers avoided a record-setting 27th straight NBA loss with a dominating 123-98 home victory over the struggling Detroit Pistons on Saturday. full story »
United Arab Emirates - “If you worry that Detroit represents our future, that ‘equality’ will triumph over excellence, and that redistributionist democracy has entered a death spiral, visit Dubai” This is how Frezza opens his piece on Dubaia full story »
United States - Now she's a Detroit Pistons fan. full story »
Japan - From left, the Philadelphia 76ers’ Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel, Hollis Thompson and Henry Sims celebrate in the final seconds of of their victory over the Detroit Pistons on Saturday to break a 26-game losing streak. full story »
Mar 30, 2014
Saudi Arabia - Five players scored in double figures for Philadelphia, who shot 522 percent and limited Detroit to 388 percent shooting while forcing 18 turnoversn full story »
Panama - El astro venezolano pactó ayer viernes con los Tigres de Detroit por 10 años y 292 millones de dólares, una cifra récord para el béisbol de Grandes Ligas y cualquier otro deporte en Estados Unidos. full story »
Mar 29, 2014
Japan - Detroit also had been negotiating with Scherzer, and those talks broke off last weekend after the pitcher didn’t accept an offer for $144 million from 2015-20; he can become a free agent after the World Series. full story »
Argentina - Otros resultados: Charlotte Bobcats 105-110 Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics 103-105 Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers 97-108 Brooklyn Nets, Miami 110-78 Detroit Pistons, Portland Trail Blazers 91-74 Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers 107-143 Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz 95-102 New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings 81-94 Oklahoma City Thunder y Memphis Grizzlies 93-100 Golden State Warriors. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Heat 110 Pistons 78: Forward LeBron James recorded his first triple-double of the season and 37th of his career with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists and the short-handed Miami Heat rolled to a 110-78 victory over the Detroit Pistons. full story »
Hong Kong - Detroit went on to win game two and sweep the Yankees "That's when I realised that we certainly can't ignore the technology and the fact that this seemed to be what the people want or think they want," Torre saidi full story »
Costa Rica - Decomisan 400 cilindros de gas refrigerante a empresa que los introdujo sin permiso del Minae El alero LeBron James logró triple-doble de 17 puntos, 12 asistencias y 10 rebotes, y los Heat de Miami vencieron 78-110 a los Pistons de Detroit. full story »
Puerto Rico - Detroit – $162,228,527 6. full story »
Spain - Houdini, con fiebre alta, no quiso suspender sus actuaciones, viajó en tren a Detroit y allí, después de desmayarse dos veces en escena, fue ingresado en un hospital donde nada se pudo hacer para salvar su vida. full story »
Germany - Etwa Z�ndschl�sser seien an H�ndler und Werkst�tten verkauft worden, teilte das Unternehmen am Freitag in Detroit mit. full story »
Mar 28, 2014
Antigua And Barbuda - IBW said among the specially invited guests will be Detroit’s congressman John Conyers, Sr, dean of the US Congressional Black Caucus, and sponsor of HR-40, the Reparations Study Bill and Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam8 full story »
United States - They've seen Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Tiger Stadium in Detroit, the Seattle Kingdome and many spots in between. full story »
Panama - Detroit agrega así ocho años y 248 millones a los dos y 44 millones que restaban en el acuerdo actual. full story »
Mar 27, 2014
Puerto Rico - El potencial desafío para el nuevo récord si es que los Sixers pierden hoy jueves, será este sábado en su cancha contra los Pistons de Detroit. full story »
Mar 26, 2014
Dominican Republic - Entonados por sus 92 victorias en 2013, los Indios confían estar dotados para acabar con el reinado de tres campañas seguidas de los Tigres de Detroit como campeones de la División Central. full story »
Puerto Rico - Nissan dijo que el software del computador del auto no detecta la presencia de un adulto en el asiento delantero de pasajeros (Imagen tomada de Nissan) DETROIT, Michigan — Nissan retiró casi 990,000 automóviles, vehículos deportivos y minivans en Estados Unidos porque las bolsas de aire en el asiento delantero de pasajeros quizá no se inflen en un accidentea full story »
Canada - That left Toronto with an off-season of work that yielded catchers Dioner Navarro and Erik Kratz along with former Detroit Tigers outfielder Matt Tuiasosopo, who was claimed off waivers from Arizona on March 21. full story »
Argentina - -Sí, fue importante para mí, porque amo ganar y porque fui muy afortunado de ganarlos con grandes jugadores en Detroit Pistons y Chicago Bulls. full story »
United States - But the Detroit engineer now believes he has created a device that would have saved him and may save thousands of others. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Detroit improved to 26-44 and trail eighth-place Atlanta (31-38) by 55 gamesn full story »
Mar 24, 2014
Costa Rica - El sábado, los actores estuvieron en Detroit presenciando el partido de baloncesto entre los Clippers de Los Ángeles y los Pistons de Detroit  Ahí, la famosa cámara Kiss Cam (Cámara del beso) enfocó a los artistas y ambos, entre risas nerviosas, complacieron al público dándose un corto pero cariñoso beso en la bocae full story »
Brazil - Fácil, manteve a tradição de uma prova interpretativa Difícil, caiu muito conteúdo e ficou com cara de vestibular Verificação de segurança ... full story »
