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Pakistan 2 1.3% 184113000 0km 23.91
Saudi Arabia 5 2.43% 29195895 0km 7.09
Singapore 4 1.49% 5310000 0km 0.79
United Kingdom 19 2.19% 63705000 0km 13.93
Guam 11 7.75% 159358 0km 0.12
Thailand 3 3.12% 65926261 0km 20.6
Canada 11 3.01% 35141542 0km 10.59
Antigua And Barbuda 1 2.17% 86295 0km 0.02
Belize 1 5% 312971 0km 0.16
Botswana 1 0.93% 2024904 0km 0.19
Nigeria 6 1.1% 173615000 0km 19.15
Taiwan 2 1.27% 23349724 0km 2.97
Lebanon 2 0.81% 4822000 0km 0.39
United States 8 2% 316570000 0km 63.16
Cyprus 2 1.05% 862000 0km 0.09
Barbados 1 1.11% 274200 0km 0.03
United Arab Emirates 6 2.17% 8264070 0km 1.79
Russia 2 0.84% 143400000 0km 12
Afghanistan 1 2.08% 25500100 0km 5.31
Israel 3 2.14% 8051200 0km 1.73
Hong Kong 7 1.26% 7173900 0km 0.9
Austria 2 0.51% 8464554 0km 0.44
Australia 3 1.07% 23167742 0km 2.47
Malaysia 1 0.88% 29786600 0km 2.64
Qatar 4 3.1% 1916426 0km 0.59
Yemen 1 5.26% 24527000 0km 12.91
China 1 0.35% 1359680000 0km 48.22
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Apr 18, 2014
Hong Kong - Weibo Corp executives on Thursday toasted the Chinese social media firm’s debut at Nasdaq’s New York headquarters. full story »
Israel - Jeremy Saltan, Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett’s English social media manager and founder of the “Knesset Jeremy” blog, which tracked the 18th Knesset and some of the current 19th Knesset’s activities, also criticized the way the Knesset presents information about committee meetings, pointing out that some committees are months behind in posting protocols, and even when they are online, they do not specify how each lawmaker voted. full story »
United States - But these days, in the realm of social media, at least, they are talking to them. full story »
United Kingdom - Link to everything: website to social media and back again. full story »
Apr 17, 2014
United Kingdom - However, the growing popularity of social media platforms has also attracted the attention of authorities who have moved swiftly to silence voices online. full story »
Canada - Dr Johnmark Opondo, Saskatoon's deputy medical health officer, said social media sites often used by people to arrange sexual encounters are factorsr full story »
Lebanon - Syrian opposition fighters carry an injured comrade on a stretcher during clashes with government forces in the Hanano district of the northern city of Aleppo on April 17, 2014 (AFP PHOTO / BARAA AL-HALABI) LONDON: Foreign fighters in Syria are looking to Western-based spiritual authorities ... full story »
China - BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhuanet) -- The Chinese social media service Weibo will be listed on the Nasdaq on Thursday under the ticker symbol "WB". full story »
Singapore - K-pop boy group Block B has come out with new single Jackpot and a wild, carnival-crazy music video  The single was released via Youtube, social media and local music websites on Tuesdaya full story »
Russia - Social media and open media reports clearly show elite combat brigades from Moscow-based rifle and tank divisions as well as the country's rapid reaction airborne paratrooper units. full story »
Austria - Durch die Kommentare und Social Media kann jeder Zuschauer in einer Art und Weise am Programm teilhaben, wie es beim Fernsehen nicht möglich ist. full story »
United States - Questions have come up about how many lifeboats deployed Social media video acquired by CNN affiliate JTBC showed at least 12 of the white survival capsules still attached to the ferry even as it was keeled over in the water. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Overall social media stocks, which rose 65 per cent last year, are down 15 per cent so far this year. full story »
Hong Kong - Qin Zhihui, who was among hundreds of bloggers reportedly detained in an official campaign to assert greater control over China’s popular social media, was found guilty of “slander” and “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”, state broadcaster CCTV said. full story »
Qatar - Despite the official apologies, some critics were not mollified, using social media to vent their ire. full story »
Apr 16, 2014
Hong Kong - The survey and numerous comments on Thai social media blamed Chinese for spitting, littering, cutting into lines, flouting traffic laws and allowing their children to relieve themselves in public pools. full story »
United States - It showcased how important social media is becoming in helping to promote new releases. full story »
United Kingdom - Those commenting on social media in Iran are almost universally supportive of the parental pardon, calling it courageous, honourable and moving. full story »
Saudi Arabia - The revelation has set the social media abuzz with incendiary comments from supporters and opponents of Modi. full story »
Pakistan - LAHORE: A sessions court on Monday ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to file a case against film actor Meera and Capt Naveed over uploading on social media a ‘controversial video clip’, DawnNews reported. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s| full story »
United Arab Emirates - It has been driven by four main causes: consumerization, BYOD-mobility hype, cloud-services availability and the growing importance of B2B social media. full story »
Nigeria - We are pleased to partner the two great comedy shows” Noting that Laffmattaz is an engaging show, Ekanem adds that AY Live has been voted the Comedy Event of the Year in the last three years, and has gained a large following on social media Expected to join AY at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island are I Go Die, Gordons, Elenu, Apkororo, Helen Paul, Funny Bone, Osama, Pencil, Ajebo, Shina Peters, Tiwa Savage, Kcee, Davido, Jh full story »
Canada - "We have begun working with the Ministry of Consumer Services to create an awareness notice about third-party companies like CPB that will be posted on the Ministry of Consumer Services' new website," the email stated, adding that the notice will be communicated via social media. full story »
Apr 15, 2014
United Kingdom - Social media networks have been embraced enthusiastically by foreign fighters in Syria's conflict A report has cast unprecedented light on how foreign fighters engaged in the Syria conflict are using social media. full story »
Canada - Social media lit up Within a few minutes of the incident, which police said took place around 6 pm full story »
Israel - Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek told a news conference on Tuesday that all social media companies operating in Turkey must open representative offices in the country. full story »
Nigeria - Scores of journalists and media activists – Syrians and outsiders – have also been abducted or detained by both sides in a war, in which the media, and especially the social media, have themselves become a battlefield as never before, our correspondent adds. full story »
Qatar - Twitter executives met Turkish government officials for talks yesterday amid accusations of tax evasion by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and a row over content on the social media site. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sD full story »
Cyprus - Phelps’s return to the pool touched off a wave of excitement on social media that added more fuel to speculation that the 28-year-old is planning to compete in Brazil, but his longtime coach did little to fan the flames. full story »
Apr 14, 2014
United Arab Emirates - The UAE’s most social media-savvy brothers are back. full story »
Saudi Arabia - In the wake of his death, various rumors started doing the rounds and not to be surprised most of the social media networks went abuzz with different theories. full story »
Canada - “The bag was under my chair between my legs, and in three movements, he was able to pull it out and take off with it,” Freeston said, who edited the footage at home and posted it on social media. full story »
United States - (CNN) -- The lack of phone calls, texts or social media postings from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has raised a number of questions about how cell phones work on airplanes. full story »
United Kingdom - Sexism is a hot topic on social media. full story »
Hong Kong - Photos of an irate man involved in a car parking dispute in Beijing went viral on Chinese social media on Monday after netizens identified the man in question as a middle-level government official. full story »
Austria - STANDARD: Ist das Scheitern heute durch das Internet und die Social Media etc auch dramatischer geworden, weil es eine ganz andere Öffentlichkeit erreicht, immer mehr Beobachter, die die Schande oder Schmach miterleben können full story »
Israel - Related: With 50 million likes and counting, Peres is a hit on Chinese social media Peres was also briefed on the situation along the northern border, and was told that this past March was one of the most violent periods in recent years. full story »
Afghanistan - At the same time, dozens of photos and video clips had been released on social media showing instances of widespread fraud in some polling stations. full story »
Apr 13, 2014
United Arab Emirates - While I’d taken in the soft golds, creams and duck egg blue furnishing and accessories, my five-year-old daughter begged to go straight to the kids’ club, and my husband asked about the water sports on offer “Can I have the Wifi code” my 11-year-old demanded, plugging in to his games and social mediat full story »
Thailand - Police issued an arrest warrant for Wuthipong after a YouTube clip of an interview he gave to a foreign media outlet in which he allegedly made remarks offensive to the monarchy went viral on social media networks. full story »
United Kingdom - Supporters on social media predicted he would be the first of many gay clergy to wed. full story »
Russia - Ideally, air-quality data should be collected, translated into easily understandable language and widely disseminated in real-time via social media so that city dwellers can take appropriate action. full story »
United States - Miller said he's excited by a new generation of aviation geeks who are using social media to connect and learn. full story »
Saudi Arabia - The criticism of Saudi banks by Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin this week set-off a barrage of commentary on social media bashing banks, insisting that these banks should reinvest some of their record profits back into Saudi society by helping the needy through charitable projects. full story »
Barbados - Even though they were to learn that the rules circulating on Facebook and other social media did not reflect the contents of the draft proposals from producer, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), people took issue to the exclusion of beads, feathers and decorative pieces which the NCF felt would give Foreday Morning the appearance of  “Kadooment at night”. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47si full story »
Cyprus - Beating prices in Wallsend, the advent of social media, the advent of opportunistic developers, the huge publicity given to such as the O’Dwyer case, and the someone knowing someone who didn’t have title deeds or even the remotest chance of them began to take a heavy toll long before the financial crisis and later, the kourema or haircut. full story »
Nigeria - Moyosore: I check his phones all the time  I have access to all his social media accountsM full story »
Apr 12, 2014
Canada - "Somebody made a complaint that they'd gone to use shower and found a camera in it," she said, adding that police are still investigating how long the device had been in place  The OPP was not able to confirm how many victims may be been captured on the camera  Toran Sanli, 30, of Grimsby is now facing two counts of voyeurism  A social media account linked to Sanli says he has been a post-doctorate fellow at McMaster since July 2012a full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sb full story »
Lebanon - “It is much more aware due to intensive and massive experience with the media through social media,” he said “They [young men] are very capable of simulating experiences the older generation could not full story »
Nigeria - Did eavesdropper mention that the news made a big topic on their social media? full story »
Botswana - The Electronic Records (Evidence) Bill passed yesterday, now provides for electronic records - such as those on social media such as Facebook and Twitter - to be admitted in court as evidence. full story »
Apr 11, 2014
Thailand - As for social media, he said, many people were still confused and wrongly believed that new media is inherently democratic. full story »
Guam - CLASSIFIEDS: JOIN OUR TEAM JOBS CARS HOMES APARTMENTS LEGAL NOTICES DATING BUY & SELL PLACE AN AD SUBSCRIBE News Entertainment Weather Opinion Obituaries Lifestyle Sports Help   Local News   News Archive   Nation & World   PDN Photo Galleries   Bayanihan   Video   GuamWatchdog   Pacific Marketplace LATE... full story »
United Kingdom - Meanwhile, officials suggested members of the public should "closely monitor your email accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts and other online assets for irregular or suspicious activity, such as abnormal purchases or messages". full story »
Belize - King was unresponsive to questions from the media for the first few days after the story broke, but he remarked on the issue on his social media page this Monday, April 7. full story »
Antigua And Barbuda - The statement, published late on Thursday, said all forms of communication were banned from discussing the case, including news outlets and social media. full story »
Canada - Conservative Senator Linda Frum started a storm of controversy on social media this week when she argued Elections Canada has no role in encouraging people to vote. full story »
Singapore - Sijumpol was quoted as saying the 100 million views were way beyond her expectations and she was very happy to learn that she was the first country singer to receive such overwhelming response on social media. full story »
Saudi Arabia - They deserve worse” Yadav’s remarks sparked a backlash on social media where #backingrapists and ‘Mulayam Singh’ were top trending topics on Twitterp full story »
