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Nov 13, 2014
Canada - Watch the video here: The video has already blasted past the previous record for the department's official YouTube channel — just over 110,000 viewers and counting for a stylistically and thematically similar ad launched as part of the same campaign, which targeted teen prescription drug abuse. full story »
Nov 10, 2014
Canada - He believes that his criminality stems from his alcohol and drug abuse but has failed to address his addiction despite having been given numerous chances to do so." full story »
Oct 30, 2014
United Kingdom - Many Labour and Lib Dem politicians - including Nick Clegg - want drug abuse to be considered a medical issue But Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, chairman of the Health Select Committee and a former GP, said that it was "factually incorrect" to say the UK was losing the war on drugs, adding that drug use was falling, thanks to the government's policy. full story »
Oct 28, 2014
Russia - The woman, who has no record of mental problems or drug abuse, was sent to a psychiatric facility, the report cited local police as saying. full story »
Oct 27, 2014
United States - It is that of a young man alienated from mainstream society, with few friends, without a steady job, drifting from one place to another -- often with a history of petty crime and drug abuse. full story »
Canada - People who have trouble with the law or have a history of drug abuse or come from broken families or are recent converts — none of those are necessarily markers to predict extreme behaviour. full story »
Oct 12, 2014
Nigeria - “Thus, it is of note that when youths are assured of survival and sound health, provided with good education, protected from war and violence, and when youth participate in the democracy and development of their societies, then Nigeria is set to claim the 21st century” He noted that issues like poverty, illiteracy, inadequate political space for youth participation, inadequate platforms for exchange of best practices and negative social factors l... full story »
Oct 11, 2014
Nigeria - Speaking at a national dialogue on human trafficking in Kigali on Friday, Mrs Kagame called for collective efforts to stamp out human trafficking, gender based violence and drug abuse. full story »
Oct 06, 2014
Nigeria - Sustainable development thrives best in an atmosphere of peace, devoid of drug abuse,” he said. full story »
Oct 04, 2014
United Kingdom - Its lead story quotes Lib Dem Home Office Minister Norman Baker accusing his Conservative coalition colleagues of "suppressing" reports on drug abuse because of "prejudices" against recommended reforms. full story »
Oct 03, 2014
Nigeria - Drug abuse is the mother of all vices. full story »
Oct 02, 2014
United States - Editor's note: Explore the scourge of prescription drug abuse in Utah on "This is Life with Lisa Ling," Sunday, October 5, at 10 pm. full story »
United Kingdom - 'Lack of judgement' Interviewed by Evan Davis on the BBC's Newsnight programme, Fry said: "If people think I should be arrested for historical drug abuse, that's fine. full story »
Oct 01, 2014
United States - Christie's views on drug abusers - treating not jailing them - sets him apart from other high profile Republicans, especially those considering a run for the White House. full story »
Sep 29, 2014
Canada - One of them has had several experiences with recreational and prescription drugs in recent months (AP Photo/Tina Fineberg) It's tough to talk to any walk-in clinic patient about drug abuse, but even more difficult when the "patient" is a dog full story »
Sep 24, 2014
United States - The man was detained for 15 days on charges of drug abuse and was not released until family members told police how they had also eaten at the same restaurant and tested positive for the drug. full story »
Sep 23, 2014
United States - "The biggest challenge that youth and former street children face is unemployment and drug abuse," he explains "They are either exploited by the drug lords or use them to enable them forget their problems, full story »
Sep 18, 2014
United States - It leads to anger, depression, violence and alcohol and drug abuse. full story »
Sep 15, 2014
Russia - Police initially considered suicide or drug abuse as possible reasons for Khomenko's stabbing, Pitertv local television said, citing her father Valery full story »
United Kingdom - They have higher rates of infant mortality, drug abuse, alcoholism and unemployment than the rest of the population. full story »
Sep 14, 2014
United Kingdom - She had previously struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. full story »
Sep 12, 2014
United Kingdom - The escorts who want to rebrand male prostitution (5 January 2014) The report Breaking down the barriers: A study of how women exit prostitution identifies nine barriers, with the most common ones being criminal convictions, alcohol and drug abuse and a lack of access to safe and appropriate accommodation. full story »