United Kingdom - They fought and fought and fought, and I turned them down so many times until they told me that the record had gone to number one on the R&B station in Detroit. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Clippers 112 Pistons 103: Chris Paul scored 28 points, dished out 15 assists and recorded a season-high six steals, leading the Los Angeles Clippers to a 112-103 victory over struggling Detroit. full story »
Mar 23, 2014
Nepal - The Detroit News reported that in total four counties issued 323 marriage licenses on Saturday before most clerks closed for the day at 1 pm local time full story »
Austria - Louis Blues 4:1, Pittsburgh Penguins - Tampa Bay Lightning 4:3 nV, Minnesota Wild - Detroit Red Wings 2:3, Dallas Stars - Ottawa Senators 3:1, Los Angeles Kings - Florida Panthers 4:0, New Jersey Devils - New York Rangers 0:2, Winnipeg Jets - Carolina Hurricanes 2:3, Phoenix Coyotes - Boston Bruins 2:4, Edmonton Oilers - Calgary Flames 1:8, San Jose Sharks - Washington Capitals 2:3 nP full story »
Cyprus - Megrahi was in a Scottish jail because Pan Am 103, en route from London to Detroit, had blown up over the Scottish village of Lockerbie, killing all 259 people aboard and eleven in the village below. full story »
Mar 22, 2014
Taiwan - He praised April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, two Detroit-area nurses who are raising three children with special needs. full story »
Argentina - El resto de los partidos: Oklahoma City Thunder 119-118 Toronto Raptors (en tiempo extra), New Orleans Pelicans 111-105 Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics 98-114 Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies 86-91 Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets 106-122 Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons 92-98 Phoenix Suns y Washington Wizards 117-107 Los Angeles Lakers. full story »
Fiji - The award was presented at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. full story »
Armenia - Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Beirut, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, etc. full story »
Costa Rica - La demanda había sido interpuesta en el 2012 por dos enfermeras lesbianas de Hazel Park, a las afueras de Detroit, llamadas April DeBoer y Jayne Rowse, quienes argumentaban que la prohibición de los matrimonios homosexuales aprobada en el 2004 por el 60% de los ciudadanos del estado violaba sus derechos constitucionales. full story »
United States - In other words, if you thought Detroit was in trouble, Puerto Rico is much worse mainly for this reason: Unlike Detroit, the island cannot file for bankruptcy court protection. full story »
Mar 21, 2014
Armenia - Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Beirut, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, etc. full story »
Japan - The same US attorney’s office is investigating the Detroit auto giant for its slow response to a faulty ignition switch problem in older compact cars that has been linked to at least 31 crashes and 12 deathsa full story »
United Arab Emirates - A new car recently made an inconspicuous debut, not in Detroit but in Jena, Germany. full story »
Saudi Arabia - The pair will kick off their Monster Tour at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles on Aug 7, before proceeding to New York on August 16 and Eminem’s hometown Detroit on Aug 22o full story »
Mar 20, 2014
United States - Paul's visit to Berkeley, much like his visits to historically black colleges Howard University in Washington and Simmons College in Louisville and his push for so-called "economic freedom zones" -- areas of high unemployment in places like Louisville and Detroit that would reduce federal regulation and taxes to help boost economic growth -- are the actions of a shrewd and ambitious politician. full story »
Armenia - Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Beirut, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, etc. full story »
Mar 19, 2014
Armenia - Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Beirut, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, etc. full story »
Mar 18, 2014
Armenia - Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Beirut, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, etc. full story »
Nov 06, 2013
Taiwan - The win moves the Bears into a three-way tie for first in the National Football Conference North with Green Bay and Detroit, all at 5-3. full story »
India - DETROIT: Hyundai Motor Co is expanding its recall in the United States of Genesis sedans to address a potential brake issue full story »
Nov 05, 2013
Cayman Islands - —Big city mayoral races also will be decided in Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis and Seattle. full story »
United States - National Coney Island Bar and Grill/Express , Detroit Metropolitan Airport The Motor City takes its hot dogs as seriously as it takes its hot rods, and a Coney Island experience is a must. full story »
Nov 04, 2013
Puerto Rico - DETROIT — Los Tigres de Detroit eligieron como su nuevo manager a Brad Ausmus, ex receptor de 44 años que carece prácticamente de experiencia como piloto y que ahora tendrá la responsabilidad de reemplazar a Jim Leyland al mando de los tricampeones defensores de la División Central de la Liga Americana. full story »
Nov 01, 2013
Puerto Rico - Jeter estuvo limitado a participar en apenas 17 juegos en el 2013 luego de quebrarse el tobillo en la Serie de Campeonato de la Liga Americana del 2012 ante Detroit. full story »