Pakistan - They deserve worse” Yadav's remarks sparked a backlash on social media where #backingrapists and 'Mulayam Singh' were top trending topics on Twitter full story »
United States - Last week, during China's annual Qingming festival to honor deceased ancestors, his website became a trending topic on Chinese social media amid widespread reflection over the missing Malaysia Airlines airliner. full story »
Apr 10, 2014
United Arab Emirates - Indeed, in the media world the fetishisation of social media has reached idol-worshipping proportions” Thoreau is invoked to make the point: “We are in great haste,” he wrote in 1854, “to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate” Huffington’s fight — like Sandberg’s — is for a different way of working and living, in which we can have suc... full story »
Hong Kong - Many also speculated that Lu Wei, the bureaucrat handpicked by the new administration as the country’s internet tsar and a member in Xi's steering group, will likely impose tougher censorship on social media and online forums. full story »
United States - Signing the quotable and often controversial Colbert, with his legion of "Colbert Nation" social media fans, clearly is a gain for CBS. full story »
Thailand - The order came after a video clip emerged on social media of Pathum Thani red-shirt leader Wuthipong Kotthammakhun, aka Ko Tee, giving an interview to foreign media discussing his rivals in the anti-government protest movement. full story »
United Kingdom - Recently he was attacked on social media for a joke some viewed as disparaging toward Asian Americans but which he meant as a satirical jab at the owner of the Washington Redskins American football team. full story »
Israel - President Shimon Peres is a guest at Weibo, China's social media giant. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sa full story »
Saudi Arabia - Last updated 3 min 2 sec ago Home Saudi Arabia Middle East World Economy Sports Lifestyle Opinion Islam in Perspective Careers Ask an Expert Associate ICC members gets a chance of Test Jamaica’s Asafa Powell banned for 18 months With ‘Cholo’ anything is possible with Atletico Sailkot Stallions takes on Al-Dauliya in AQCL final Al-Tuwairqi, Harley Davidson su... full story »
Cayman Islands - Richard “Grizz” Adams sported a full face of makeup and raised more than $500 for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society’s new chemotherapy unit  The social media campaign, NoMakeUpSelfie, has raised more than £8 million (US$134 million) for Cancer Research UK and has helped raise more than $2,000 in online donations to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society  In a bid to raise more money for the local charity, Mrc full story »
Russia - Nuland declined to discuss much of Washington's evidence in a public setting, but noted widespread reports on social media from Ukraine that US authorities say make obvious that outsiders were involved in the demonstrationsa full story »
Nigeria - “When they’re posting it on social media and then they’re actually where they said they were going to be and they have a weapon, I would say that’s a pretty credible threat” Police also say there were photographs posted on Instagram by the pair “involving a weapon” full story »
Japan - Amid an uproar on social media, both Nassar and Amin apologized for their comments. full story »
Apr 09, 2014
United States - (CNN) -- National media outlets first learned of the mass stabbing underway at Franklin Regional High School via social media and parents received frantic calls from smartphones and tweets from their children telling them they're OK, so isn't it fitting that we also met Nate Scimio, the student who was credited with pulling the fire alarm, the same way? full story »
United Arab Emirates - In 2012, Saudi Arabia included women in its Olympic team for the first time, a move that won support from many of its citizens but also prompted some to abuse the morals of the two women athletes, a runner and judoka, on social media. full story »
Hong Kong - The company said in its filing that its value hinges on its continued popularity among internet users “Our future revenue growth will depend on, among other factors, the popularity of social media as well as our ability to attract new users,” the filing read- full story »
Antigua And Barbuda - Some have been posing naked on social media to protest against the beating and stripping of a student during a melee last week at a university in Caracas. full story »
United Kingdom - Don't choose one obviously associated with you Hackers can find out a lot about you from social media so if they are targeting you specifically and you choose, say, your pet's name you're in trouble. full story »
Russia - Lisovenko, an active member of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, cites former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's revelations about US spying as a reason for the move "Snowden has confirmed that the largest intelligence-gathering corporation there is — the National Security Agency — is monitoring our social media accounts," Lisovenko said  full story »
Cayman Islands - The early messages poked fun at the Castro government and were created by a political satirist working for the social media project. full story »
Botswana - They write news stories and share photographs and videos from events and projects for the global ‘A World-at-School’ website and social media channels which reach 50,000 to 100,000 people each week, she says. full story »
Cambodia - So I mainly complain to the government” Kanika, who often takes pictures of ordinary people and posts them on social media, said she would like to become a professional photographer full story »
Armenia - An international social media campaign - #SaveKessab - has garnered broad media attention to the tragedy with over 100,000 tweeting about the crisis and tens of thousands calling for immediate US and UN actiont full story »
Saudi Arabia - The sessions also discussed the potential of utilizing social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in order to reach the largest possible number of clients, besides marketing tourism destinations through utilizing the ‘Barcelona experience’ in using advertising films in marketing tourism destinations and facilities. full story »
Lebanon - Just look at Bassem Youssef – he’d never have been able to do what he does under Mubarak” Sharro also noted an increase in humorous social commentary “It was also like there was this emergence of a sudden blast of irreverence,” he said, “more than necessarily articulated, formalized satire, from 2011 onward, so it was kind of a wave that we all rode in a sense “We had a shared medium through which to circulate it and exchange it and comment abo... full story »
Cyprus - It also blocked access to Twitter and YouTube after audio recordings, purportedly showing corruption inErdogan’s inner circle, were leaked on social media. full story »
Apr 08, 2014
United States - He has also allegedly sought to control the information that leaves his country through internet blackouts, while the Syrian Electronic Army has tried to manage public opinion by hacking the websites and social media accounts of major news organizations, including The New York Times and Associated Press, and infiltrating them with pro-Assad missives. full story »
United Arab Emirates - The death of Emad Al Saifi in late March in an accident allegedly caused by the defendant, who was reported to have been driving drunk, caused a firestorm on social media with Omanis calling for the defendant to be held accountable despite his status. full story »
United Kingdom - Students and staff are being updated by email and social media. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s full story »
Hong Kong - One way we fail to understand the impact of technology is the way we are obsessed with GDP, which fails to measure social media wealth creation. full story »
Lebanon - Singers Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding were among the first to pay tribute on social media. full story »
Japan - Yaqiu Wang / Foreign PolicyChinese protesters often post photographs of their actions on social media, with the hope of drawing public scrutiny. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Many fans on social media vented their frustration at batsman Yuvraj Singh who took 30 balls to make 11 runs. full story »
Apr 07, 2014
United States - "It is not a monolithic community," says Dilawar Syed, the founder of a Menlo Park-based social media company who supports Honda. full story »
United Kingdom - The court heard one of her social media postings read: "I am one spoilt girl. full story »
Cayman Islands - The commission is in the midst of a public consultation regarding contempt of court issues that began in January, with particular emphasis on how to handle new media, including social media sites and weblogs. full story »
Nigeria - “With education comes discipline and we need a lot of discipline in Nigeria as well, so education is really important” Ukanwoke relies mainly on social media to advertize but says that it’s student referrals that are increasing BAU’s enrollmentp full story »
Pakistan - LAHORE: A sessions court in Lahore ordered the registration of cases against actor Meera and Capt Naveed over charges of filming and uploading on social media a ‘controversial video clip’, DawnNews reported. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s full story »
United Arab Emirates - While it’s unlikely they’re putting on white coats and going into the lab or sourcing ingredients from around the world, in this social media savvy age, A-listers are ensuring they’re involved in the development and marketing of any product or brand they’re associated with. full story »
Hong Kong - Rolex generated maximum attention with minimum effort, and sent Rolex aficionados the world over into social media meltdown with an update of the GMT Master II with a "Pepsi bezel". full story »
Lebanon - The primary concern remains the presidential election and Geagea’s nomination, the latter of which the Hezbollah official refused to directly comment upon, saying instead: “Since when is the nomination of a Lebanese president done through a news conference and election campaigns through Facebook and social media sites” He said the party was waiting for other March 14 groups to announce their stance on the issue, after which it will make clear it... full story »
Apr 06, 2014
Afghanistan - Despite threats from local militants, pictures of male and female voters crowding the entrances of polling centers littered social media. full story »
United States - 8 The role of young voters and social media full story »
Russia - The company known for its quirky ads announced on social media this week that effective immediately, Putin is banned from Mighty Taco for seizing Crimea from Ukraine. full story »
Canada - While roaming the ACC, the mayor sparked a social media frenzy. full story »
Pakistan - Fiery speeches, criticism of the restriction placed by government on social media, mapping the DNA of the new age in Pakistani cinema, recognising the personal style of celebrities on the Red Carpet, a nod to the men of letters that was long overdue and a return to the stage of veteran stars who shaped and moulded the showbiz industry during the formative years into what it is today are just a few of the moments that the evening embraced. full story »
Lebanon - Footage from the area on social media that appeared consistent with Associated Press reporting showed school children pelting a rival group, despite the presence of an armored police vehicle. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s full story »
Fiji - She concedes that while mainstream media is increasingly promoting the "healthy body" line, the job of counteracting "thinspiration" or Thinspo messages on blogs, websites and social media is vast. full story »
Cyprus - There is a list of 377 key terms to monitor, most of which are completely innocuous such as, exercise, cloud, leak, sick, organisation, pork, bridge, smart, Tucson, target, China, social media, etc. full story »
United Arab Emirates - zzxzxxzxzxzxzxzxz The OFBJP, which is organising NaMo tea parties and Modi for PM events in the US and elsewhere, has created two separate team of volunteers — one for social media activity and anther to make phone calls to people in India. full story »
Apr 05, 2014
United States - A main complaint is when patients take to social media and make very public campaigns to get the drugs they want. full story »
United Kingdom - Three tweets appeared on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport's feed and were quickly deleted, but not before they were shared on social media. full story »
Nigeria - Eyewitnesses reported seeing bodies lying on hospital floors, while images emerged on social media showing bodies in the street. full story »
Pakistan - Washington Friday hailed the court's decision to lift the ban on US-based Twitter and urged the government to “open all social media space in Turkey”. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s| full story »
United Arab Emirates - We have been creating awareness through Radio, SMS and social media. full story »
Hong Kong - Some of the placards said "justice for the killed and injured" and "the Maoming government is ruthless and brutal", according to photographs of the march posted on social media. full story »
Thailand - Chalerm also rejected as groundless reports in the social media that migrant workers would be hired to take part in the rally to boost the number of participants. full story »
Japan - The Obama administration project, which lasted more than two years and drew tens of thousands of subscribers, sought to evade Cuba’s stranglehold on the Internet with a primitive social media platform. full story »
Egypt - A social media campaign started Friday noon and continued throughthe weekend. full story »
Apr 04, 2014
United States - To me, Eich's case is about the power of information, and how -- with technology, 24-hour news and social media- -everyone's past is just a hashtag away from being the present. full story »
Thailand - While the social media was celebrating the prospect of a Pen-ek making a new film, folks were also chatting about a film that hardly anybody saw. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sW full story »