Sep 09, 2014
Canada - "Let this be another warning to the athletes across America about the fatal dangers of prescription drug abuse and a warning to those who distribute diverted prescription medication throughout our communities — law enforcement will track you down," he said in a Tuesday release. full story »
Sep 03, 2014
United States - The Philadelphia District Attorney's office told CNN it strictly follows the state law in an effort to crack down on drug abuse "In these efforts we will follow applicable law to protect the rights of those involved -- not only drug dealers and those associated with them -- but the law-abiding citizens who are negatively affected by themv" full story »
Sep 02, 2014
Nigeria - Behavioural factors include bad dietary habits leading to either obesity, overweight or underweight; lack of or too much exercise; smoking, leading to accumulation of toxins in the body; alcohol and drug abuse, which not only impair ovulation, but can cause damage to the unborn child and even reduce sperm production and quality in males. full story »
Aug 30, 2014
Antigua And Barbuda - The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) is calling for a multi-sectoral approach to address the misuse of substances by young people in the wake of a recent survey that found a high number of students misusing psychoactive substances such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. full story »
Aug 29, 2014
United Kingdom - In May he entered rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. full story »
Aug 26, 2014
United States - READ: DEA probing alleged prescription drug abuse in NFL, source says How safe are your prescription drugs? full story »
Aug 25, 2014
United States - In 2011, 55% of drug overdose deaths were related to prescription medications; 75% of those involved opioid analgesics "Prescription drug abuse and deaths due to overdose have emerged as national public health crises," said Colleen Barry, a senior author on the study and associate professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health "As our awareness of the addiction and overdose risks grows, individuals with chronic pain and their medi... full story »
Aug 24, 2014
Nigeria - They attributed the problems facing the nation including insurgency, violence, armed robbery and drug abuse among others to illiteracy full story »
Aug 21, 2014
United States - YouTube's community guidelines go beyond saying that you can't post "bad stuff" that's against the law, "like animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drinking and smoking, or bomb making." full story »
Aug 15, 2014
United States - If you search on the Internet for "Where to get help for prescription drug abuse?" full story »
Aug 14, 2014
United States - Patty Duke speaks out on mental health Untreated bipolar disorder is a painful illness that is associated with a very high rate of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as suicide. full story »
Jul 25, 2014
United States - The execution team spent 30 minutes looking for a suitable vein, a difficult task because of Jones' history of drug abuse. full story »
Jul 24, 2014
United States - Still, addiction experts fear that Targiniq could still be easily abused, and the fact that naloxone is only activated when the pill is crushed could give prescribers and patients a false sense of security "When the pills are swallowed they are as addictive and dangerous as pure oxycodone," said Andrew Kolodny, chief medical officer of the Phoenix House, an alcohol and drug abuse treatment providera full story »
Jul 23, 2014
United States - Prescription drug abuse is now a health epidemic in America, worse than crack in the 1980s, and Scudo's story is one example. full story »
Jul 12, 2014
United States - Yee would not discuss Sisley's dismissal but said in a statement to CNN: "This $9 million of state money could otherwise be used for much needed K-12 education programs and drug abuse prevention. full story »
Jul 11, 2014
Canada - The ACLU’s Weinberg said it’s distressing that Tennessee is dealing with a drug abuse problem by focusing more on punitive measures than on creating more access to treatment for women. full story »
Jul 10, 2014
Russia - Concern with the level of drug abuse in the country has surged by 13 percent since past year, reaching 42 percent, according to the poll. full story »
Jul 09, 2014
Canada - Vermont is known for its quaint towns, picturesque landscapes and maple syrup, but it’s now getting national attention for far different reasons — a high rate of drug abuse and how the state is handling it. full story »
Jul 02, 2014
Canada - The interview comes two days after Ford's public apology for his behaviour that followed a two-month absence from his job while he received treatment for alcohol and drug abuse at a rehabilitation facility in Muskoka. full story »