Peru - También anunció este viernes sus ventas de octubre otra grande de Detroit, General Motors, que vendió este pasado mes un 16% más respecto al mismo periodo de 2012, impulsado sobre todo por sus marcas Chevrolet y Buick, y las acciones de la compañía se dispararon en la bolsa de Nueva York en un 2,81%. full story »
Nicaragua - Luego de registrar su mejor campaña regular en tres años con 30 cuadrangulares, 103 empujadas y OPS (porcentaje de embasarse más slugging) de 959, Ortiz siguió con una fase final de ensueño contra los Rays de Tampa Bay, los Tigres de Detroit y los Cardenalesu full story »
Taiwan - Detroit’s Tomas Tatar scored his first goal of the season late in the second period, as the Red Wings defeated the Vancouver Canucks 2-1. full story »
Oct 31, 2013
Puerto Rico - También jugó para Denver, Detroit y Memphis en sus 15 años de trayectoria. full story »
Nicaragua - En las imágenes televisivas se mostraba el jonrón con bases llenas que Victorino le conectó a los Tigres de Detroit, ese hombre estaba en el cajón de bateo y con un doble limpia bases al left le dio ventaja de 3x0 a los hoy campeones. full story »
United States - After his death in Detroit on October 31, 1926, his wife, Bess, inaugurated the official Houdini séance. full story »
Russia - If it’s drum ’n’ bass you’re after, head on over to Solyanka; for techno beats, stop by Arma 17 and for some great hip-hop all the way from Detroit, the place to be is 16 Tons. full story »
Belgium - Iverson, 38 ans, a également joué pour Denver, Detroit et Memphis lors d’une carrière de 14 ans parfois émaillée de controverses, notamment pour ses prises de bec avec ses entraîneurs ou ses dirigeants ou encore son attitude de « bad boy ». full story »
Saudi Arabia - The “Flyin’ Hawaiian,” whose grand slam home run in Game Six of the AL League Championship series against Detroit sent the Red Sox to the World Series, belted a Wacha pitch high off the Green Monster in left to clear the bases for a 3-0 lead. full story »
Oct 30, 2013
Cayman Islands - The 6-foot, 165-pound guard also played for Denver, Detroit and Memphis over a 14-year career that has him 19th on the career scoring list with 24,368 points. full story »
United States - The flight from Windsor, just over the Canadian border from Detroit, to Nashville is about 470 miles. full story »
Puerto Rico - También en la Liga del Este, Rodríguez vio a los derechos Justin Souza (Detroit) con marca de 5-3 en Doble A y David Kopp (Detroit, 480 E, 52H, 28 BB, 33 K, 544 con marca de 3-4o full story »
Oct 29, 2013
Taiwan - “If that’s not a kick, I don’t know what a kick is,” an aggravated Lundqvist said “It’s just a frustrating goal there that kind of kills the whole game” New York ended their season-opening road trip last weekend with a stirring 3-2 overtime win in Detroit, Michigan, but even with a healthy Lundqvist the Rangers could not build off that momentumd full story »
Puerto Rico - DETROIT — El toletero venezolano Miguel Cabrera se sometió hoy a una operación para reparar un músculo de la ingle y se espera que esté recuperado para la pretemporada de primavera, informaron los Tigre de Detroit. full story »
Hong Kong - But shooting in the market with so many people watching it made it very challenging” Bay managed to get 30 to 35 minutes of what will be a two hour blockbuster - including a Hong Kong set in Detroit that he blew up: “There was a lot of dynamite” Beyond that, Bay was careful about not revealing too much about what role Hong Kong would play in the film or why Autobots like Bumble Bee had to come herej full story »
Nepal - US car sales to rise by 8 per cent DETROIT: The shutdown of the federal government put a crimp in US auto sales in the first half of October, but new-vehicle purchases for the month will still rise eight per cent from a year ago, JD Power and LMC Automotive said on Thursday. full story »
Oct 28, 2013
Cayman Islands - In the state's 11th Congressional District, just northwest of Detroit, David Trott, a businessman involved in real estate finance and a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees, is challenging Bentivolio. full story »
Saudi Arabia - “Not that anybody sneaks up on anybody in this league, but yeah, we’re the only undefeated team,” Smith said after the Chiefs held out the Browns late surge “I think that teams have recognized how we’re playing and no question, they’re coming prepared” Detroit produced an unexpected 31-30 win over the Dallas Cowboys, with Matthew Stafford’s 1-yard lunge over a pile of linemen with 12 seconds left and Calvin Johnson’s 329 yards receiving lifting t... full story »
Hong Kong - He managed to get 30 to 35 minutes of what will be a two- hour blockbuster - including a Hong Kong set in Detroit that he blew up: "There was a lot of dynamite." full story »
Puerto Rico - Mayo a Milwaukee desde Dallas; Al Jefferson a Charlotte desde Utah; Paul Millsap a Atlanta desde Utah; Nate Robinson a Denver desde Chicago; Kevin Martin a Minnesota desde Oklahoma City; Monta Ellis a Dallas desde Milwaukee; Brandon Jennings a Detroit desde Milwaukee; y JJñ full story »
Austria - Die Sabres sind nach nur zwei Siegen aus den ersten 13 Saisonspielen Ligaschlusslicht (APA, 28102013) Buffalo musste bereits die zehnte Saison-Niederlage hinnehmen - Ein Assist von Vanek gegen Boston deutlich zu wenig Checkfolgen Grabner für zwei Spiele gesperrt [8] Nach unerlaubtem Check gegen den Kopf - Auch Teilgehalt weg Hearing nach Bodycheck, der nicht geahndet wurde - Anaheim stellte mit siebtem Sieg in Folge Clubrekord ein Vaneks Jam... full story »
Oct 27, 2013
Taiwan - Drew Miller and Daniel Alfredsson scored for Detroit, who lost their fourth straight. full story »
Oct 26, 2013