United Kingdom - Call 0500 909 963, text 85058 or interact on social media #bbcracing and we will pass your questions on. full story »
Cayman Islands - Menendez, the son of Cuban immigrants, commented on the creation of a secret “Cuban Twitter" — a communications network designed to undermine the communist government in Cuba, The Obama administration project, which lasted more than two years and drew tens of thousands of subscribers, sought to evade Cuba's stranglehold on the Internet with a primitive social media platform. full story »
Lebanon - The project, which lasted more than two years and drew tens of thousands of subscribers, sought to evade Cuba's stranglehold on the Internet with a primitive social media platform. full story »
Pakistan - Last month when the Pakistan cricket team beat India in a thriller during an Asia Cup game, social media sites exploded with thousands of Pakistanis rejoicing, spouting all kinds of praises for the team. full story »
Nigeria - In the last few months, she managed to keep Nigerians talking about issues surrounding her recent divorce, which she announced on social media, and her frequent holiday trips abroad. full story »
Apr 03, 2014
Saudi Arabia - Now that video games, the Internet and social media have a firm grip on today’s generation, the prospect of getting young people to read for enjoyment is not particularly bright. full story »
Hong Kong - The court, which is posting updates of the proceedings on social media, said that three law enforcement officials in Liu's home province of Sichuan have been convicted of corruption and covering up the activities of gangs. full story »
United Kingdom - When the announcement of Mr Eich's appointment was made on 24 March, angry users voiced their opinions on social media. full story »
Nigeria - This is not child’s play, it’s not the one of calling people “Moron” on Punch and social media. full story »
United States - While Koller won't call "Second Son" the PS4's killer app, chatter on social media and forum have shown many people are using the game as their "excuse" to buy the new console. full story »
Israel - US had urged Turkey to rescind ban on social media website after Turkey's Constitutional Court ruled it violated freedom of expression. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47so full story »
Cyprus - Since Monday, hundreds of volunteers, mostly students, have been comparing and recounting votes for CHP after widespread allegations of irregularities spread on social media. full story »
Armenia - Some images claiming to show violence there have been debunked on social media as not genuine”. full story »
Austria - Journalismustage Recherche: "Nicht Drang zur Exklusivität erliegen" Der journalistische Rahmen sei Maßstab für Qualität, hieß es bei den Journalismustagen - Recherche als "Ausdauersport" ORF und Social Media Facebook: Höchstgericht kippt ORF-"Forenverbot" [52] Zweite Entscheidung über Social Media und ORF - Verbot greife "in die Rundfunkfreiheit des ORF" ein - Wrabetz erfreut Medienvielfalt "Für das Geld lohnt sich die Politik nicht." full story »
Cayman Islands - A social media campaign, NoMakeUpSelfie, which raised more than £8 million for Cancer Research UK, has helped raise $2,175 in online donations to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society  In Cayman, LIME has launched a text donation function, which will enable its customers to donate a minimum of $5 to the Cancer Society throughout April  The funds raised will go towards building a new chemotherapy unit to treat local cancer patients  ... full story »
Qatar - Customers will also be able to update their social media and check their emails for free at the kiosk. full story »
Lebanon - The project, which lasted more than two years and drew tens of thousands of subscribers, sought to evade Cuba's stranglehold on the Internet with a primitive social media platform. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Considering the internet penetration among Indian voters, mainstream political parties too have taken to social media platforms to woo voters. full story »
Thailand - Police would also investigate statements made by red shirts on social media that appear to show foreknowledge of attacks before they occur, if complaints are lodged against them, the minister said. full story »
Apr 02, 2014
Hong Kong - The video was viewed more than 35,000 times on the popular video sharing platform Youkucom after it was uploaded two weeks ago, and was been even more widely viewed on social media after it was picked up by mainland news portals including Xinhuanetcoma full story »
United States - Three people filed complaints to the Constitutional Court after the Telecommunications Directorate blocked access to the social media website Twitter. full story »
United Kingdom - The Local Government Association has been critical of the way they appear to be marketed at children through social media and the sale of fruit-flavoured versions. full story »
Lebanon - This sparked an uproar on social media forums after some of the telecommunications company's loyal BlackBerry customers reacted angrily to the offer, which they perceived as a slight. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Al-Sharif had said previously that a new technical directorate has been established to track and arrest those who use social media websites to sell drugs “The efforts of the directorate, police and other officials were successful in foiling several attempts to smuggle and sell drugst full story »
Qatar - However, the country allows fund-raising in private houses as well as on social media, which it says is hard to control. full story »
Cyprus - Opposition supporters, many of them students who answered calls on social media, packed the basement of the main opposition CHP headquarters, working shifts through the night as they searched results sheets for signs of fraud. full story »
Apr 01, 2014
United States - Its run has recently been extended through mid-May "Seen through the lens of social media, this exhibit is our most popular to date," says museum SFO Museum is the only airport museum accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (CNN) -- What's the best thing you could stumble upon when transiting through a major international airportd full story »
Cyprus - The mass media and social media, two important gains of the past 12 years, are abundantly utilized to inform the public on the candidates’ agendas and increase public interest in the process. full story »
United Arab Emirates - However, the US-allied country allows fund-raising in private houses as well as on social media, which it says is hard to control. full story »
Hong Kong - It was an eventful weekend for Chinese social media. full story »
Pakistan - Similarly, they were also asked to use modern tools of communication like SMS, emails, radio, TV and the social media to spread the message. full story »
Saudi Arabia - “We can expect electronic warfare to be the new form of modern-age war,” he said “The Kingdom is considered a leading user of social media globally, which makes it more vulnerable to piracy attacks” “According to a joint study carried out by the International Data Corporation (IDC) and the National University of Singapore (NUS), companies around the globe are expected to incur losses worth $315 billion due to organized cybercrime and are poised ... full story »
United Kingdom - The internet and social media mean we can communicate more freely than ever. full story »
Thailand - If such a release - on social media, for example - proved damaging, it could be seen as a legal offence under the National Health Act. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sP full story »
Mar 31, 2014
Hong Kong - Photographs and videos on social media showed customers in the food court ankle-deep in water that poured in as parts of the suspended ceiling collapsed. full story »
United States - Real Simple: The psychology of social media AquaNet: Dubbed the "all-weather hair spray," this product is famous for providing a firm, lasting hold in any climate. full story »
United Kingdom - Full story: Daily Star� Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon, 26, and forward Roberto Soldado, 28 took to social media in the wake of their side's 4-0 defeat at Liverpool to deny rumours of a dressing-room bust-up. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Since that day, I decided to be a little more honest with social media. full story »
Armenia - Analysts have criticized the amount of time given to the AKP on state television in comparison with its opponents, and allegations of attempts at election-rigging have circulated on social media. full story »
Qatar - As families and friends wait for news of those still unaccounted for, many have turned to social media sites to mourn and share memories of those presumed lost. full story »
Fiji - "The people of Ukraine are fighting to have their voices heard and the benefit of communicating over social media is it sends a direct message to the people that we are with them, we support their fight, their voice and their future," she said. full story »
Nigeria - Nevertheless, users of social media, especially of the opposite sex, need to exercise restraint when meeting people they have met through social media. full story »
Mar 30, 2014
Russia - Reactions to the accusations made by Panteleyev quickly became fodder for discussion and ridicule in social media. full story »
United States - The government has accused social media platforms of being used to spread false information and lies. full story »
Nigeria - They will soon learn that politics is not all about buying up media houses and raining abuses on social media. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Complementing the effort is the use of Internet and social media networks to enlighten the citizens on tourist attractions in the Kingdom. full story »
Hong Kong - And the latest social media craze about Peng among China’s online community is, “what cellphone is she using” On Saturday, a picture of Peng snapping photos with a white mobile phone emerged on the internet, prompting curious internet users to speculate over exactly what brand the first lady favoureds full story »
United Arab Emirates - “The Voice witnessed high viewership ratings and was a very engaging programme for all age groups, especially youngsters, which was reflected by the voting and the social media platforms in the Arab world,” said Mazen Hayek, official spokesman of broadcaster MBC, who confirmed that Season 3 of the show would return next in Dubai. full story »
Israel - Some photos emerged on social media showing Hezbollah fighters stepping on the bodies of dead Syrian rebels. full story »
Cyprus - As families and friends wait for news of those still unaccounted for, many have turned to social media sites to mourn and share memories of those presumed lost. full story »
United Kingdom - Mr Erdogan said social media was spreading misinformation. full story »
Mar 29, 2014
United Arab Emirates - People read about their favourite movie stars and celebrities undergo cosmetic changes and learn about the kind of procedures available on the Internet and social media. full story »
Hong Kong - By the end of December, players had swarmed social media to commiserate, compete and complain about breaking their phones in frustration. full story »
Israel - Iranians angered by what they perceive as their government’s indifference to the fate of a border guard kidnapped and killed by Pakistani militants this week took to social media over the weekend to urge the administration of President Hassan Rouhani to take a page out of Israel’s playbook. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s| full story »
Saudi Arabia - In recent times, social media has emerged as a powerful player in shaping the opinion of society. full story »
Nigeria - The others are survey methods, personal interviews, group focus discussions, mail questionnaires, telephone surveys and social media. full story »
Thailand - However, many people have said on social media that they do not approve of the band's members approaching Tan. full story »
Qatar - Therefore they are trying to find ways to get their voices heard” Dr Obama said the arrival of social media enabled youth to express their ideas, grievances and aspirations “The youth have shown us that if you are not talking to us, we are going to talk among ourselvesi full story »
Lebanon - Some photos emerged on social media showing Hezbollah fighters stepping on the bodies of dead Syrian rebels. full story »
Mar 28, 2014
United States - Social media monitoring: Wave of the future? full story »
Guam - CLASSIFIEDS: JOBS CARS HOMES APARTMENTS LEGAL NOTICES DATING BUY & SELL PLACE AN AD News Entertainment Weather Opinion Obituaries Lifestyle Sports Help   Local News   News Archive   Nation & World   PDN Photo Galleries   Bayanihan   Video   GuamWatchdog   Pacific Marketplace LATEST HEADLINES ... full story »
United Kingdom - Even amongst United fans there is no consensus on Moyes's future, if internet chat rooms, social media and general conversation are any guide "Hindsight is a wonderful thing," says Andrew Kilduff, of SEF "Do we regret making the banneri full story »
Saudi Arabia - Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah has urged members of the public and social media to spread accurate information in order to instill a sense of confidence and optimism in residents. full story »
Hong Kong - PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 March, 2014, 7:28am UPDATED : Friday, 28 March, 2014, 7:28am Most Popular Viewed Shared Commented Why Chinese state-owned banks are now in the eye of the storm Why a little-understood trade agreement upsets so many in Taiwan Don't deny transgender people the right to marry The power of social media... full story »
United Arab Emirates - Follow Uma on social media @umagd full story »
Thailand - Does your company even have a social media strategy? full story »
Mar 27, 2014
Jordan - The anonymous posting followed similar releases on social media in recent weeks which Erdogan has cast as a plot orchestrated by political enemies to unseat him ahead of March 30 elections. full story »
