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Lon Nol was a Cambodian politician and general who served as Prime Minister of Cambodia twice, as well as serving repeatedly as Defense Minister. more info »

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Aug 07, 2014
United States - Theary Seng, founding president of the Center for Cambodian Civic Education, told CNN that the scope of the Court, and the trial, by focusing on the forced movements, and the murder of 250 Lon Nol (the previous Prime Minister) officials and troops at Tuol Po Chrey shortly after the regime was installed was insufficient "Cambodia hasn't got to the heart of the genocide "It's a missed opportunity it completely missed the markS full story »
Apr 25, 2014
Cambodia - She was told her husband, a former Lon Nol soldier, was going to be “re-educated” but instead he was taken to the nearby island of Koh Kor which was home to an infamous torture and execution centre. full story »
Mar 21, 2014
Cambodia - Exports were suspended by the Lon Nol government in 1971 in a futile attempt to ensure domestic stocks. full story »
Oct 25, 2013
Cambodia - Fri, 22 October 1993 Open Hand for VN Fri, 22 October 1993 'They come because they are afraid' Fri, 22 October 1993 Govt seeks return of Lon Nol millions Fri, 8 October 1993 UNICEF Sale Fri, 22 October 1993 Lessons in business Fri, 22 October 1993 Diplomatic Upgrade Post Media Co Ltd 888 Building F, 8th Floor, Phnom Penh Center Corner Sothearos & Sihanoulk Blvd Sangkat Tonle Bassac 12301 Phnom Penh Cambodia Tel: +... full story »
Oct 16, 2013
Cambodia - Following the conclusion of the civil parties’ submissions, the prosecution is expected to spend three days laying out its case that the Khmer Rouge had a standing policy of evacuating urban populations and an over-arching policy to execute officials of the toppled Lon Nol regime – and that the remaining defendants had a hand in hatching these policies. full story »
Oct 02, 2013
Cambodia - Independence was followed in both countries by coups: the onset of the Lon Nol era in Cambodia, and in Myanmar, that of the military junta, which ruled with an iron fist. full story »