Taiwan - That Ford is on track to beat Toyota back to its all-time valuation also reflects a changed environment in which Detroit is competing with its best line of cars in a generation. full story »
United States - 2006 November 16, 2006 - In Detroit, Michigan, Contrelle Harbin, 26, goes on a shooting spree, wounding three people and killing two. full story »
Puerto Rico - —Ya se percataron que bullpen de San Luis es cosa seria, a contra vía de los titubeantes relevistas de Detroit que enfrentaron en la serie de campeonato de la Liga Americana y que fueron víctimas de un par de grand slams. full story »
Guam - NewsBreak A DNA test has confirmed that 35-year-old Sasha Ruseva is the mother of the mysterious girl found in Greece known as MariaRoma womannationalgreecesasha rusevausatfeaturednewsbreakNatalie DiBlasioNewsUSA TodaynationusatusatodaymotherMariaDNA00:58 ADVERTISEMENT See all Video Next Up HoopsHype Ask Eddie Johnson 2m28s DNA Test proves Roma... full story »
Oct 25, 2013
Colombia - Cuando hacía su recorrido, una pandilla de Detroit amenazó contra la cámara. full story »
Puerto Rico - El boricua Peruchín Cepeda, que jugó para San Luis en la Serie Mundial de 1967, fue después el primer bateador designado que tuvo Boston, que hoy cuenta con el dominicano David Ortiz, 40 años después Cepeda jugó en un total de cuatro Series Mundiales, incluyendo otra con San Luis en 1968, cuando los Cardenales perdieron ante Detroit (Archivo) Orlando 'Peruchín' Cepeda, el segundo puertorriqueño en ser exaltado ... full story »
France - Tout commence il y a quelques années, à Clintondale, au nord de Detroit, dans une région loin d’être privilégiée. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Set in 1978 Detroit, the film came to life with its muted hues and colourful pastels that remained true to its time. full story »
Oct 24, 2013
Cayman Islands - Detroit must show it's broke and tried in good-faith to negotiate with creditors. full story »
Puerto Rico - “Big Papi” buscaba repetir la magia del segundo juego de Boston contra los Tigres de Detroit en la serie de campeonato de la Liga Americana. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Ford is raising its full-year profit guidance after a strong third quarter that saw improving sales worldwide (AP) DETROIT: Ford Motor Co boosted its full-year global profit outlook as its European picture brightened and stronger overseas operations sparked better-than-expected third-quarter resultsr full story »
United Kingdom - But the Nashville-born singer spent the final years of his life thousands of miles from the Motown heartland of Detroit. full story »
Australia - It could have been a bigger margin but for Beltran's superb catch, which recalled Detroit outfielder Torii Hunter's tumble into the Red Sox bullpen that left him bruised and bloodied while attempting to snare Ortiz's game-tying grand slam in game two of the American League Championship series. full story »
South Korea - Mao Asada, center, poses with second place Ashley Wagner, left, and third place Elena Radionova on the podium after winning in the female free skating routine at the Skate America figure skating competition in Detroit, Sunday 2a full story »
Canada - Ortiz, who hit a tying grand slam at Fenway in the AL championship series win over Detroit, sent a long drive to right-centre. full story »
Oct 23, 2013
Taiwan - “It’s a new season, new attitude,” Giguere said “I would have believed being over 500 [early], but not 8-1” In Monday’s other games, Logan Couture scored in a shootout as the San Jose Sharks beat the Detroit Red Wings 1-0 and TJe full story »
Puerto Rico - Estaba empatado con Tori Hunter, de los Tigres de Detroit, como el jugador con más juegos de postemporada sin haber su equipo alcanzado el Clásico de Otoño. full story »
Yemen - And this "decision" comes in the wake of the "crotch bomber" incident of Detroit, whereby a Nigerian Youth is accused of receiving much exaggerated (read fake) Al Qaeda training in Yemen. full story »
France - Le plan n'est accepté par la cour – dans le cas de Detroit, le juge Steven Rhodes – et appliqué que s'il répond aux "meilleurs intérêts des créanciers", c'est-à-dire s'il est jugé plus avantageux que toutes les options étudiées auparavant. full story »
United States - "We are planning to deploy White House officials and Cabinet secretaries to the 10 cities across the country with the highest rates of uninsured Americans to do enrollment events and other grassroots activities," an administration official said "These cities and metropolitan areas include Dallas; Houston; Miami; Atlanta; Phoenix/Tucson; North Jersey; Tampa; Orlando; Detroit and San Antonioa" full story »
United Kingdom - 23 October 2013 Last updated at 07:40 ET Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print A federal judge will start hearing arguments on Wednesday as to whether the city of Detroit should be granted protection from its creditors. full story »
Oct 22, 2013
Taiwan - In other Sunday’s other games it was Atlanta 31, Tampa Bay 23; Washington 45, Chicago 41; Dallas 17, Philadelphia 3; Buffalo 23, Miami 21; Cincinnati 27, Detroit 24; San Diego 24, Jacksonville 6; San Francisco 31, Tennessee 17; Green Bay 31, Cleveland 13; and Pittsburgh 19, Baltimore 16. full story »
Puerto Rico - Primero éramos Grecia y ahora la comparación de moda, rumbo a la temida quiebra de Puerto Rico, es Detroit. full story »
Qatar - In other games it was, Atlanta 31 Tampa Bay 23, Washington 45 Chicago 41, Dallas 17 Philadelphia 3, Buffalo 23 Miami 21, Cincinnati 27 Detroit 24, San Diego 24 Jacksonville 6, San Francisco 31 Tennessee 17, Green Bay 31 Cleveland 13, Pittsburgh 19 Baltimore 16. full story »