Israel - The anonymous posting followed similar releases on social media in recent weeks which Erdogan has cast as a plot orchestrated by political enemies to unseat him ahead of March 30 elections. full story »
Cyprus - Ozersay said that he contacted Talat on Wednesday night but wasn’t able to get through to the Greek Cypriot side  In a statement on social media Ozersay said “a very serious struggle should be launched against this kind of mentality” full story »
United States - The social media company announced a new step in its ambitious plan to bring affordable, basic Internet access to "every person in the world." full story »
United Kingdom - As well as the short films, the campaign is using social media to try and spread its message with the hashtag #itswhatwedo The SPF's general secretary Calum Steele explained the videos will help keep public confidence in the newly-formed Police Scotland and to show the challenges its officers face. full story »
Thailand - Marketing via social media, the latest. full story »
Nigeria - The Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accuses social media of spreading misinformation. full story »
Canada - The social media giant, which boasts almost 650 million active users, announced the changes on the company's official blog Wednesday. full story »
Cayman Islands - The social media craze ignited in the United Kingdom; where tens of thousands of women flooded news feeds with photos baring all, along with the hash-tag: #NoMakeUpSeflie, and a nomination for friends to follow suit. full story »
Hong Kong - In response, several doctors, through social media, appealed to the public to show sympathy to the doctors, many of whom are under psychological stress. full story »
Pakistan - Some Iranians have used social media to hit out at the Tehran government for its inability to bring home the young soldiers, who were serving their 24-month mandatory military serviceBorder guards chief Hossein Zolfaghari has admitted that there was “negligence” in the lead-up to the kidnapping, saying those responsible were suspended, with some facing prosecutionO full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47si full story »
United Arab Emirates - And when Manmohan’s office tweeted “Kam bola, kaam bola” (He spoke little, his work speaks a lot more), social media got flooded with derisive messages. full story »
Mar 26, 2014
United Kingdom - Katheryn Deprill posted a missive to Facebook on 2 March asking for help in locating her birth mother A woman who was abandoned in 1986 as a newborn in a US fast-food restaurant bathroom has found her birth mother after launching a social media search. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Some Iranians have used social media to hit out at the Tehran government for its inability to bring home the young soldiers, who were serving their 24-month mandatory military service. full story »
Nigeria - Also on the committee are: Mrs Chioma Ezike (Radio Nigeria), Mrs Ufoma Daro (E-Business Life Magazine), Mr Mkpe Abang (IT & Telecom Digest Magazine), Mr Remmy Nweke (Digital Sense Newspapers), Mr Tolu Ogunlesi​ (Social Media) and Mr Bill Okonedo​ (BusinessDay Newspapers) (NAN) full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s full story »
United States - The social media feed, which pulls in updates from different social networks, became part of Facebook in 2009, when the social network purchased it for $15 million in cash. full story »
Saudi Arabia - BlinkFeed itself will be more colorful and will continue to present news, social media updates and other items of interest. full story »
Gambia - Like in your message to me, you can get in touch with him for the time being through the social media like facebook; skype and among others till you get his number. full story »
Hong Kong - Commenting on everything from their choice of outfits to the details of their visits, the curious online public were amazed by the juxtaposition of these two women with strong personalities  Thomas Ye, a widely followed fashion blogger on Chinese social media platforms who tweets under “Gogoboi”, graded their attire: “Fashion contest first round: Michelle Obama’s casual black waistcoat, shirt and wide-legged trousers were eclipsed by a dignifie... full story »
Mar 25, 2014
United Kingdom - The Oculus Rift has yet to be released, but more than 75,000 orders for development kits have already been placed, according to the social media giant. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sW full story »
United States - The news was met on social media with shock and snideness. full story »
United Arab Emirates - He keeps reminding me about it especially in pressure games” Fans now quickly express their displeasure through social media, and their impatience with Yuvraj is coming througho full story »
Canada - That will come through HTC's hub for personalized content, known as BlinkFeed BlinkFeed itself will be more colorful and will continue to present news, social media updates and other items of interests full story »
Cayman Islands - You can also completely clear the page if you wish, by tapping on the “X” symbol  The envelope symbol allows you to email or share your masterpiece with others through social media, or you can simply save it to your photo album to admire it later on  There are 36 pages in total to tackle, including the “extra pages” with varying degrees of detail to color, and they can be used over and over again  The only thing you can’t do eas... full story »
Armenia - Thank you holy father Pontifex for the blessing' Crowe originally made contact to Francis over social media; 'Holy Father, it would be my deepest pleasure to bring the film to you,’ he wrote on Twitter, offering the Pontiff a private screening of Noah, full story »
Cambodia - During his presentation, Mack said that MMA was the world’s fastest growing sport, and cited charts and graphics detailing ONE FC’s exponential increase in publicity, viewership, television ratings and social media interest over the past two years. full story »
Hong Kong - a Beijing resident asked on social media. full story »
Mar 24, 2014
Qatar - Lamsang says social media had “a largely positive role” to play in the fledgling democracy as a way of raising awareness in government circles about a range of issues. full story »
Japan - His hand-written sign announcing the closure was photographed and circulated on websites and social media. full story »
United Kingdom - #BBCtrending takes a look at how the announcement was received on social media. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Comments AROUND ARAB NEWS Wenger urges shattered team to respond in the right way Federer, Murray in simmering Miami Every nabs breakthrough win on PGA Tour Iowa State edges North Carolina 85-83 Cavaliers snap Knicks’ winning streak LATEST VIDEOS Not the way to change a tyre ... full story »
United States - Media Literacy Question of the Day: In what ways might news media and social media help to promote public health? full story »
Israel - Turkey blocks Twitter after Erdogan condemns social media platform “When [US] President Barack Obama portrayed prospering Turkey, ruled by sweet Islamists, as ‘a great Islamic democracy’ in 2010, he was probably hoping that this strange democracy that comes with a religious prefix would serve a useful purpose: a glittering role model for the Arab countries that lagged behind even an Islamic democracy. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sd full story »
Canada - Sean Beatty, a 31-year-old from British Columbia, was so frustrated he secretly recorded an exchange with elections officials and post it online, where it quickly made the rounds on social media. full story »
United Arab Emirates - When Divergent producers Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher went looking for their hot hero, they did screen tests with about 20 would-be stars “It was disaster after disaster because Shailene blew them away,” said Wick “She’s so strong” But after meeting James, “we were completely excited,” added Fisher “He was tough, but he still had that ‘I can get hurt’ thing that James Dean had” Once the 29-year-old actor was cast, ... full story »
Mar 23, 2014
Jordan - Social media networks have been flooded almost daily with recordings allegedly depicting Erdogan talking with his son about hiding vast sums of money and interfering in court cases, business deals and media coverage. full story »
Israel - The students from Harel High School in the Jerusalem suburb posted to social media pictures of themselves wearing white sheets and hoods. full story »
Nigeria - Elections are not on the pages of newspapers or social media. full story »
Hong Kong - Obama were absent from China’s state media but were circulating in social media, where they were widely praised. full story »
United States - His attorney Christi McCoy says her client has been framed by someone who used several phrases Curtis likes to use on social media "I do believe that someone who was familiar and is familiar with Kevin just simply took his personal information and did this to him," McCoy told CNN "It is absolutely horrific that someone would do thisi" full story »
Saudi Arabia - A A Comments AROUND ARAB NEWS Malaysia says French satellites spot objects in search area Gunmen kill two in attack on Kenyan church: police Obama visit to highlight expanding Saudi role Arab League to reject Israel as Jewish state Lankans eyeing Gulf jobs warned against con agents LATEST VIDEOS Not the... full story »
Canada - Silva has maintained a very active presence on the internet," by emailing friends and family, updating her Facebook account and participating in other social media, the document says. full story »
United Arab Emirates - “That’s why I was so excited to meet Bobbi and be in collaboration with Bobbi Brown, because it’s so amazing,” Upton said “Every day when I’m on set with you I’m so inspired, and it’s all about your inner beauty and make-up’s just to enhance that” Upton shared that enthusiasm on social media as well full story »
Lebanon - The Turkish authorities blocked Twitter late on Thursday, hours after Erdogan vowed to "wipe out" the social media service during the campaigning period for local elections on March 30. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s full story »
United Kingdom - Meanwhile, Aberdeen fans will discover later if their social media push to send a 1980s hit by The Human League into the official chart top 10 has been successful. full story »
Mar 22, 2014
Cyprus - News of his death prompted a wave of tributes on social media, with ordinary people extolling the late minister’s ethos and integrity. full story »
United Kingdom - He has frequently expressed his dislike of social media sites - including YouTube and Facebook - believing they are being used to attack him. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Investigators suspect the shooting stemmed from a dispute between two gangs that had been taunting each other on social media. full story »
Canada - The Turkish authorities blocked Twitter late on Thursday, hours after Erdogan vowed to "wipe out" the social media service during the campaigning period for local elections on March 30. full story »
Gambia - An enterprising young Gambian who created the Facebook page for the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) has spoken of the importance of social media in highlighting the activities and gains of the party. full story »
Thailand - Almost all said they read news that is shared on social media every day. full story »
Hong Kong - Sleep quality by occupation (from best to worst): Chief among these was a general "reluctance to go to sleep", particularly when computers and addictive social media networks like Sina Weibo and WeChat were always available for easy entertainment  "Young people always think that the day time is the time for work and only the evening is their own time," said Yuan Yonggui, a director of a sleep disorder clinic at Zhongda Hospital in Nanjing's S... full story »
Saudi Arabia - Their plight has been highlighted on various social media websites. full story »
Nigeria - In fact, it looks like they have carried their ‘beef’ to the social media going by what they posted on their Instagram pages earlier in the week. full story »
Mar 21, 2014
United Arab Emirates - There are different approaches to how we handle our social media connections and who we select to include. full story »
United States - The FBI is also helping Malaysian authorities analyze crew members' computer hard drives and social media activity. full story »
Hong Kong - The White House promised social media updates on her trip, but said Obama had no plans to give media interviews. full story »
Botswana - It's a popular question on social media: Why didn't passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 make mobile calls? full story »
United Kingdom - Turkey is one of the world's most active countries on social media. full story »
Thailand - Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT's executive director for East Asia, said that to bring back Hong Kong travellers, TAT would emphasise social media and mobile applications more. full story »
Israel - Turkey's courts have blocked access to Twitter days before elections as Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan battles a corruption scandal that has seen social media platforms awash with alleged evidence of government wrongdoing. full story »
Cyprus - Turkish President Abdullah Gul set himself publicly at odds with Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Friday, saying that it was unacceptable to impose complete bans on social media platforms such as Twitter. full story »
Nigeria - His spokesman said Erdogan had been forced to act after the social media company had failed to respond to a court ruling in Turkey to remove some links. full story »
Saudi Arabia - It is no secret that technology and social media has changed the life as we knew it. full story »
Barbados - There have been several comments on Facebook and other social media ever since dreadlocked Charles appeared on the Front Page of Monday’s DAILY NATION. full story »
Pakistan - Turkey restricted access to Twitter on Friday, March 21, 2014, hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “root out” the social media network where wiretapped recordings have been leaked, damaging the government’s reputation ahead key local elections this month — Photo by AP full story »