Jul 01, 2014
Nigeria - Olaokun Soyinka, has described drug abuse and illicit trafficking as threats to socio-economic and national development. full story »
Jun 30, 2014
United Kingdom - He also visited Great Britain's training bases in Belo Horizonte for the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics and later went to a social project to help reduce crime and drug abuse in one of Sao Paulo's poorest neighbourhoods. full story »
Jun 28, 2014
Nigeria - He said the agency had commenced public enlightenment campaign to highlight the negative effects of drug abuse, adding that the campaign was the command’s strategy to combat the menace of drug addiction. full story »
United Kingdom - A series of personal tragedies including the deaths of two sons led him to drug abuse, according to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. full story »
Jun 26, 2014
Nigeria - Alumona made the disclosure on Thursday in Birnin Kebbi during activities marking the 2014 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. full story »
United Kingdom - There was a 56% increase in US cannabis-related emergency department visits between 2006 and 2010, and a 14% increase in admission to treatment centres for drug abuse over the same period, the report said, citing US government data. full story »
Russia - The number of addicts in Russia has stabilized for the first time in decades, the country's drug agency head said Wednesday, but figures showing a sharp spike in the incidence of HIV suggest the battle against drug abuse is far from over. full story »
Armenia - The events are scheduled for June 26, which is the United Nations’ International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. full story »
Jun 25, 2014
Nigeria - She said, “These are people that have been victims of drug abuse, some are brought in by their parents while others that on the process of raid, we counsel and rehabilitate them. full story »
Russia - As the world marks the United Nations' International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on Thursday, millions of drug addicts in Russia have nowhere to go for treatment, and specialists are in despair over the lack of progress in the country's rehabilitation system. full story »
Jun 23, 2014
Nigeria - Obi, who also said the agency seized exhibits weighing 9949kg, urged residents of the state to partner the agency in tackling drug abuseT full story »
Jun 21, 2014
Germany - Anzeige Suchtpotenzial ist chronisch untersch�tzt worden Die Autoren vom US-amerikanischen National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in Bethesda, Maryland, haben fast 80 einschl�gige Studien aus den vergangenen zehn Jahren ausgewertet und dabei einige ernste Trends ausgemacht. full story »
Jun 20, 2014
United Kingdom - His report concluded: "It may be necessary to more proactively protect individuals, including teens, from the risks of an avoidable, potentially life-threatening exposure and to view recreational tanning and opioid drug abuse as engaging in the same biological pathway." full story »
Jun 19, 2014
United States - Some crimes worthy of court-martial are robbery, murder, drug abuse, absence without official leave, sodomy, perjury, rape, assault, forgery, and disrespect to a superior officer "Each armed force (branch of the military) has court-martial jurisdiction over all persons subject to this chapterh full story »
Jun 15, 2014
Antigua And Barbuda - Meanwhile, another health official has also warned of the consequences of relaxing the laws related to marijuana possession, Consultant Psychiatrist and Deputy Chairman of the National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA), Dr. full story »
Jun 14, 2014
Antigua And Barbuda - While members of the public have reacted positively to the news, the National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) has, however, taken issue with the changes proposed The Council is contending that the relaxation of the laws will lead to increased access to the drug, and consequently more mental problems for new and existing smokersp full story »
Jun 05, 2014
United Kingdom - Drug abuse is also rife. full story »
Jun 04, 2014
Nigeria - She particularly warned that if the trend were not checked, many Nigerians would die from the drug abuse. full story »
Jun 03, 2014
United Kingdom - Provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms Affirms life and regards dying as a normal process Intended neither to hasten nor postpone death Integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of care Offers support to help patients live as actively as possible Offers support to families "Prescription drug abuse is now becoming a major cause of death in the United States," says Dr Lochan Naidoo, president of the International Narcotic... full story »
May 27, 2014