United Arab Emirates - In the early 1980s, veteran pollster Stan Greenberg conducted a focus group in Macomb County, a Detroit suburb, of former Democrats who had switched allegiance to Republican Ronald Reagan. full story »
United States - Travelers yearning for still more Americana should head for the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village when the ship docks in Detroit for a day. full story »
Israel - I could be you and you could be me” and as such, he explained, “If somebody raises his hand on a Jew in Detroit it is happening to me” “If gravestones are being desecrated in the Jewish cemetery in Ukraine it is happening to me, if Muslims are stabbing a Jewish rabbi in the streets of Paris it is happening to me,” Lapid continued full story »
Nicaragua - El piloto Jim Leyland renunció como mánager de los Tigres de Detroit luego de haber perdido la serie por el campeonato de la Liga Americana ante los Medias Rojas de Boston, ratificaron este lunes directivos del club. full story »
Oct 21, 2013
Cayman Islands - Detroit's players found out about Leyland's departure after Saturday night's game in Boston, when the Red Sox won Game 6 to take the series. full story »
Belgium - Sa première apparition publique aura lieu au mois de janvier lors du Salon de Detroit. full story »
United Arab Emirates - But it’s just as likely the preceding car will pick up your tab at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through in Detroit or a McDonald’s drive-through in Fargo, North Dakota. full story »
Guam - A single charge of the Spark EV's 82-mile battery easily powered a day that included meetings in Detroit and Dearborn, dinner in Rochester Hills and a return home to Ferndale, where it recharged overnight. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Magic 87 Pistons 86: In Orlando, Florida, E’Twaun Moore had 14 points in 30 minutes, and the Orlando Magic defeated the Detroit Pistons 87-86 on Sunday night. full story »
Puerto Rico - BOSTON — Max Scherzer se vistió de forma silenciosa luego de otra gran salida, la última conseguida por un abridor de los Tigres de Detroit. full story »
Oct 20, 2013
Costa Rica - Medias Rojas se impusieron ante Tigres de Detroit y avanzan a la Serie Mundial 10:20 PMn full story »
Colombia - Con un ´Grand Slam´ de Shane Victorino, los Medias Rojas de Boston vencieron este sábado a los Tigres de Detroit 5x2 y avanzaron a la Serie Mundial por primer vez desde el 2007, al ganar la serie por el campeonato de la Liga Americana 4-2. full story »
Cayman Islands - Detroit took a 2-1 lead in the sixth and 21-game winner Max Scherzer protected it until the seventh, when Boston loaded the bases on a double, a walk and an error by rookie shortstop Jose Iglesias, traded by the Red Sox in July. full story »
Puerto Rico - Detroit respondió de inmediato en la parte alta de la sexta entrada. full story »
Hong Kong - Shane Victorino belted a seventh-inning grand slam to put the Boston Red Sox into the World Series with a 5-2 victory over the visiting Detroit Tigers that clinched the American League Championship on Saturday. full story »
Oct 19, 2013
Taiwan - MAN OF THE MOMENT:Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell said that first baseman Mike Napoli was on a good streak and has the ability to carry the team Reuters Led by slugger Mike Napoli, the Boston Red Sox finally broke through against a Detroit starter to beat the Tigers 4-3 on Thursday and move within one victory of claiming a berth in the World Series. full story »
Germany - Der Endspielgegner wird noch zwischen den Boston Red Sox und den Detroit Tigers ermittelt. full story »
Puerto Rico - El primer juego de la Serie Mundial se celebrará el miércoles en el hogar de quien gane el campeonato de la Americana que se disputan los Medias Rojas de Boston y los Tigres de Detroit. full story »
Saudi Arabia - It’s like a cycle” Alamri said Saudi students in Metro Detroit are lucky to live close to a large Arab American communityn full story »
Oct 18, 2013
Taiwan - Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk also had two goals and Daniel Alfredsson added three assists for the Red Wings, who lost dependable defenseman Niklas Kronwall early when he was carried off the ice on a stretcher after being rammed into the boards by Cody McLeod. full story »
Costa Rica - AP Un majestuoso cuadrangular de Mike Napoli abrió paso a un ataque inusitado de Boston en los albores del juego, para que los Medias Rojas superaran anoche apretadamente 4-3 a los Tigres de Detroit y se acercaran a un solo triunfo de la Serie Mundial. full story »
Hong Kong - Detroit’s starters had allowed only three runs in 27 innings through the first four games of the series. full story »
Oct 17, 2013
Taiwan - Detroit’s reshuffled lineup erupted for five runs in the second inning on Wednesday en route to a 7-3 victory over Boston that knotted baseball’s American League Championship Series. full story »
Japan - The Detroit Lions defensive tackle was docked $31,500 by the league for a hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press. full story »
Germany - Die steht bereits auf der Detroit Motorshow im Januar 2013 und will, st�rker als bisher, BMW 5er und Audi A6 unter Druck setzen. full story »
Hong Kong - Detroit manager Jim Leyland dropped Austin Jackson to eighth in the batting order and moved everyone else up a place, and it paid dividends as Jackson drew a bases-loaded walk off Jake Peavy for the first run of Detroit’s five-run second inning. full story »
United States - 1957 - Parks and her husband Raymond move to Detroit, Michigan, with other family members to escape pro-segregation harassment. full story »