Mar 20, 2014
Vietnam - With the Internet and social media, students now can access to a vast amount of information, not just from textbooks. full story »
Jordan - Login Sign Up Read JT PDF Version About us Contact us Advertise Friday, March 21, 2014 Home Local Region ... full story »
Hong Kong - The White House promised social media updates about her trip, but Obama had no plans to give media interviews. full story »
United States - The government has also been working to block embarrassing leaks emerging on social media linked to a corruption investigation that embroiled four of Erdogan's former cabinet ministers. full story »
United Kingdom - Video footage of the rally is being circulated on social media with some critics drawing comparisons between Mr Wilders and Adolf Hitler's call for the "irrevocable removal" of Jews from German life. full story »
Nov 06, 2013
Hong Kong - What mattered was that Beijing’s residents didn’t look to pre-enlightened authorities for truth, but to the nation’s media outlets and its often irritating, but deeply moralistic, social media talking heads. full story »
Nigeria - Photos posted on social media showed smoke and several fire engines at the scene of the incident, which happened around 07:40 local time (23:40 GMT). full story »
Guam - Social media offered citizens more information and images, plus a chance to share their emotions "My son goes on Yingze Bridge daily at this time, it scared me to death, just spoke by phone, he said the road ahead is blocked, he'll take a detour," Jue Yu, a 55-year-old Taiyuan mother, posted on Sina Weiboc full story »
India - While they were chatting with the "girl", researchers gathered information about her customers through social media. full story »
Nov 05, 2013
Guam - SocialEyes There is a new strictly selfie social network called 'Selfie' for people to be able to share life's everyday momentssocial networkselfieappusatodayusatfeaturedDesair BrownNewsUSA TodaytechSocialEyesusat01:17 ADVERTISEMENT See all Video Next Up Kristen Bell Didn't Feel Connection 1m3s Miley Cyrus Pens Open Letter to Liam 1m7s ... full story »
United Arab Emirates - The incredible story was circulated in Facebook and other social media network. full story »
United Kingdom - Researchers used evidence including profiles on Skype and social media to identify the suspects. full story »
United States - Read: Will social media foil Putin's plan? full story »
Nov 04, 2013
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sf full story »
United Arab Emirates - “It’s very difficult to progress these issues if someone is unwilling to make a complaint and it’s a very challenging position for a young woman to put herself in” The group, calling themselves “Roast Busters” and mostly reportedly aged in their late teens, bragged about using social media to meet girls as young as 13 then have sex with them after plying them with drinks, TV3 reportedy full story »
United Kingdom - About BBC Trending A hand-picked selection of stories trending on social media around the world Includes posts on the Magazine's Trending blog and twice weekly videos via @BBCWorld Weekly radio programme on the World Service More stories from BBC Trending Some Spotted sites deal with serious subjects too. full story »
Nov 03, 2013
Saudi Arabia - Farooq Hassan, a business development director in the Central Province, said: “People strongly believe they can learn from the Internet, social media and channels to boost their knowledge, yet books no doubt provide a deeper level of information,” he said. full story »
Nov 02, 2013
United Kingdom - Social media, chat rooms and gaming. full story »
Nov 01, 2013
United Arab Emirates - The airport said on social media that there was "an incident underway at LAX." full story »
Hong Kong - The rules have sparked anger in the city state's robust blogging and social media community, which has accused the government of failing to carry out a consultation and raised fears the regulations are aimed at muzzling free expression. full story »
Pakistan - Rajab stated that Sethi had written on his Twitter account that he was still the chairman of the PCB and had used contemptuous language on the social media website saying that there were some ‘elements with vested interests’ who were not allowing him to work as chairman. full story »
United States - Editor's note: Each week in "Apparently This Matters," CNN's Jarrett Bellini applies his warped sensibilities to trending topics in social media and random items of interest on the Web. full story »
United Kingdom - Steve Jobs is dead, Bill Gates is in his 50s, the social media entrepreneurs may be younger, but the frameworks within which they operate are established for them by their elders. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s| full story »
Cyprus - A GREAT DANE cross breed which has been held in a Nicosia pound since June has been saved from being euthanized as a social media appeal has raised enough funds to send him to the UK. full story »
South Korea - The Dong-A Ilbo report was met with enormous sarcastic cackle on social media. full story »
Oct 31, 2013
Qatar - Twitter has long acknowledged that pictures and video are some of the most often shared content in social media. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47se full story »
Egypt - Indeed, one of the most salient features of social media language, independent journalists and artists production since January 2011 was the celebration of public mockery as an ultimate sign of emancipation — a tangible proof of the re-appropriation of the public sphere and the emergence of a new pool of media professionals who claim closer ties to the popular idioms. full story »
United Arab Emirates - This incident not only propelled Shraiteh to a meteoric rise to prominence in the world of social media, but also brought much focus on Palestinian youth and their latent IT and innovative talents. full story »
Hong Kong - “Foreign Accent Syndrome is not an acquired dialect or foreign accent,” Blumstein wrote in a 2006 research paper “[Instead], listeners are essentially being ‘fooled’ into attributing the sound pattern of their subjects to a foreign language or dialect” Chinese viewers commenting on the BBC One documentary of Sarah Colwill, which has been widely shared on Chinese social media services, prove this points full story »
United States - It was about a group of regular guys that believed in themselves and this city, and this country, and through their unbelievable efforts it helped relieve the pain of the Boston Marathon bombing in April," wrote Dave Hornoff on the same social media page "They dedicated their season to the victims and the entire country embraced them, and they embraced Boston and the entire countryl full story »
United Kingdom - Some passengers took to social media to say the man had got the snake out during the flight. full story »
Cyprus - A SOCIAL MEDIA appeal to save the life of a Great Dane cross breed which has been held in a Nicosia pound since June has just a few days left to raise the necessary funds, before he is due to be euthanized. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Both scholars have a strong presence on social media networks, with over 10 million followers on Twitter. full story »
Oct 30, 2013
Saudi Arabia - At least two of the suspects reportedly tried to flee from the Kingdom through a border point after the harassment video clip had gone viral on social media networks and news outlets. full story »
United Kingdom - The sculpture was removed just weeks after being installed, having prompted strong reactions on social media. full story »
United States - Negative responses on social media made headlines after her win. full story »
Canada - The prosecutor said police have described the 15-year-old offender as the "bully of all bullies" and has asked a Nova Scotia youth court judge to bar the girl from accessing all forms of social media while on probation, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram   He has asked for the ban to accompany a period of probationS full story »
Hong Kong - Chinese social media sites, which are closely controlled albeit less strictly than print media, were an early source of pictures of the crash and speculation that it was an act of protest, but eyewitness accounts were rapidly removed. full story »
Oct 29, 2013
India - Chinese social media sites, which are closely controlled albeit less strictly than print media, were an early source of pictures of the crash and speculation that it was an act of protest, but eyewitness accounts were rapidly removed. full story »
United Arab Emirates - You’re very active on social media. full story »
Hong Kong - Censors on Monday rushed to delete comments on Chinese social media, allowing almost exclusively Beijing police and Xinhua updates to circulate online. full story »
United States - For the people who use social media as a kind of backup, this can be a disadvantage down the line when they want a higher-resolution version of their image. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Sources said that at least two of the suspects tried to escape the country through a border point after the harassment video clip had gone viral on social media networks and news outlets. full story »
United Kingdom - Despite calls from the victim's family to refrain from sharing it, the footage has gone viral on social media. full story »
Nigeria - Other pictures on social media showed a column of smoke rising from the scene of the crash. full story »
Oct 28, 2013
Qatar - The 4G service enables customers to have faster access to information, stream HD video, transfer large files, and update social media. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Elements of the team introduction video have been teased in social media, but not much in the way of details — especially about the rings — have leaked out publicly. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47s| full story »
United States - The two topics are also showing different gender and demographics (CNN) -- People talk about all kinds of things on social media: Their day-to-day lives, articles generating a lot of buzz and the things they ate for breakfast full story »
United Arab Emirates - Manila: A blind girl identified as Joyce Jimenez, believed to be an alias, has been getting rave reviews on social media for her rendition of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. full story »
Hong Kong - There have been disparaging remarks on social media. full story »
Canada - In 2010, a US study showed the average eight- to 10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with different media, such as TV, cellphones, iPads and social media) full story »
United Kingdom - Other pictures on social media showed a column of smoke rising from the scene of the crash. full story »
Belgium - These developing methods involve new technologies and social media. full story »
Israel - The news of Straw’s comments spread on social media after Wilf posted a photo on Facebook and discussed Straw’s statements. full story »
Oct 27, 2013
India - ROME: A jubilant Pope Francis celebrated reaching 10 million followers on messaging site Twitter on Sunday, a milestone in the Vatican's drive to spread the gospel through social media. full story »
Canada - Jody Adams, chief shop steward for Teamsters Local 213, the union representing the workers, said outcry from the public on social media changed Japadog's mind. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Activists had originally issued a call on social media networks for women across the kingdom to drive their cars on Saturday to challenge the ban. full story »
United States - Reading the story makes it clear: Even before social media, before sports talk radio, before all the ways of dissecting and discussing the minutiae of the games, a reporter with a good eye could spot, and document, games being thrown. full story »
Hong Kong - There have been disparaging remarks on social media. full story »
Oct 26, 2013
Saudi Arabia - Even early Friday, organizers and participants vowed to drive today despite the mounting pressure from the Ministry of Interior and anti-driving proponents, which are mostly men commenting on social media websites. full story »
United States - An outcry ensued on social media, with Kenyans expressing their dismay using the hashtags #JusticeforLiz and #StandwithLiz. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sk full story »
United Kingdom - You answer a series a questions for fans every month on your website and you're on Twitter and Facebook - has it been easy for you to adapt to social media? full story »
Oct 25, 2013
United States - Editor's note: Each week in "Apparently This Matters," CNN's Jarrett Bellini applies his warped sensibilities to trending topics in social media and random items of interest on the Web. full story »
Hong Kong - “This appeal shows the strength of the more mainstream Chinese media, which is often overlooked in the crackdown on digital platforms like blog sites and social media,” he said “Newspapers in particular have strong social support – reports on corruption make for compelling reading” “The paper [was] wise to go broadly public like this,” he commented “Chen’s arrest has become more than just one more story of a Chinese journalist in detention” full story »
India - NEW DELHI: Political parties and candidates will now have to account for every penny spent on the use of social media for their poll campaigns. full story »
Canada - The leak appeared alongside social media claims that a few music stores began selling the album early, reportedly Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny, Ireland, and a Czech Republic retailer. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Unlike with Hunnam, social media reaction to Dornan’s casting was generally positive. full story »
Nigeria - The man  who enjoyed a large following on Facebook while alive  has had his social media account flooded with messages from friends, long time colleagues and fans. full story »
Oct 24, 2013