United States - These were reporters who did their homework, and subjects who saw the merit of going public about their experiences with everything from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and drug abuse. full story »
May 23, 2014
Nigeria - Ahmadu Giade, on Thursday in Lagos State unveiled a club of Nigerian celebrities as “models” in campaign against drug abuse and trafficking. full story »
May 22, 2014
United Kingdom - She said the system "starts to fall apart" when someone experiencing domestic violence also has other problems such as mental health or drug abuse issues. full story »
May 19, 2014
Nigeria - Jadi promised to deploy officers of the agency to institutions to organise seminars on drug abuse and cultism. full story »
May 14, 2014
Russia - Galliano later apologized for the incident, for which he was fired from Christian Dior, and attributed the rant to drug abuse. full story »
May 11, 2014
Nigeria - “The agency would embark on grassroots mobilisation in the state to raise public awareness on the dangers of drug abuse and trafficking” Ulo called on the general public to assist the agency with useful information that would lead to the arrest of drug users and traffickersa full story »
May 10, 2014
Lebanon - Just ahead on the agenda is a conference on drug abuse, an environment day and a science day. full story »
May 09, 2014
United States - Denver (CNN) -- How did an unlicensed professional, who led people to believe he was a medical doctor, run a facility for adolescents with mental illness and drug abuse problems for decades, despite complaint after complaint to state regulators alleging abuse? full story »
United Arab Emirates - “[Smart Aqdar City] transitions from using education as a tool of indoctrination to smart learning through self-discovery and actual active practices; in addition to increasing awareness on drug abuse and risks and the dangers of fireworks,” a statement by the MoI said. full story »
May 06, 2014
Botswana - TSOLAMOSESE: Mogoditshane police have expressed concern at the alarming rate of drug abuse in schools after a raid revealed that primary and secondary school pupils are being sold various types of hard drugs by people masquerading as street vendors in front of the schools. full story »
Apr 30, 2014
Thailand - Most of these workers are in the fishery and farming sectors, and their most common problems are drug abuse, alcoholism and fist-fighting. full story »
Apr 29, 2014
Nigeria - “Sports will also help to reach many groups and communities with important messages on HIV/AIDS and other diseases, drug abuse and environmental protection. full story »
Apr 24, 2014
Saint Kitts And Nevis - According to WCP Whattley, the program serves to “heighten the awareness of the pitfalls and harmful effects of such negative influences including drug abuse, smoking, bullying, guns and violence, gang activity, and peer pressure”. full story »
Malaysia - Checks with the Road Transport Department revealed that operations with the National Anti-Drug Agency showed 52 bus drivers testing positive for drug abuse since 2011. full story »
Apr 22, 2014
Canada - Mental conditions included having suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide, and drug abuse or dependence. full story »
Apr 21, 2014
Malaysia - Ten others, including the driver who later tested positive for drug abuse, were injured. full story »
Apr 20, 2014
United Arab Emirates - The advisory from the Sharjah Police to parents across the UAE to be alert for signs of drug abuse in their children is a timely reminder of the unfortunately persistent nature of this problem in the country. full story »
Apr 19, 2014
Guam - • The non-medical use of prescription medications ranks second only to marijuana as the most common form of drug abuse in the country. full story »
Apr 18, 2014
Lebanon - He called for rehabilitating inmates held on drug abuse charges and demanded more efforts be made to prevent the smuggling of drugs into prisons. full story »
Apr 17, 2014
Qatar - Anita Sharma, an architect-turned-civil rights activist who is leading a campaign against drug abuse in elections in Punjab, said political workers hand out capsules of home-made drugs to youths who campaign for a candidate. full story »
Apr 16, 2014
Guam - Ask USA 1m8s Search for plane heads to ocean floo 0m57s Fantasy Baseball: 3 up, 3 down 1m11s Bombing survivors remain 'Boston str 1m51s Baby Sloths Squeak for Their Cuddle 1m3s Domino's Introduces New Chicken Crus 1m1s Doctor: I took 500 mg of narcotics e 1m32s Drug abuse among medical professiona 5m33s Nurse anesthetist: Nobody suspected 1m17s Titan Aerospace a sky-high platform ... full story »
Apr 15, 2014
Thailand - The office's expert official, Jaturong Kaewkasi, said the office, police and provincial officials had set up checkpoints to conduct urine tests for drug abuse by public-transport drivers. full story »
