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Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko ; born 7 April 1949 in the Ukrainian SSR), is currently the highest-ranking female politician in Russia, the former governor of Saint Petersburg and the current Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. more info »

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Apr 08, 2014
Russia - In late March, the speaker of Russia's upper house of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko, proposed giving the camp the prestigious status of a "presidential" international children's center, state news agency RIA Novosti reported. full story »
Mar 24, 2014
Russia - Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko even came up with a story about victims of such aggression that nobody has been able to corroborate, saying there were casualties among locals in Simferopol from a Kiev-backed attempt to take over a police building. full story »
Mar 23, 2014
Russia - Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, presidential aides Sergei Glazyev and Vladislav Surkov, State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko and Dmitry Kiselyov, head of Kremlin-backed news agency Rossia Segodnya, are on the EU's list, among others. full story »
Mar 22, 2014
United States - Russian President Vladimir Putin signs the final decree completing the annexation of Crimea in Moscow on Friday, March 21, as Upper House Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, left, and State Duma Speacker Sergei Naryshkin, right, watch. full story »
United Kingdom - The speakers of Russia's two houses of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko and Sergei Naryshkin - both at Mr Putin's side as he signed the Crimea law - were also included. full story »
Mar 21, 2014
United Kingdom - Parliament, under siege, appoints pro-Moscow Sergei Aksyonov a PM 6 Mar: Crimea's parliament votes to join Russia 16 Mar: Crimea voters choose to secede in disputed referendum 17 Mar: Crimean parliament declares independence and formally applies to join Russia 18 Mar: Russian and Crimean leaders sign deal in Moscow to join the region to Russia The speakers of Russia's two houses of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko and Sergei Naryshkin - both at M... full story »
United States - Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of the Federation Council Effectively number three on Russia's power list, and one of the highest-ranking women in Russian politics. full story »
Nov 01, 2013
Russia - In a letter to Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, Alexander Brechalov, the president of business lobbying group Opora Rossii, wrote that the amendments would increase businesses' expenditures on property tax by seven or eight times, seriously affecting small and mid-sized enterprises, Itar-Tass reported. full story »
Oct 25, 2013
Russia - Arina Raksina report "Are they planning to replace Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with Valentina Matviyenko?" full story »
Oct 24, 2013
Russia - 4 Vladimir Sungorkin interview with Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko; pp 12-13 (1,900 words)a full story »
Oct 21, 2013
Russia - Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko proposed tightening procedures for allocating quotas for migrant workers. full story »
Oct 17, 2013
Russia - 1 Maxim Ivanov article headlined "'Against all' option gains votes" says that Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko has submitted to the State Duma a bill restoring the "against all" option in ballot papers in all kinds of elections, except presidential ones; pp 1-2 (894 words) full story »
Oct 16, 2013
Russia - Valentina Matviyenko, who is the Federation Council's Speaker and a United Russia member, said in a letter published by Izvestia that she will submit a draft bill to the State Duma on Wednesday for the reintroduction of the "against all" option. full story »
Sep 30, 2013
Russia - Maxim Ivanov article headlined "Second person supports third one" says Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has spoken out for an initiative to return "against all" box to ballot papers voiced by Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko. full story »
Sep 26, 2013
China - The commitment came during top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang's official visit on Sept 22-25 at the invitation of Valentina Matviyenko, chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council, and Sergei Naryshkin, chairman of the State Dumas full story »
Russia - Maxim Ivanov article headlined "Valentina Matviyenko against all" says that Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko has suggested restoring the "against all" box in ballot papers. full story »
Sep 25, 2013
Russia - Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko seemed to try to assuage the fears of scientists, saying after the bill's passing that a working group in charge of the state-run agency that will now handle the academy's management would make sure the academy was still in charge of scientific affairs. full story »