United Arab Emirates - When asked how he had communicated with Merkel during an EU summit in Brussels in 2008, then French president Nicolas Sarkozy said: “We call each other’s mobiles and write text messages” Katrin Goring-Eckhart, parliamentary leader of the Greens, said: “If these allegations turn out to be true, we are dealing with an incredible scandal and an unprecedented breach of trust between the two countries, for which ther... full story »
Botswana - The word 'lelope' and the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mokgweetsi Masisi, have recently dominated the airwaves, newspaper columns and social media networks. full story »
Austria - Mit den Bestimmungen für Social Media, mit dem den Programmauftrag und den „angemessen" vertretenen Genres, mit einem Publikumsrat  der keine direkt gewählten Mitglieder wie bisher haben darf, die er aber laut Gesetz in den Stiftungsrat schicken muss full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47si full story »
United States - "Since I love nature, I really wanted them to be exposed to that early," the host of the blog Mommy Blog Expert and social media strategist said in an interview. full story »
United Kingdom - Tributes have been pouring in for the singer on social media sites. full story »
Saudi Arabia - A video clip of a staged murder posted on social media networks has sparked a debate among residents in the Kingdom over whether or not to report such incidents. full story »
Nigeria - Social media is today’s tool for building brand loyalty and strengthening customer relationships. full story »
Oct 23, 2013
India - While a large number of recruiters rely on social media to attract/ engage potential employees, others complain about having a lesser scope of talent assessment on these platforms “A lot of things that are portrayed by an individual in a digital space are not truew full story »
Qatar - Debate about the ban, once confined to the private sphere and social media, is spreading to public forums too. full story »
United States - Media Literacy Question of the Day: Is there value in following international organizations (like the UN) on social mediah full story »
Saudi Arabia - Mansor Al-Haqas, security manager at the mall, said "I didn’t see the video but the incident didn’t take place inside the mall” The incident, which was caught on video camera and went viral on social media websites over the past two days, has revived calls for taking street harassment seriously through enacting and enforcing strict law against harassersn full story »
Sri Lanka - Facebook has removed a video of a woman being beheaded and updated its policy on graphic violence following a public outcry against the world’s largest social media website. full story »
Russia - Rumors of his passing raced through social media in May, and then in August hackers posted erroneous news of the event on the Twitter accounts of RIA Novosti's International Press Center and the German-language RIA Novosti Deutsch, Lentaru reportedr full story »
Hong Kong - Once again Mo has become a target on Chinese social media. full story »
Vietnam - According to screen shots on media sites including the BBC and Guardian, the social media giant on Tuesday was adding warnings saying such videos contained "extremely graphic content" and "may be upsetting". full story »
United Kingdom - The Guardian gives space on its front page to one of the defeated finalists , Ruby Tandoh, to voice her concern that the "hyperbolic silliness" of "a programme about cake" could inspire so much "bitterness and bile", even "personal vitriol and misogyny", among commentators on social media and in the press. full story »
Oct 22, 2013
United States - It was the first physical protest since the case launched a social media fervor driven by online activist group Anonymous. full story »
Guam - It's a high-profile spot that requires televised appearances, working relationships with reporters from the nation's biggest media outlets and ease with social media. full story »
United Kingdom - On social media, some Libyans suggested that the arrests might be a cover up for local groups, including hardline Islamists who are widely suspected of being responsible for much of the violence. full story »
China - The latest air pollution alerts will reach the public via local radio, television, newspaper as well as social media platforms. full story »
Canada - The software creates an encrypted connection between two users in a way that resembles a virtual private network — a method that savvy Chinese netizens currently use to circumvent the government's Great Firewall, which blocks many social media sites. full story »
Aruba - Pa esnan cu ja caba ta sigui Aruba In Style ariba social media Twitter y Facebook por a mira cu siman pasa a cuminsa un campaña pa crea mas ‘buzz’ rond di Aruba In Style. full story »
United Arab Emirates - A year after her popularity sparked on the social media website in 2006, she released one of the best-selling digital tracks out there with her first single Bubbly, and her debut album Coco went multiplatinum in no time. full story »
Hong Kong - The pre-eminence of social media today provides another boost to online learning. full story »
Israel - Two other men were arrested in Thailand due to Rihanna's social media use. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Supporters of women driving launched a social media campaign Sunday. full story »
Oct 21, 2013
India - WASHINGTON: Facebook suffered an undisclosed "issue" on Monday that prevented some of its 115 billion worldwide members from posting status updates and other material on the social media websitet full story »
United Arab Emirates - It was uploaded on October 17, with the caption: “Meet my friend (Famous)” The video has gone viral and received over 48,000 likes and 2600 comments in five days, and has now found its way to another social media channel — FacebookM full story »
Hong Kong - Once again Mo has become a target on Chinese social media. full story »
Nigeria - I hope a number of public officers read some of the angry comments of young Nigerians, which were published in the social media when the last plane crash occurred” He queried whether public officers read some of the “angry comments” made by young Nigerians in the social media, when the last plane (Associated Airlines) crash occurrede full story »
United Kingdom - In a subsequent post, entitled Standing up to the Bullies, Mrs Papas said: "I have been using social media for some years in my capacity as a head teacher and have never experienced the level of negativity and bad manners displayed by a handful of parents on here. full story »
United States - Editor's note: Michelle Atagana is the managing editor of memeburncom, a social media and technology news site full story »
Oct 20, 2013
United Arab Emirates - He plans to update family, well-wishers and social media followers whenever possible. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Smart Session topics include mobile apps solution trends, SME entrepreneurship, cyber security, social media and cyber security. full story »
United Kingdom - A flyer advertising the memorial, which stated also that Begley had "died on active service" caused controversy when it was circulated on social media. full story »
United States - Despite the rise of social media, media itself is increasingly concentrated in the hands of the few. full story »
India - Nischal wants to expand his volunteer circle from the current 18 "I am spreading the word through social media," he saysa full story »
Canada - The CBC's Jessica Doria-Brown says the meeting will be open to the media, unlike previous, private sessions  The protests drew support from across Canada and around the world via social media full story »
Hong Kong - The dismissal of Xia on Friday generated international attention and criticism in domestic social media, and came as China’s new leadership has taken measures to silence high-profile critics. full story »
Oct 19, 2013
Thailand - Home � national � No change in Japanese visa Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul yesterday dismissed as rumour a social media report that Japan would again require visas for Thai nationals, as a large number of Thai tourists had exploited the no-visa rule by staying illegally in Japan. full story »
Cayman Islands - Social media was a big help, O'Donnell said. full story »
United Arab Emirates - “The PMC renews its call to the media to adhere to professional standards and to seek information from official sources rather than depending on unverified rumours on social media that are often aimed at spreading misinformation” full story »
Canada - "People get news and information through a variety of mediums and platforms, including (and increasingly) through social media," he told CBC News by email. full story »
Saudi Arabia - The video clip of the attack was posted on all the social media networks. full story »
United States - The newspaper published social media exchanges provided by Chuang that appeared to back up her claims of a relationship between her and Wewege, and of his encouragement for her to gather evidence on Brown. full story »
Nigeria - Mr Fola Akinkuotu DG,NCAA, must be loosing part of his brain and doesn’t realize what he was saying,deluded , psychotic ,power drunk and sharked by too much ogogoro, Nigerians can see that corruption has no tribe this man in his delusion did not know that their pen robbery of the masses done by them in secret is out next second on social media , we pick it up in Europe, US,China & Russia next minutee full story »
Oct 18, 2013
Thailand - Social media has many uses, especially when it comes to presenting news. full story »
India - He called upon leaders to use social media effectively to reach out to youngsters. full story »
Barbados - Social media and television’s economic system have given rise to a counterintuitive trend – the more opportunities there are for people to watch TV on their own time with digital video recorders (DVR) and video on demand, the more valuable programming that can deliver a big live audience has become. full story »
Qatar - Images shared on social media, which AFP could not independently verify, showed people dragging broken shards of the plane from the river. full story »
Hong Kong - But in September, China’s state-run nationalist newspaper Global Times criticised Xia for using social media to attack Peking University and urged the school not to yield to outside pressure. full story »
Austria - Die Jungen dagegen sind mit Globalisierung, mit Social Media, mit einer weltumspannenden Informations- und Unterhaltungskultur aufgewachsen. full story »
United States - That was evident in a public outcry, on social media and elsewhere. full story »
United Kingdom - And the Guardian highlights a public relations disaster for British Gas after it tried to quell criticism on social media. full story »
Nigeria - That is why we have social media like Facebook and Twitter. full story »
Oct 17, 2013
Japan - Always keeping an eye open lol” This week, rumors surfaced that Wozniacki and McIlroy had ended their highly publicized two-year sports star romance, and that Wozniacki’s social media behavior was to blamet full story »
Canada - A Nova Scotia Crown attorney is asking a judge to kick a 15-year-old girl off social media as part of her sentencing after she pleaded guilty to a "brutal" assault that was filmed and posted on Facebook. full story »
United Kingdom - His clever use of social media was most notably demonstrated when he was tweeted by a woman whose elderly father needed help shovelling snow from his drive. full story »
Vietnam - Blogs, social media and news sites covered the events, capturing people's heartlful and genuine reactions to the nation's loss. full story »
Qatar - News of her disappearance had prompted her family and friends to launch a frantic campaign on Facebook and other social media to find her. full story »
United States - The site has become too important to typical teen life to abandon, so 94% of teens on social media have a Facebook account, and the average teen user has 300 friends. full story »
Oct 16, 2013
United Arab Emirates - It said Patterson’s boyfriend had raised the alarm, launching a campaign over social media to locate her before the body was found. full story »
United States - Witnesses to the crime talked about the incident on social media sites, sharing photographs and using degrading terms for the victim. full story »
Pakistan - Images shared on social media, which AFP could not independently verify, showed people dragging broken shards of the plane from the river. full story »
Hong Kong - Zhou's article called into question Lee’s work experience, social media usage, political beliefs and claims of suffering from lymphoma. full story »
United Kingdom - Navalny built up his original following outside the political mainstream, using social media to highlight corruption which he identified with Mr Putin and his allies. full story »
Oct 15, 2013
United States - Social media has really amplified these stories. full story »
Japan - The agency plans to collect big data—various information such as messages posted on social media sites—from about 700,000 tourists in eight areas across the nation. full story »
Barbados - “Edwards has for many years been one of the most popular and successful pilots in the Porsche one-make race series,” Kristen said “Our thoughts are with his family and we want to express our deepest condolences to his relatives” Edwards had told fans via social media he would be in Australia on a short visit before returning for the last two races of the Supercup seriess full story »
United Arab Emirates - While Disney, the source noted, is always looking for new opportunities, “there is nothing planned for the Middle East at the moment” Walt Disney Company is planning to do events and interaction with people on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to commemorate the 90th anniversary of a company established by what many described as an ‘American hero’ full story »
Saudi Arabia - Ji Zhongxing, 34, who lost his left hand in the blast in July and appeared on a stretcher for both his trial and his sentence, was convicted of causing an explosion, Beijing’s court authorities said on a verified social media account. full story »
Canada - That compares with other social media companies that have listed, including Facebook with nearly 12 billion users and LinkedIn with 240 million. full story »