Cyprus - Anita Sharma, an architect-turned-civil rights activist who is leading a campaign against drug abuse in elections in Punjab, said political workers hand out capsules of home-made drugs to youths who campaign for a candidate. full story »
Apr 10, 2014
Saudi Arabia - Sulaiman Al-Aqeel, a professor of social science at King Saud University, said drifting has become a major problem in Saudi society and urged authorities to take strong measures to stop such destructive activities “Saudis learned such stunts after interacting with other societies,” he said, adding that youth must be encouraged to make use of their free time to engage in constructive activity “We have to conduct interesting and informative progr... full story »
Apr 05, 2014
United Kingdom - The town - which has never recovered from the decline of the timber industry and has an unemployment rate nearly twice as high as in other parts of Washington - is still ill at ease with Cobain's history of depression, drug abuse and suicide. full story »
Egypt - It helps protect children from developing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anti-social behaviour, and alcohol and drug abuse,” Steinberg told WebMD. full story »
Apr 04, 2014
Pakistan - Research after research has shown that the ‘criminal justice prevention’ approach by itself does not work unless it is combined with: a) the ‘development prevention’ approach that targets high-risk individuals in broken and excluded families and communities; b) the ‘community prevention’ approach changing socio-economic conditions especially drug abuse; and c) the ‘situational prevention’ approach by reducing opportunities for crime mainly throug... full story »
Apr 03, 2014
Nigeria - He told NAN that the state government had inaugurated a joint task force, comprising all heads of security agencies under his chairmanship to complement the role of the NDLEA in the fight against drug abuse. full story »
United States - But researchers also found that other factors unrelated to military service -- including growing up around violence or drug abuse -- were factors behind why some vets committed crimes. full story »
United Kingdom - 'Looking for help'The trust has admitted a breach of duty after Mr Willson was left to make his own arrangements for help with his alcohol and drug abuse. full story »
Mar 31, 2014
Cayman Islands - Another primary role of the Drug Council is to come up with ways to prevent and reduce drug abuse. full story »
Mar 26, 2014
Lebanon - Such problems plague many neighborhoods in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city and northern capital, and the fallout is driving some from the metropolis’ population toward drug abuse and addiction. full story »
Mar 23, 2014
Australia - PAINKILLERS and tranquillisers would be sold in smaller packs and subject to online tracking under a plan to address the growing problem of pharmaceutical drug abuse. full story »
Mar 21, 2014
Taiwan - Drug abuse is rampant. full story »
Mar 20, 2014
United States - "There are allegations of hazing, drug abuse, physical abuse and alcohol abuse," said Heller, whose police force has jurisdiction of Logan Township, where the fraternity house is located "The state of Pennsylvania does not have a specific hazing (section), but a harassment section which would clearly cover this, and if we link the young man's death to hazing, the individuals could be charged with criminal homicide in Pennsylvania "Depending on t... full story »
Nov 02, 2013
United Arab Emirates - He told police he was “mad at Lisi because he was fuelling the mayor’s drug abuse,” the document says. full story »
Nov 01, 2013
Nigeria - Come Saturday, November 1, showbiz personalities will rally around one of their own, Lamboginny, as he stages a one million-man march against drug abuse and trafficking. full story »
Hong Kong - He told police he was "mad at Lisi because he was fuelling the mayor's drug abuse". full story »
Oct 31, 2013
Cayman Islands - He told police he was "mad at Lisi because he was fuelling the mayor's drug abuse," the document says. full story »
Canada - He told police he was "mad at Lisi because he was fuelling the mayor's drug abuse," the document says. full story »
Oct 29, 2013
Fiji - Through exercises, students highlighted health, road safety, agriculture, sugar, drug abuse and war as issues of concern to them. full story »
Oct 28, 2013
United States - This seemed aligned with the perception of Reed as a hard-bitten survivor of drug abuse and other wretched excesses who continued to put out trenchant albums, alienate journalists, and inspire independent rockers and others who sought the cutting edge he helped define. full story »
Cyprus - “I am a triumph of modern medicine,” Reed posted on his website on June 1, 2013, without directly acknowledging the transplant “I look forward to being on stage performing, and writing more songs to connect with your hearts and spirits and the universe well into the future” Reed has been widely credited with expanding the lexicon of rock ‘n’ roll with provocative lyrics that chronicled androgyny, illicit sex, and drug abuse, notably in the song ... full story »