United Kingdom - Ain't No Mountain High Enough is also entitled A Tribute to Hitsville USA, after the building where Motown's famous recording studios were once housed in Detroitt full story »
Puerto Rico - Y la última presentación ocurrió en el 2006 con el triunfo de los Pistons de Detroit 84-64 sobre el Heat. full story »
Nicaragua - Cuarto juego por el campeonato de la Liga Americana entre Medias Rojas de Bosto y Tigres de Detroit, en el Comerica Park de Detroit, Michigan Estados Unidos. full story »
Singapore - The 71-year-old singer sat at a piano on Wednesday inside a Westin hotel in the Detroit suburb of Southfield. full story »
Oct 16, 2013
Taiwan - Detroit stranded runners on first and third in the first, then wasted Jhonny Peralta’s leadoff double in the fifth. full story »
Japan - Boston’s David Ortiz picks up reliever Koji Uehara after Uehara gets the final out to give the Red Sox a 2-1 series lead over the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS on Tuesday. full story »
Costa Rica - Detroit ocupa más de sus maderos fuertes, como el campeón de bateo Miguel Cabrera y el cuarto al turno Prince Fielder. full story »
Puerto Rico - Detroit amenazó en el octavo, pero Miguel Cabrera y Prince Fielder se poncharon con corredores en las esquinas. full story »
Nicaragua - AFP / END Con un jonrón del toletero Mike Napoli y el pitcheo excelente de John Lackey, los Medias Rojas de Boston vencieron este martes 1x0 a los Tigres de Detroit y se fueron al frente por 2-1 en el campeonato de la Liga Americana. full story »
Panama - 15/10/2013 - 09:56 pm Chile alcanza el Mundial con triunfo ante Ecuador, que también clasifica 15/10/2013 - 09:45 pm Uruguay gana a Argentina pero no logra evitar la repesca contra Jordania 15/10/2013 - 07:34 pm Boston supera a Detroit con jonrón de Napoli y domina la serie 15/10/2013 - 07:01 pm Pujols se niega a la prueba del detector de mentiras 15/10/2013 - 04:48 pm Inglaterra entra al Mundial con goles de Rooney y Gerrard 15/10/201... full story »
Oct 15, 2013
Spain - Léalas y juzgue usted al Nobel: Política y familia "Tengo familiares en Detroit que me mandan emails todo el tiempo tratando de corregirme. full story »
Taiwan - Stephen Weiss and Daniel Cleary scored second-period goals, while reserve goalie Jonas Gustavsson made 28 saves in his first action of the season to help the Detroit Red Wings overcome the Boston Bruins 3-2 on Monday. full story »
Nicaragua - En plena rueda de prensa ofrecida con motivo de la concesión del prestigioso premio Praemium Imperiale, apareció la dueña de un hostal de Tokio, en el que Coppola (Detroit, EEUU, 1939) se hospedó tras culminar en Filipinas el pesadillesco rodaje de la película, y le hizo entrega del utensilio full story »
Puerto Rico - Por eso, en los gradas del Fenway Park, después de la dramática victoria del domingo de los Medias Rojas que se impusieron por 6-5 ante los Tigres de Detroit en el segundo partido de la Serie de Campeonato de la Liga Americana, los aficionados al dejar el estadio lo hicieron con cánticos de "Papi, Papi, Papi." full story »
Chile - Por último, Robert Shiller, nacido en 1946 en Detroit, es profesor de Economía en la Universidad de Yale, tras licenciarse en la Universidad de Michigan en 1967 y doctorarse después en el Instituto de Tecnología de Massachusetts. full story »
Qatar - Detroit starting pitcher Max Scherzer took a no-hitter into the sixth inning before surrendering a two-out single to Shane Victorino of the Red Sox. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Detroit starting pitcher Max Scherzer took a no-hitter into the sixth inning before surrendering a two-out single to Shane Victorino of the Red Sox. full story »
Oct 14, 2013
Malaysia - DETROIT: The United Auto Workers-affiliated healthcare trust valued its ownership stake in Chrysler Group LLC at $36 billion by the end of 2012, up from $27 billion the previous year, a recent filing with the US full story »
Taiwan - Detroit starting pitcher Max Scherzer took a no-hitter into the sixth inning before surrendering a two-out single to Shane Victorino of the Red Sox. full story »
United States - Powell was one of Detroit-based Motown's first personal development coaches along with Maurice King and Cholly Atkins, according to the company's website. full story »
Cayman Islands - DETROIT (AP) — Maxine Powell, who was responsible for developing the charm, grace and style of Motown Records' artists during the Detroit label's 1960s heyday, died Monday at age 98. full story »
Peru - Por último, Robert Shiller, nacido en 1946 en Detroit, es profesor de Economía en la Universidad de Yale, tras licenciarse en la Universidad de Michigan en 1967 y doctorarse un lustro después en el prestigioso Instituto de Tecnología de Massachusetts. full story »
Panama - Por eso, en los gradas del Fenway Park, después de la dramática victoria de los Medias Rojas que se impusieron por 6-5 ante los Tigres de Detroit en el segundo partido de la Serie de Campeonato de la Liga Americana, los aficionados al dejar el estadio lo hicieron con cánticos de “Papi, Papi, Papi”, como se le conoce a Ortiz de forma cariñosai full story »
Australia - Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford had four touchdown passes, three of them to Joseph Fauria, as the Lions used a strong second half for a 31-17 win over the Cleveland Browns. full story »
Costa Rica - Ambas novenas llegaran motivadas mañana a Detroit, para disputar el tercer partido de la serie. full story »
Puerto Rico - Detroit parecía encaminado a otro triunfo, éste más fácil, ya que tenían ventaja de 5-0 en la sexta entrada y de 5-1 en la baja de la octava con dos outs, pero Boston remontó de forma espectacular. full story »