United Kingdom - However, Snaphack circumvents this system, allow recipients to pass on or upload images to social media. full story »
Guam - Jul 03, 2013 Social media defends, attacks Paula 2m47sN full story »
Fiji - Chief guest and Minister for Women Dr Jiko Luveni said the launch was a way for the public to have direct access to quality information both on a formal website and a social media site. full story »
Cayman Islands - With many print publications facing competition from social media, bloggers, 24-7 international television newscasts and other outlets, the Times Co has been shucking assets — notably The Boston Globe — to focus on a core business of becoming an online provider of news, comment, video and multimediai full story »
Albania - “This way of thinking and of governance is also in line with the best European standards, with the EU strongly promoting participative democracy in the Lisbon Treaty as one of the three principles of democratic governance (with democratic equality and representative democracy)” The conference focused on government communication in citizens’ service, optimisation of resources in public communication, usage of modern technology for improvement of... full story »
Hong Kong - This isn’t the first arrest triggered by Rihanna’s postings on social media. full story »
Qatar - Worried friends posted Lauren’s picture on social media in a desperate bid to trace her after she had been missing for more than 40 hours. full story »
Papua New Guinea - Mr O'Neill today categorically rejected  as "evidently false" a local newspaper front page story and viral social media allegations linking his government to alleged fugitives arriving in a Boeing 737 jetliner which made an unexpected illegal landing  at Jackson's Airport on Friday evening "To link that aircraft's unexpected illegal landing, its passengers and cargo to anyone including my ministers and myself is utterly and absolutely false... full story »
Oct 14, 2013
United Kingdom - "Whilst I can't defer all blame away from myself, I was barely out of my teenage years and the consequence of this portrayal of me is that now I'm frequently abused on social media, being called slut, whore and a catalogue of other indignities," she said. full story »
Russia - Both in design and strategy, the campaign seems to be aimed at a youthful consumer with an aesthetic formed by trends in social media. full story »
Hong Kong - Shortly after Xi’s speech in August, a crackdown on prominent social media commentators began to take shape. full story »
United States - The 'Cronut' vs the 'DKA' Though the cronut has gained worldwide attention on social media since its debut in May, few in the UK have had the chance to taste the unique pastry -- until now- full story »
Lebanon - We have endured this for over four generations now, unsurprisingly bringing us to the point today where every single Arab country, without exception, experiences open revolt of its citizens for freedom, dignity and democracy of some sort, demands for real constitutional reforms, or expressions of grievances via social media by citizens in some wealthy oil-producing states who are afraid to speak out because they will go to jail for tweeting their... full story »
Oct 13, 2013
Thailand - Students these days appear to be more preoccupied with their own lives, and social media have made it easy for one and all to air their thoughts. full story »
India - With his tech-savvy team working in overdrive for the past three years, the man has a plan in place, and that plan includes incorporating all the clout which is abundantly available across social media platforms — that too, for free! full story »
United Arab Emirates - As congratulatory messages are sent across mobile phones and social media networks, Brigadier Hussain Ahmad Al Harthi, Director of the Traffic and Patrol Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, urged drivers to refrain from using their mobile phones or reading text messages. full story »
Saudi Arabia - Clockwise from left: A photo of Joselito Zapanta taken from his social media account. full story »
Russia - While both foreign, the two artists have widely differing backgrounds and styles: Escif, a Spanish artist from Valencia, prefers to avoid publicizing himself, insisting that the works should belong to the local population and that interviews and social media posts only aggrandize fame for the artist. full story »
Oct 12, 2013
India - NEW DELHI: The Election Commission (EC) is examining how to get social media within the purview of the model code of conduct. full story »
Canada - ''I was really offended and shocked by the message' - Scarborough resident Donna Kavanaugh The calls, however, made to Ainslie’s constituency Friday night unleashed a slew of responses from other city councillors on social median full story »
Hong Kong - Li Xiaolin reserves her right to sue the rumour maker and hold the person responsible through legal means” The news became a trending topic on China’s social media on Saturday, with many online users saying they were unconvinced by Li’s denial full story »
Thailand - In today's globalised economy, Sandel said, "we're increasingly interconnected through information technology and media - traditional, social media and the Internet. full story »
Oct 11, 2013
Hong Kong - Taiwanese-born Lee, who has one of the largest social media followings in the world, lives in Beijing. full story »
United Kingdom - The false information spread through social media, leading to panic in the state capital. full story »
United States - Here are some other celebs who have used them over the years: Price isn't much of a factor, but there are still reasons to own a flip phone Editor's note: Each week in "Apparently This Matters," CNN's Jarrett Bellini applies his warped sensibilities to trending topics in social media and random items of interest on the Web. full story »
United Arab Emirates - There is no surprise that in an age where we are becoming more and more interconnected every day — thanks to social media and modern technology — each one of us may expect to become a celebrity overnight or be ridiculed on a global scale for something we may have intentionally or unintentionally said or done. full story »
Canada - Darwin, better known as the Ikea monkey, became an internet sensation when photos of him appeared on social media sites. full story »
Lebanon - A photo said to be of Abu al-Qaaqaa and circulated on social media showed a young man with a thick beard and an automatic weapon, wearing a beret bearing the text "There is no god but God," a part of the Muslim testament of faith. full story »
Oct 10, 2013
United Arab Emirates - On social media, reactions to the group are favourable across Libya in comparison to other militias, particularly over its charitable work. full story »
United States - While attending school, Malala seems ready to continue to inspire other girls through The Malala Fund and a growing social media movement. full story »
Thailand - Pictures of the student intervention quickly spread via social media and news outlets, winning public commendation. full story »
Canada - The RCMP are calling on the public to help them solve 10 outstanding cases of missing aboriginal women in Canada through a weeklong social media campaign that started on Monday. full story »
Israel - I saw the huge disconnect between the way the world understands Israel and the reality” At the time, social media and YouTube were just taking offd full story »
Hong Kong - His arrest, confirmed by Beijing prosecutors to the Bejiing News on Thursday afternoon, comes amid a crackdown on critical voices in Chinese social media and follows the detention of whistleblower Zhou Lubao, who also gained prominence for exposing corruption online. full story »
India - Therefore, technology has to be the answer,” states Priyamvada Upadyaya, senior HR consultant, TechnoHiring Consultants “Hence skill requirements include technical knowledge to create a big data platform that can process large volumes of data from within an enterprise and from external sources including social media; clean up this data and development of algorithms to serve the different verticalse full story »
Gambia - Janneh stressed the need for journalists to use their tools and all avenues of media ranging from the newspapers, radios and televisions to social media to spread words protecting the rights of people particularly women and children. full story »
United Kingdom - He has a Twitter account and has spoken in favour of using social media to promote dialogue. full story »
Nigeria - Social media is the gasoline when you look at it from the numbers  Those figures don’t just make your objectives achievable, those figures need a push  – content full story »
Oct 09, 2013
Cayman Islands - A tech giant with tentacles deep into the lives of its users is no longer an unusual thing to imagine, but Dave Eggers takes the growing inescapabilty of social media and personal technology to clever and chilling places in his new novel. full story »
Canada - Rogers has not yet determined what caused the problem, which produced a torrent of negative customer reaction on social media networks. full story »
United Arab Emirates - The analogy seemed to have missed its mark with the Dalits, but hit the bullseye as far as India’s cartoonists, satirists and political analysts are concerned — Gandhi is now the social media’s favourite whipping boy and the evidence advocates that he may have scored a political own goal. full story »
Hong Kong - Liu’s friends and HKU alumni had posted news of her accident on social media sites, such as Facebook and Weibo, updating her condition and expressing appreciation to those who expressed sympathy. full story »
Russia - Key skills for the modern media environment, such as search engine optimization, contextual advertising, and social media marketing, will be covered. full story »
United States - His team could put the chats on social media and let them spread or even buy a block of ad time during Sunday's football games to air the whole series. full story »
Nigeria - Meanwhile, in recognition of the roles that the social media plays in sensitising people, the I-Nigeria Initiative is working on a plan to establish an Internet radio station, which, according to Apiafi, will cater for the youths and other regular users of the new media. full story »
United Kingdom - In a bid to find answers, they went to Eric's Facebook account, and after failing to guess his password, appealed to the social media giant to grant them access. full story »
Oct 08, 2013
Thailand - Video clips of the incident were posted on social media. full story »
Hong Kong - A much publicised rural revitalisation project led by the charismatic scholar Yu Jianrong, known for starting social media campaigns helping abducted children go home and exposing military officials' luxury cars, has stalled due to opposition from local officials, says a close adviser. full story »
United States - (CNN) -- The small town of Steubenville became a household name for the wrong reasons, thanks to social media, but when two teenage boys were arrested there, accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, very few people in the Rust Belt town in Ohio were eager to talk. full story »
Oct 07, 2013
Thailand - And, if there have been deeper reasons behind his engagement in political attacks and counter-attack via social media, as well as his visiting people in flood-hit areas. full story »
Japan - Unfortunately, there’s little evidence, at least on social media, that it has “Most people believe that the self-criticisms focus on trifling points and are superficial, amounting to nothing,” tweeted Xu Deming, a Shanghai-based artist, on Sept 30 “The government’s goodwill effort has failed to please the people and instead caused ridicule” At this point, any true belief that the people might take these sessions seriously is an unsettling portray... full story »
United Kingdom - On Monday, Ms Rousseff used the social media network to say that the activities were "inadmissible among countries that aim to be partners." full story »
United Arab Emirates - The young couple and a male friend who took the photos had been held in a juvenile detention centre in the northern city of Nador since Thursday, as their arrest sparked outrage on social media. full story »
Canada - "It was so disrespectful having seen it put on the social media, and it's been an outcry and our people are outraged." full story »
Hong Kong - Wang Shi, the 62-year-old Chinese real estate tycoon who founded China Vanke, the largest real estate company in China, has posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend, 32-year-old actress Tian Pu-jun, having breakfast tea in Cambridge, England, on his Wechat social media account, countering rumours of the couple’s break-up. full story »
Israel - A few years after Daniella made aliya, a friend approached her to consider purchasing a stake in and helping to grow a locally-based Virtual Assistant company  The original founder had identified Israel's vast pool of native English speakers with extensive business experience, and established a Virtual Assistant service connecting companies around the world with olim "It's a win- win situation," Daniella notes "Firms around the world... full story »
Gambia - The government shut down all social media that reported the true picture and eventually took 9-year-old children to court at 4 am for protesting against atrocities committed by the racist British Government against minorities. full story »
United States - The two techies were tired of seeing spoilers pop up all over their social media feeds, so they created Spoiler Shield, a free mobile app for iPhones that blocks designated information (The Android version is coming soon, they say) The app was inspired by their love of sports and that famed "Thrones" episode, says Loewy full story »
Oct 06, 2013
United States - You can also comment on the daily Transcript page and on social media, on our Facebook page or on Twitter @CNNStudentNews. full story »
Cyprus - Kyra Frosini in Paphos is enjoying its busiest weeks since opening three years ago and while owner and chef Andri Laouri, 54, admits she knows next to nothing about the internet and social media sites, a string of positive reviews on the TripAdvisor site and an award of excellence for 2013 has helped to increase business by more than 50 per cent in just a couple of months. full story »
