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Nov 14, 2014
Nigeria - “First, we saw the behavioral response,” said Yoel Stuart, a biologist at the University of Texas and the lead author of the study. full story »
Nov 05, 2014
Germany - Januar 2011 nach einem Besuch in seiner Heimat Iran in die USA zur�ckkehren will, um seine Doktorarbeit an der University of Texas in Austin fortzusetzen, endet sein Leben in Freiheit. full story »
Oct 22, 2014
Canada - At the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, all medical devices will soon need to be tested to make sure they meet security standards before they can be put on the hospital's network, according to Lessley Stoltenberg, the center's chief information security officer. full story »
Oct 19, 2014
Austria - Weiter weg 1961 ging Janis für einige Monate nach Los Angeles, im Jahr danach an die University of Texas in Austin, um Kunst zu studierena full story »
Oct 03, 2014
United States - University of Texas AT ISSUE: A renewed challenge to the school's race-conscious admissions policies. full story »
Sep 15, 2014
Canada - Other schools named include Penn State, Bates College, University of Texas, Iowa State, New Mexico University and others — none of which appear to have clothes with any similar holes or red colouration. full story »
Sep 12, 2014
United States - Dr James Le Duc, the director of the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas, said the problem is that no one is keeping track of the mutations happening across West Africa, so no one really knows what the virus has becomet full story »
Sep 08, 2014
Austria - Wenn Journalisten die Foren aktiv moderieren, hebt das die Qualität der Diskussion, beobachteten Forscher der University of Texas in Austin. full story »
Sep 01, 2014
United States - Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. full story »
Aug 29, 2014
Canada - There is no licensed vaccine or treatment against the Ebola virus "Moving the most promising interventions forward is a matter of utmost urgency," Thomas Geisbert of the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston said in a journal commentary that accompanies the studyi full story »
Aug 17, 2014
Germany - Dort findet j�hrlich das Technik- und Musikfestival South by Southwest statt, hier studieren 52 000 junge Leute an der University of Texas und 2012 stimmten 60 Prozent der W�hler f�r Obama. full story »
Aug 15, 2014
Canada - The indictment is the first of its kind since 1917, when James "Pa" Ferguson was indicted on charges stemming from his veto of state funding to the University of Texas in effort to unseat faculty and staff members he objected to. full story »
Aug 14, 2014
United Kingdom - "The worst thing that could happen to the Darien would be the completion of the highway across the Darien Gap," says Michael J Ryan, a University of Texas biologist who researches the amphibians threatened by chytrid fungus in the Darien National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site. full story »
Jul 25, 2014
United States - Researchers at the University of Texas found that people with higher levels of brown fat had "better blood sugar control, higher insulin sensitivity and a better metabolism for burning fat stores." full story »
Jul 18, 2014
United States - Researchers from The Cooper Institute, the University of Texas and the American Cancer Society attempted to answer the chicken and egg question of sedentary behavior: Is it the actual effect of sitting that is harmful to your health, or is it that people who spend more hours sitting tend to be less physically active? full story »
Jul 15, 2014
United States - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston 3. full story »
Jul 13, 2014
Canada - Rawan Mohanna, a 21-year-old chemistry major at the University of Texas, said she had arrived in Gaza with her family a month ago because her older sister was getting married to a Gazan. full story »
Jul 11, 2014
United States - Mizraim's older brother said Obama promised action on immigration reform "He said he was going to act and keep his word," Juan Bellman, a junior at the University of Texas, told the paper "It is up to us to keep remindingO" full story »
Jul 04, 2014
Canada - Tom Geisbert, a microbiologist at the University of Texas, agrees that the risk of somebody coming from the affected area and causing a huge outbreak in North America or Europe is extremely low. full story »
Jun 30, 2014
Germany - Doch andere Forscher kritisieren die Aufregung, etwa Tal Yarkoni von der University of Texas at Austin, der in einem Blogeintrag Facebook verteidigt. full story »
Jun 25, 2014
Canada - Wallach graduated from the University of Texas, where he picked up the horseback-riding skills that would serve him well in later cowboy roles, and studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse Actors Studio before Second World War broke out 'Quintessential chameleon' "Wallach is the quintessential chameleon, effortlessly inhabiting a wide range of characters, while putting his inimitable stamp on every role," the Academy of Motion Picture... full story »
