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Jul 18, 2014
Russia - Ukraine's Security Service released a series of what it claims to be intercepted phone conversations on Friday between rebel fighters and their commanders conferring about having shot down a civilian Malaysian airliner. full story »
Jul 08, 2014
Russia - The request is based on various alleged indiscretions, including support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, support for Russia's annexation of Crimea, and calls for changes to Ukraine's territorial integrity and constitutional order, according to a statement released by the Justice Ministry "After having analyzed a large amount of evidence provided by law enforcement authorities, the Security Service and the Prosecutor General concerning t... full story »
Jul 05, 2014
Russia - The Russian Embassy in Kenya has yet to confirm the incident (MT) Terror Probe Launched in Ukraine Against Rossia Segodnya Head Kiselyov Ukraine's Security Service has accused the head of Russia's Rossiya Segodnya news agency of financing terrorism "An investigation on charges of financing terrorism and assisting in terrorist activities is being conducted," Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, leader of Ukraine's Security Service, said Friday, ... full story »
Jun 08, 2014
United States - Separatist officials in the town told the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS that artillery fire had been aimed at the city administration building, the former Security Service compound and Police Department -- all of which are occupied by the separatists. full story »
May 24, 2014
United States - Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, the head of Ukraine's security service, said Friday that no military operations were planned for the election, but alternative secure voting places would be arranged for some people in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions because of the separatist threat. full story »
May 04, 2014
Afghanistan - Moscow denies involvement with the rebels and its Security Service said the incursion report was untrue. full story »
Apr 09, 2014
United States - Hostage reports There were conflicting reports late Tuesday over whether demonstrators who seized control of a Security Service of Ukraine building in Luhansk took hostages. full story »
Apr 03, 2014
United Kingdom - Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says it has detained 25 Ukrainians, accusing them of planning terrorist attacks at about the time of last month's Crimean referendum. full story »