Malaysia - “I am a triumph of modern medicine,” Reed posted on his website on June 1, 2013, without directly acknowledging the transplant “I look forward to being on stage performing, and writing more songs to connect with your hearts and spirits and the universe well into the future” Reed has been widely credited with expanding the lexicon of rock ’n’ roll with provocative lyrics that chronicled androgyny, illicit sex, and drug abuse, notably in the... full story »
Oct 27, 2013
Hong Kong - Jones, a victim of his own inflated ego, drug abuse and alcoholism, played minor parts in just two of the album's songs. full story »
Oct 25, 2013
Cayman Islands - Friday's news was also blasted by lawmakers on Capitol Hill who have been trying to rein in prescription drug abuse in their home states. full story »
United Kingdom - "I make it clear, however, that these actions were not motivated by remorse or insight but your befuddled and confused thinking brought on by your alcohol and drug abuse and your consequential paranoia and instability." full story »
Oct 24, 2013
United Arab Emirates - We remove any promotion or encouragement of self-mutilation, eating disorders or hard drug abuse. full story »
Oct 22, 2013
Nigeria - He urged parents and guardians, whose children and wards had become victims of drug abuse, to bring them to the agency for care, treatment and rehabilitation. full story »
Oct 19, 2013
Nigeria - A friend once told me about someone who was repatriated to Nigeria because of drug abuse, after getting treatment in Yaba Psychiatric Hospital, they were looking for a rehabilitation centre but they couldn’t find a place and she advised that I should go into that area. full story »
Oct 18, 2013
United States - Carterville Schools Superintendent Robert Prusator acknowledged that Jordan Lewis participated in a multimedia presentation about alcohol and drug abuse and bullying, but he said no reports had been made to the school's staff or administrators about Jordan being bullied. full story »
Oct 17, 2013
Canada - "It is natural that the Iranian authorities must combat the serious social, security and economic problems relating to drug trafficking and drug abuse but the reliance on the death penalty to combat drug trafficking is misguided and in violation of international law,” said Luther. full story »
Oct 16, 2013
Canada - Tax revenue, estimated to be worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, from the sale of recreational pot has been earmarked for drug abuse prevention and public health programs in Washington state (Jason Redmond /Reuters) full story »
United Kingdom - 16 October 2013 Last updated at 18:08 Brand's issue will cover topics including climate change, gay rights and drug abuse Comedian Russell Brand is to edit a special edition of British political magazine the New Statesman. full story »
Oct 15, 2013
United States - But once these books devolved into "single-problem novels" -- divorce, drug abuse -- teens grew tired of the formulaic stories. full story »
Oct 12, 2013
Lebanon - In an episode called "The Quarterback," the writers of a show that often delves into serious topics chose not to use Monteith's death to send a message about drug abuse, and did not provide a cause of death for his character. full story »
Oct 11, 2013
Lebanon - In an episode called "The Quarterback," the writers of a show that often delves into serious topics chose not to use Monteith's death to send a message about drug abuse, and did not provide a cause of death for his character. full story »
Oct 10, 2013
United States - This was after Thomas had dropped off her two children at a police station because she felt her drug abuse had made her an unfit parent, according to Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. full story »
Oct 08, 2013
Hong Kong - The testimony of 21 defectors – combined with official reports from North Korea and China – presents what the academics say is “a worrying picture of escalating drug abuse in what was once one of the world’s most strictly supervised and controlled societies”. full story »
Oct 07, 2013
Cayman Islands - The causes of crime usually stem from lack of education and drug abuse, he said. full story »
Oct 04, 2013
United States - Drug abuse is certainly a major public health problem, and its societal costs are considerable. full story »
Oct 03, 2013
United Arab Emirates - Community officers meets prominent figures of the district to raise awareness about issues such as drug abuse or domestic violence and sexual harassment. full story »
Sep 30, 2013
India - NEW DELHI: Six accused arrested in connection with the death of NRI student Anmol Sarna and drug abuse were on Monday denied bail by a Delhi court and sent to judicial custody till October 14. full story »