United Arab Emirates - OAXACA, Mexico: Mexico’s ombudsman opened an investigation Saturday after an indigenous woman gave birth alone in the garden of a public clinic, sparking a social media storm. full story »
Hong Kong - It's definitely a new development to see Thai people organising on social media," said Kan Yuenyong, the co-founder and executive director of the Siam Intelligence Unit, a Bangkok-based think tank. full story »
Oct 05, 2013
Thailand - Home � national � Marketing to protest campaigns - social media has it covered The social media is allowing businesses to get close to the end user, which is possibly why more and more companies are launching marketing campaigns online. full story »
India - PUNE: Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan on Friday lashed out at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), saying the outfit could use social media to communal tension in the state ahead of Lok Sabha polls. full story »
Oct 04, 2013
United Arab Emirates - Women of Worth, a group based in the southern city of Chennai, has launched a social media campaign called Dark is Beautiful to challenge the beliefs on matters of colour and beauty. full story »
United States - Atlantis, a website that used social media to advertise its illegal drugs, shut down in September under law enforcement scrutiny. full story »
United Kingdom - Around 200 local volunteers gathered at a leisure centre to join the search after news of April's disappearance spread on social media. full story »
India - Ranbir Kapoor has gone silent on 'Besharam', but the director of the film, Abhinav Kashyap , is braving it out despite the critics and social media slamming the film. full story »
Hong Kong - As well as having more apps, the Sony has a stopwatch, timer and compass, can be used to operate music on a connected device, and silently vibrates when you receive an e-mail, SMS, message on social media, a calendar event begins, or you get a phone call. full story »
Nigeria - Olusegun Agagu, broke on the social media on Thursday morning, some eminent Nigerians have taken to online platforms to commiserate with the families of those affected in the incident. full story »
Oct 03, 2013
United Kingdom - Social media advertising is a booming business in the US. full story »
Hong Kong - The designer has also built a strong digital footprint - something that is crucial for brands today - boasting more than 83,000 Facebook fans, 140,000 Instagram followers and 32,000 Twitter followers "We're not so driven by social media full story »
United States - Social media not only enables us to group-solve big problems, but also makes us more literate, able to think with more independence and gives us an ESP-like sense of what other people are thinking, according to Clive Thompson in "Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better". full story »
Canada - AM Express is two minutes of CBC News headlines, as well as stories that are trending on social media, delivered online by World Report's David Common every weekday morning by 6 am David gives you a brief summary of all the essential information you need to know that you can listen to on your phone, tablet or desktop, wherever you happen to bea full story »
Oct 02, 2013
United States - Many of those agencies took to social media and other online venues to share the news. full story »
United Arab Emirates - Fans of fictional everywoman Bridget Jones have taken to social media to express their outrage that novelist Helen Fielding has killed off love interest Mark Darcy in her latest novel. full story »
United Kingdom - A Twitter account used by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has exchanged tweets with Twitter's chairman, fuelling speculation Iran's social media ban might be lifted. full story »
India - Social media being the great equalizer that it is, her former employer, Next Media Animation was quick to get back with a tongue-in-cheek response -- their own dance video, wishing Shifrin the very best and announcing 'yep we're hiring' ( Watch video ) The video shows off the company's rooftop pool and spa, making a great case for why someone might want to apply for the 'now-vacated' position full story »
Afghanistan - The announcement was made by the IEC after several members of the recently announced coalition- "Afghanistan Electoral Alliance" (AEA) accused each other of having links with foreign entities on numerous social media platforms. full story »
Nigeria - A picture from the shoot was posted up on his Instagram page and social media went crazy. full story »
Japan - Gillard, who turned 52 Sunday, told a sold-out audience of 2,600 people in the Sydney Opera House in an interview televised nationally that she reacted with “murderous rage” to the sexist attacks on her in social media and elsewhere. full story »
Oct 01, 2013
United Kingdom - "I think it's just because I tweet the content other fans want to see and can relate to," she explains, deftly simplifying a social media strategy for which marketing agencies routinely charge thousands. full story »
Cayman Islands - Cayman Prep’s Jade Ramnarine, 15, said social media such as Facebook and Twitter should be exploited as marketing tools, especially among Europeans, who form only 6 percent of Cayman’s tourists. full story »
Sep 30, 2013
India - Technology has changed the way, and the speed, at which people communicate and connect—and social media plays a huge role in this. full story »
Japan - Just as soon as her selection was announced in the televised contest, however, a number of negative comments were posted on social media sites. full story »
United Kingdom - "The latest update from Facebook to allow editing of posts after they have been published raises some real concerns amongst individuals I know and business clients of mine," Kieran Hannon, director of social media consultancy eSocialMedia, told the BBC. full story »
Nigeria - Meanwhile, outrage has trailed the incident on various social media platforms. full story »
Sep 29, 2013
Thailand - The change in the scheduled programme had led to widespread speculation on social media sites on Saturday about the reasons. full story »
Japan - And when IPOs gain in their first day of trading, that bodes well for other companies that may go public soon, such as automaker Chrysler and social media company Twitter. full story »
Albania - “This way of thinking and of governance is also in line with the best European standards, with the EU strongly promoting participative democracy in the Lisbon Treaty as one of the three principles of democratic governance (with democratic equality and representative democracy)” The conference focused on government communication in citizens’ service, optimisation of resources in public communication, usage of modern technology for improvement of... full story »
Russia - LONDON — The human search for perfection, the rise of social media as a new religion and the ways our society will be remembered by future generations — these are just some of the themes being tackled by Russian artists Andrei Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov in a new exhibition in Gazelli Art House, London. full story »
Sep 28, 2013
Thailand - The programme was scheduled to be aired at 8pm yesterday, but was replaced by a different episode leading to widespread speculation on social media sites. full story »
Sep 27, 2013
Gambia - Some of them have already been implemented but there are some that we need to have those people in house for them to take charge in terms certain things like the e-marketing, the social media aspect of the marketing of the Destination Gambia; the compilation of statistics; we actually designed a survey that we will be using over the course of this season to find out from the tourists when they are leaving and when they are coming and what they le... full story »
Thailand - Home � politics � Social media allow the public to monitor important issues AS THEY did in 2011, people are again logging on to their social-media accounts to monitor floods. full story »
United Kingdom - Microsoft staff took to social media to share details of Mr Ballmer's last appearance as boss at the event described as being more like a "rock concert". full story »
Canada - The news lit up social media in the early morning hours Friday, with dozens of tweets sent out about the pilot's death. full story »
Sep 26, 2013
Thailand - On the other hand, he said, people are usually flooded with information because of the proliferation of mainstream media - particularly cable television - as well as social media. full story »
Japan - China’s social media, which has been in a lull over social issues because of a government crackdown on potentially libelous speech, lit up over the execution of Xia Junfeng, making it one of the most discussed and searched topics of the day. full story »
Nigeria - More Stories in News 12 feared killed in Ogun auto crash September 26th, 2013 / Comments Read Full Story S’Court decides George’s appeal against conviction Dec 13 September 26th, 2013 / Comments Read Full Story ... full story »
United Kingdom - Social media was awash with Nationwide customers saying they were unable to access accounts online or on the mobile banking app. full story »
Sep 25, 2013
United Kingdom - A number of arrests were reported on social media. full story »
Canada - I’m not passionate about books by Chinese authors, or by female authors” The revelation caused minor shock waves on social media full story »
Nigeria - More Stories in News Seven indigenous operators jostle for Chevron oil blocks September 25th, 2013 / Comments Read Full Story ‘BSN donated Bibles worth N115m in 2012’ September 25th, 2013 / Comments Read Full Story ... full story »
Sep 24, 2013
Nigeria - The Bureau of Public Enterprises says it plans to roll out policies and the legal framework for the regulation of the social media in Nigeria. full story »
Thailand - We just used social media, especially Twitter, to promote our app. full story »
Sep 23, 2013
United Kingdom - Lord Mandelson - writing in the Financial Times - says Mr Miliband's brand and message need to be recast for the age of social media and he needs to show boldness and political artistry in grabbing his share of attention. full story »
Sep 22, 2013
United Kingdom - Bardsley was suspended following comments he was believed to have made on social media, before Di Canio criticised his captain John O'Shea for what he called a "terrible" red card in his side's 3-1 defeat by Crystal Palace at the end of August. full story »
Sep 21, 2013
Germany - Social Media Recruiting kostet Zeit und Geld Verst�rkt setzen Unternehmen auch auf die Hilfe ihrer Angestellten als Markenbotschafter beim Ansprechen geeigneter Bewerber im Netz, hat Eck beobachtet. full story »
Sep 19, 2013
United States - (CNN) -- With 150 million tweets across 16 days, and 80,000 a minute when Usain Bolt won his 200 meters title, plus 1 billion official page impressions on Facebook, the London 2012 Olympics was crowned as the "first social media Games." full story »
Sep 18, 2013
United States - School district hires firm to monitor students' social media Twitter faces new pressure to limit hate speech University suspends fraternity over Facebook posts full story »
United Kingdom - BarkBox also finds that its customers love to post photographs and videos of their dogs on social media, which in turn helps to promote the company. full story »
Sep 17, 2013
United Kingdom - He was also active on social media, tweeting as @gelhaddad. full story »
United States - That's what I thought, and what many parents across the country were thinking aloud on social media following the Washington Navy Yard shooting rampage that left 12 people plus the suspect dead. full story »
Sep 16, 2013
United States - A number of these responses were seen in the September 16 attack in Washington: The rapid response of law enforcement (including helicopters with airborne cameras), use of social media to quickly distribute warning messages and other information to civilians and the lockdown of the area in question (including adjacent facilities). full story »
India - Rautela's comments to a group of journalists on Sunday set off a flurry of comments on the social media "However, same is not the case in the USy full story »
United Kingdom - The many customers who had pre-ordered the title began receiving it on Saturday, and some have been quick to announce the fact via social media. full story »
Sep 15, 2013
United Kingdom - "Stop looking at social media websites, and instead work out what contribution you can make to the world, and go and do it," he says. full story »
United States - Friends expressed grief on social media, calling Ferrell a "brother" and demanding "justice." full story »
Sep 14, 2013
United States - Los Angeles (CNN) -- A suburban Los Angeles school district is now looking at the public postings on social media by middle and high school students, searching for possible violence, drug use, bullying, truancy and suicidal threats. full story »
Sep 13, 2013
Japan - The “Internet constitution” bill has lingered in the lower house since 2011 and includes many provisions extending protections to Web users in Latin America’s biggest nation, one of the globe’s biggest users of social media like Facebook and Twitter. full story »
United States - Some observers saw it as the first time a military conflict was chronicled in real time on social media. full story »
India - Social media may be more difficult to govern. full story »
Sep 12, 2013
United States - For several minutes, Hernandez asks one student to stand up read a statement about social media out loud, then peppers her with questions about how harmful it can be and how people can be prosecuted for what they've posted. full story »
Sep 11, 2013
United States - In response to negative reactions on social media sites, the port authority, which operates the airport, said in a statement, "Massport apologizes for conducting the fire training exercise and understands that it may have offended many of those touched by the events of Sept 11n" full story »
Jan 01, 0001
Uganda - Social media has been awash with updates about the Westgate attack from almost everybody that has a Twitter or Facebook account. full story »