Hong Kong - David Ortiz revived the Red Sox with a tying grand slam in the eighth inning, then Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a winning single in the ninth as Boston stunned the Detroit Tigers 6-5 on Sunday to even the American League championship series at 1-all. full story »
Oct 13, 2013
Taiwan - Anibal Sanchez and the Detroit Tigers missed out on a slice of baseball history on Saturday, but still beat Boston 1-0 in game one of the American League Championship Series. full story »
Nicaragua - Detroit se adelanta - Galería de Fotos · El Nuevo Diario Inicio Nacionales Política Sucesos Economía Globo Opinión Especiales Deportes Variedades full story »
Canada - New York and Washington will get new climates around 2047, with Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Austin and Dallas a bit later. full story »
Cayman Islands - Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez reacts after striking out Boston Red Sox's Stephen Drew with the bases loaded to end the sixth inning in Game 1 of the American League baseball championship series Saturday, Oct 12, 2013, in Boston (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) That's a trade Anibal Sanchez and the Detroit Tigers were happy to make to take the lead over the Boston Red Sox in the AL championship seriesd full story »
Oct 12, 2013
United States - According to Josh Eells, the Rolling Stone writer who went skydiving and to a tattoo shop with Cyrus for Rolling Stone's recent cover story, believes the beginning of this transition happened at 17, when Cyrus was filming the comedy "LOL" in Detroit with Demi Moore. full story »
Oct 11, 2013
Saudi Arabia - They are usually displayed individually by museums in New York, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. full story »
Taiwan - Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera peeks out from behind the plastic that covers the locker room to avoid getting sprayed by champagne after the Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics during game five of the American League Division Series on Thursday in Oakland, California. full story »
Nicaragua - Los Tigres de Detroit derrotaron ayer 3-0 a los Atléticos para avanzar a la serie de campeonato de la Liga Americana, convirtiéndose así en el primer equipo que llega a la serie de campeonato de la Liga Americana tres años consecutivos desde que lo hicieron los Yanquis de Nueva York entre 1998 y 2001. full story »
Peru - El ex alcalde de Detroit (Michigan, norte de Estados Unidos), Kwame Kilpatrick, fue condenado hoy a 28 años de cárcel por su participación en un amplio sistema de corrupción en la ciudad. full story »
Hong Kong - Verlander carried a no-hit bid into the seventh inning and Miguel Cabrera homered to lead the Detroit Tigers past the Athletics 3-0 and back into the AL championship series. full story »
Oct 10, 2013
France - Le maire déchu de Detroit a été condamné, jeudi 10 octobre, à vingt-huit ans de prison pour son implication dans un vaste système de corruption dans cette ville en faillite du nord des Etats-Unis. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Detroit’s Victor Martinez also hit a game-tying leadoff home run in the seventh inning that was reviewed because a Detroit spectator reached over the railing and made contact with the ball. full story »
United States - (CNN) -- Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on Thursday was sentenced to 28 years in prison after he was convicted in March of two dozen federal charges. full story »
Canada - Detroit voters soon will elect a third mayor since Kilpatrick's departure, although the city is under the control of an emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, for at least another year. full story »
Oct 09, 2013
Saudi Arabia - DETROIT: The 128-year-old Detroit Institute of Arts has gained a reputation as a home for some of the world’s most hallowed masterpieces: Paintings by Van Gogh and Picasso, the Diego Rivera industry An American artist here says the work of local artists has inspired her own creations and given her further insight into Saudi culture. full story »
Cayman Islands - In the World Series loss to Detroit, Pafko had six hits, including two doubles, but batted only 214 full story »
Nicaragua - El equipo de Boston espera conocer a su rival, que será el ganador de la serie que protagonizan los Tigres de Detroit y los Atléticos de Oakland, empatados 2-2, y que el jueves sostendrán el quinto y último juego de la serie. full story »
United States - He is widely thought to have designed the "underwear" bomb that nearly brought down a US airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, as well as the ingenious printer bombs sent as freight from Sanaa, Yemen, and destined for the United States before being intercepted thanks to a Saudi tip-off full story »
Panama - Detroit, que no conectó hits en los primeros cuatro innings, añadió tres carreras en el octavo, gracias a un lanzamiento descontrolado y a un doble del venezolano Omar Infante, que puso la pizarra en 8 a 4. full story »
Mexico - De todos ellos, John Bendzinski pudo haber sido el hombre más contento en Detroit. full story »
Oct 08, 2013
Taiwan - The burst snapped a 20-inning scoring drought for Detroit, but the Tigers quickly found themselves trailing again as the A’s re-established a three-run cushion in the next inning with homers from Moss and Smith. full story »
Japan - Flynn threw for 480 yards and six touchdowns in the 2011 season finale for the Packers against Detroit. full story »
Panama - Hace 100 años Henry Ford lanzó la moderna línea de montaje en su fábrica en Highland Park, en las afueras de Detroit, con la que provocó una transformación radical de la producción y de la sociedad estadounidense. full story »