Jun 23, 2014
United States - The Nixon foundation blocked the appointment of Mark Lawrence, a widely respected diplomatic historian at the University of Texas, because of his writing on Vietnam. full story »
May 31, 2014
United States - The Washington Department of Health has steadfastly refused to interview the parents of these babies and has failed to accept offers of help from world-renowned anencephaly experts "It really looks like they're dragging their feet," said Richard Finnell, a pediatric geneticist and birth defect expert at the University of Texast full story »
May 17, 2014
Austria - Ivan Ramírez von der University of Texas in Austin und seine Kollegen haben mit Teleskopen in Texas und Chile 30 mögliche Kandidaten für Sonnengeschwister genauer unter die Lupe genommen. full story »
May 05, 2014
Germany - Durchaus m�glich, glaubt auch Barbara Davis, Professorin an der University of Texas in Austin. full story »
United Kingdom - Scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas, looked at a protein in mice bred with the condition and compared them to "normal" mice. full story »
May 03, 2014
Saudi Arabia - “If you have been injured in the line of duty and you can’t remember your family, we want to be able to restore those kinds of functions,” DARPA program manager Justin Sanchez said this week at a conference in the US capital convened by the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas. full story »
Apr 27, 2014
Israel - Other medical centers abroad that conducted clinical trials on the new drug treatment were Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and the University of Texas-San Antonio. full story »
Apr 24, 2014
Hong Kong - Researchers from the University of Texas demonstrated last July that it was possible to change a ship's direction by faking a GPS signal to dupe its onboard navigation system. full story »
Japan - The former University of Texas star who grew up in Dallas laughed heartily and said “maybe” when asked if he’d rather stay in the Lone Star state after the way he’s played in the first two games. full story »
Apr 22, 2014
United States - 2008 - Abigail Noel Fisher, a white woman, sues the University of Texas. full story »
Apr 20, 2014
Nigeria - Falola, who moved to the University of Texas in 1991, is currently the Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities at the University in Austin. full story »
Apr 08, 2014
Austria - Der Forscher Thomas Geisbert von der University of Texas hat deshalb zusammen mit einigen Kollegen ein Impfpräparat auf Basis von genetisch modifizierten Stomatitis- Viren entwickelt. full story »
Apr 05, 2014
United Arab Emirates - With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas and Bachelor of law from Cambridge University, Kartik maintains, “I addressed my first public meeting at the age of six. full story »
Oct 25, 2013
Germany - Es ist ein beeindruckendes Video, das die Forscher um die Neurobiologin Ashlee Rowe von der University of Texas ins Netz gestellt haben, nicht nur, weil es unserem gewohnten M�usebild widerspricht. full story »
Oct 15, 2013
United States - The high court just 16 weeks ago affirmed the use of race at the University of Texas, but made it harder for institutions to justify such policies to achieve diversity. full story »
Oct 06, 2013
Cayman Islands - This case, unlike last term's look at a University of Texas admissions plan, does not involve the viability of affirmative action, but rather whether opponents of racial preferences can enshrine that ban in the state constitution. full story »
United States - The arguments: The high court this past term considered a similar case from the University of Texas, which in some ways present mirror issues. full story »
Oct 03, 2013
United States - According to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released in June, more than half of voters had no opinion of Abbott, including 46% of Republicans. full story »
Cayman Islands - The court papers cite a LinkedIn profile that says Ulbricht graduated from the University of Texas with a physics degree and attended graduate school in Pennsylvania. full story »
Australia - The court papers cite a LinkedIn profile that says Mr Ulbricht graduated from the University of Texas with a physics degree and also attended graduate school in Pennsylvania. full story »
Oct 02, 2013
United Kingdom - The court documents described Mr Ulbricht, 29, as a former physics student at the University of Texas, who had gone on to study at the University of Pennsylvania between 2006 and 2010. full story »
Sep 30, 2013
Germany - Wie Steven Phelps von der University of Texas in Austin und seine Kollegen im Fachjournal American Naturalist schreiben, reagieren die Chiriqui-Braunm�use nun nicht nur auf Konkurrenten ihrer eigenen Art mit Gesang. full story »