Puerto Rico - DETROIT — Después de todo, los Atléticos de Oakland no necesitan exclusivamente de una joya de pitcheo para vencer a Detroit. full story »
Oct 07, 2013
Nepal - A letter obtained by the AP sets an October 25 deadline for responses to the World Trade Centres in cities including Houston, New Orleans, Detroit and Sacramento, California. full story »
Taiwan - Sunday’s other results: ‧ Green Bay 22, Detroit 9 ‧ New Orleans 26, Chicago 18 ‧ Kansas City 26, Tennessee 17 full story »
Costa Rica - Detroit no ha podido ganar como visitante en esta serie desde 1991. full story »
Germany - Und ein wesentlicher Grund daf�r, dass Detroit, die Stadt der gro�en Drei Chrysler, Ford und General Motors, als Motown , Motorstadt, in einer tiefen Krise steckt. full story »
Australia - In other games it was Green Bay 22 Detroit 9, New Orleans 26 Chicago 18, Kansas City 26 Tennessee 17, St. full story »
United Arab Emirates - It later said it was behind the attempt to blow up a US passenger jet as it flew into Detroit on 25 December 2009. full story »
Oct 06, 2013
Taiwan - Stephen Vogt hit an RBI single in the ninth inning to lift the Oakland Athletics to a 1-0 win over the Detroit Tigers and level their American League division series at a game apiece. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Detroit: It began on October 7, 1913 when engineers constructed a crude system using a rope and winch to pull a Ford Model T past 140 workers in a sprawling new factory dubbed the Crystal Palace. full story »
Oct 04, 2013
Armenia - Abraham Nemeth, the blind designer of the internationally recognized Nemeth Braille Math Code that simplified symbols for easier use in advanced math and science, has died at his home in suburban Detroit, relatives said Thursday. full story »
Austria - Einmal mehr steht ein Stillstand der öffentlichen Verwaltung in den USA an, in den vergangenen Jahren wurde ein solcher in letzter Minute abgewendet Pleitemetropole Detroit bekommt doch Hilfe aus Washington [100] Regierung will gemeinsam mit privaten Organisationen 300 Millionen Dollar bereitstellen - Stadt hat 18 Milliarden Schulden Drohende Insolvenz USA droht Pleite: Angst vor neuem Finanzdebakel [160] Doch die Erfahrung lehrt Paradoxes: W... full story »
Oct 03, 2013
Taiwan - Detroit goalie Jimmy Howard made 19 saves in the Red Wings’ first game in the Eastern Conference after moving from the West as part of the NHL’s realignment plan this season. full story »
Canada - Canada's newest Supreme Court Justice managed to mix two of Canada's national pastimes — hockey and politics — when he told MPs reviewing his nomination to the top court that he had been drafted by the Detroit Red Wings. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Detroit: Pavel Datsyuk and Mikael Samuelsson scored 36 seconds apart midway through the first period to lift the Detroit Red Wings past the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 on Wednesday in the NHL season-opener for both teams. full story »
United Kingdom - "I was a home brewer, and at first I liked mead because I had never had it," says Brad Dahlhofer of B Nektar meadery in Detroit, Michigan. full story »
Oct 02, 2013
Cambodia - A recent trip to Detroit prompted the Cambodian Space Project to reinvent themselves. full story »
Australia - "I'm going to ask GM in Detroit to be a little bit patient; I know they have got deadlines, I am doing my best. full story »
Austria - Bush [34] Kriege in Afghanistan und dem Irak sowie Steuergeschenke führten zur Schuldenexplosion Einmal mehr steht ein Stillstand der öffentlichen Verwaltung in den USA an, in den vergangenen Jahren wurde ein solcher in letzter Minute abgewendet Pleitemetropole Detroit bekommt doch Hilfe aus Washington [100] Regierung will gemeinsam mit privaten Organisationen 300 Millionen Dollar bereitstellen - Stadt hat 18 Milliarden Schulden Drohende Insol... full story »
Oct 01, 2013
Dominican Republic - Sus Tigres de Detroit no mostraban fisura. full story »
Cayman Islands - It features his childhood Detroit home, which is also up for auction. full story »
Sep 29, 2013
Nigeria - Al-Qaeda in Yemen has tried to use an underwear bomb on an airliner heading to Detroit and has hidden explosives in printers to try to bomb cargo planes. full story »
Sep 28, 2013
Germany - Die Regierung von US-Pr�sident Barack Obama verspricht Detroit Unterst�tzung. full story »
Sep 27, 2013
France - "Nous allons poursuivre les efforts entrepris à Detroit et faire en sorte que le gouvernement fédéral soit un partenaire actif dans le programme de réhabilitation de la ville", a déclaré le directeur du Conseil économique national de la Maison Blanche. full story »
Sep 26, 2013
United Kingdom - He says it was first detected in the Detroit area in 2002. full story »
Canada - "I was training to do Detroit," Fitzmaurice told CBC Radio's As It Happens  "It was a beautiful morning and it was perfect running conditions and I felt goodo full story »
Sep 23, 2013
Germany - Es gibt solche Automessen in Frankfurt, Paris, Genf, Detroit, Moskau und Peking und �berall ist es das Gleiche. full story »
Sep 16, 2013
United States - Every two years or so, they visit Bart van Meurs' sister near Detroit, Michigan, where Elisa enjoys roller-skating, eating hamburgers and French fries, "all the bad stuff," she said. full story »
Sep 13, 2013
Japan - Suh was fined $100,000 for an illegal block on a Minnesota Vikings player in the Detroit Lions’ Week 1 win last weekend. full story »
Sep 12, 2013
United States - We also report on severe flooding in Colorado, and we explore a connection between Detroit's financial struggles and thousands of stray dogs. full story »